Spectrum in Hand

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Spectrum in Hand
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Iceland spar calcite
Brazen rays of light
Hinted hues hand news
Penetrating strike through
Colour streaked window
Blast upon the shadow
Growing twists and turns
Ongoing attempted burn
No time to cower
Into eleventh hour.
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Inspiration for Spectrum in Hand was derived from playing around with a large clear calcite crystal, also known as optical calcite and Iceland Spar in late afternoon sunshine. The large chunk I own is the shape of a parallelogram and clear, with some minor internal fractures. It is these fractures that impact the colour display as the calcite is rotated in position, or turned over on different sides.

During two shoots and experimentation with all those rainbow colours projected through the crystal I discovered something unexpected, the suggestion of a hand in the light spectrum display. Both my hands were on the camera during all shots. I didn’t see the hand present until I went through the photos and saw a progression sequence with the hand emerging in brilliant colour display.

The final image, a hand of rainbow hued light colours was selected to mint into an NFT. I used Photoshop for minimal editing. From the series, I created a video clip showing the transition emergence of Spectrum in Hand.

Minted into a single edition NFT, Spectrum in Hand is available on NFT Showroom. A video downloadable capturing the emergence of the hand colour play in MP4 format is included with the purchase of the NFT, Spectrum in Hand.

Available for purchase on NFT Showroom:

Spectrum in Hand