Solution of chess problem 79 / Lösung von Schachaufgabe 79

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Hello chess fans! Normally I post the solutions of my chess problems directly in the comment section under the respective problem. However, this time the solution of the puzzle gets its own post for two reasons:

  • Due to a lack of time, I didn't get around to posting the solution promptly, so that many readers probably wouldn't have even looked under the old post any more.

  • The solution contains numerous complex and, in my opinion, aesthetic variants, which, the way I see it, justifies a separate post.

P. S.: @udow and @iceblue showed that in the starting position 1. . . Rb8! leads to victory just as quickly as the intended solution move 1. ... Qh3.
Whoever succeeds in changing the position in a way that 1. ... Qh3! clearly leads the fastest to victory (without the position losing its original character), receives a 100 % upvote from @jaki01, @davidorcamuriel and @kobold-djawa! :)

Here, once again, the starting position as a reminder:


Hallo Schachfans! Normalerweise poste ich die Lösungen meiner Schachaufgaben direkt im Kommentarbereich unter dem jeweiligen Problem. Dieses Mal jedoch erhält die Auflösung des Rätsels aus zwei Gründen einen eigenen Post:

  • Aufgrund Zeitmangels kam ich nicht dazu, die Lösung zeitnah zu posten, weshalb viele Leser vermutlich unter dem alten Post gar nicht mehr nachgesehen hätten.

  • Die Lösung enthält zahlreiche komplexe und m. E. ästhetische Wendungen, die wie ich finde ein eigenes Post durchaus rechtfertigen.

P. S.: @udow und @iceblue zeigten auf, dass in der Startposition 1. ... Tb8! ebenso schnell zum Sieg führt wie der vorgesehene Lösungszug 1. ... Dh3.
Wem es gelingt, die Postion so zu verändern, dass 1. Dh3! eindeutig am schnellsten zum Sieg führt (ohne dass dabei die Stellung ihren grundsätzlichen Charakter verliert), erhält ein 100 %-Upvote von @jaki01, @davidorcamuriel und @kobold-djawa! :)

Hier noch einmal zur Erinnerung die Ausgangsposition:

Black to checkmate in 12 moves at the latest:

Schwarz setzt in spätestens 12 Zügen schachmatt:

FEN: 8/8/B1P5/4ppp1/2Pnk1q1/4p1P1/1r4PP/4B1RK b - - 0 1


1. ... Qh3!
The idea of this surprising move is to play 2. ... Qxh2+, followed by Rb8 and Rh8#.

Now we have:


2. gxh3 Nf3 (Threatens Rh2#.)
3. Rg2 Rb1
4. Re2 Nxe1
5. Rxe1 Rxe1+
6. Kg2 Re2+
7. Kf1 Kf3
8. c5 Ra2
9. Be2+ Rxe2
10. c7 Ra2
11. c8Q Ra1# Checkmate.


1. ... Dh3!
Die Idee dieses überraschenden Zuges ist 2. ... Dxh2+ gefolgt von Tb8 und Th8# zu spielen.

Nun gibt es folgende Möglichkeiten:


2. gxh3 Sf3 (Droht Th2#.)
3. Tg2 Tb1
4. Te2 Sxe1
5. Txe1 Txe1+
6. Kg2 Te2+
7. Kf1 Kf3
8. c5 Ta2
9. Le2+ Txe2
10. c7 Ta2
11. c8D Ta1# Schachmatt.


2. c7 Qxh2+! (The original idea of the problem.)
3. Kxh2 Rb6
4. Bb7+ Kd3!
5. Be4+ Kxe4
6. Rh1 Ne2!
7. g4 Rh6+
8. Bh4 Rxh4# Checkmate.


2. c7 Qxh2+! (Die Originalidee des Problems.)
3. Kxh2 Tb6
4. Lb7+ Kd3!
5. Le4+ Kxe4
6. Th1 Se2!
7. g4 Th6+
8. Lh4 Txh4# Schachmatt.


2. Bb7 Kd3! (A surprising king's move with the idea to play 3. ... Nf3!)
3. gxh3 (3. c7 Qxh2+!) Nf3
4. Rg2 Rxg2
5. Kxg2 Nxe1+
6. Kf1 Nf3
7. c7 e2+
8. Kg2 e1Q
9. Bxf3 Ke3
10. h4 Qf2+
11. Kh3 g4+
12. Bxg4 Qf1# Checkmate.


2. Lb7 Kd3! (Ein überraschender Königszug mit der Idee 3. ... Nf3! zu spielen.)
3. gxh3 (3. c7 Dxh2+!) Sf3
4. Tg2 Txg2
5. Kxg2 Sxe1+
6. Kf1 Sf3
7. c7 e2+
8. Kg2 e1D
9. Lxf3 Ke3
10. h4 Df2+
11. Kh3 g4+
12. Lxg4 Df1# Schachmatt.


2. Bc3 Rxg2! (This time the rook attacks!)
3. Rxg2 Kf3!
4. Rg1 Ne2
5. c7 Nxg1
6. Bb7+ e4
7. Bxe4+ fxe4
8. Kxg1 Qg2# Checkmate.


2. Lc3 Txg2! (Dieses mal attackiert der Turm!)
3. Txg2 Kf3!
4. Tg1 Se2
5. c7 Sxg1
6. Lb7+ e4
7. Lxe4+ fxe4
8. Kxg1 Dg2# Schachmatt.


2. c5 Nf3! (Now it's the knight's turn!)
3. gxf3+ Kxf3
4. Rf1+ Rf2
5. Rxf2+ exf2
6. Be2+ Kxe2
7. Bxf2 Qf1+
8. Bg1 Qf3# Checkmate.


2. c5 Sf3! (Jetzt ist der Springer an der Reihe!)
3. gxf3+ Kxf3
4. Tf1+ Tf2
5. Txf2+ exf2
6. Le2+ Kxe2
7. Lxf2 Df1+
8. Lg1 Df3# Schachmatt.


Congrats to @udow and @iceblue for finding solutions to what appear to be the most interesting puzzle and most difficult puzzle of this chess season, created by @jaki01.

“Qh3” really is a surprising move and I never consider it. My initial solutions were all more than what the puzzle ask for.

solution a is displayed below:

 4 years ago  

Nice to hear that you found the solution to be interesting!

By the way, in your animated gif the white move 9. Bc8 is not the toughest defence.

Errors in my chess play is typical.: ) And now errors in my animation. “9. Be2+ Rxe2” was completely omitted and moves 10 & 11 are in error. I will probably get it all right the next time. :)

 4 years ago  

No problem. :)

Wow, amazing puzzle due to its variations. The only thing is the original position is a kind of simple win for black by using a number of moves like 1 ...Nxc6, for instance. If the winning move was unique, then it would be a masterpiece! But it's valid puzzle to exercise the calculation after all and the variations and ideas present are really nice.

I can support you only with my comments because I don't have so much voting power. I'm missing the community support in my posts though, even when, according to the community guidelines, this is a place to "post own games", but the support seems to be less every day. So it's a bit discouraging :(

 4 years ago (edited) 

If the winning move was unique, then it would be a masterpiece!

For several reasons I completely agree that it's not a masterpiece.
But at least some variants are enjoyable to follow, I think ...

I'm missing the community support in my posts though, even when, according to the community guidelines, this is a place to "post own games" ...

I hear you!

I will try to let you take part in my perspective of the matter:

Currently, my time is very limited (did you notice how rarely I post myself?), and quite some members of the chess community post every single day. For me that means I am simply not able to check all these many chess problems (taken from the internet) and games. As I upvote only manually, not in an automated way, I cannot really curate what I didn't read before.

That's why I grant 5 % upvotes to the 'every day posters': I don't read their posts, so I cannot judge their quality, but at least support them a little bit.
If someone posts less, then the probability is higher that I say to myself: "Lets check that!" (as it's not an every day job, so I am ready to make the effort). And then it may happen that I decide to grant a bigger upvote.

That's my honest answer. I don't say your posts were low quality, but my probem is: I just don't have enough time to read them all ...

Huh, I now understand your reasons. I haven't being posting every day lately, btw. It's okay, I will appreciate your support!

At least using it is like this: when you post in a community, the post is not automatically added to your blog, you need to resteem your posts into your own blog, otherwise your followers don´t even see them (only when they go to your profile and click "all posts"). This might explain a kind of lack of visibility.
Regarding the games: honestly I don´t even analyze my games although I would learn a lot from my mistakes. I don´t have the time for it. So likewise, I can´t spend time on analyzing others games, unfortunately.

I'll see about that thing, thanks. Most people don't analyze their own games, but they sometimes do watch other people's games and enjoy them.

Right, just that gif-style is too fast for me. If there would be a way to pause it...

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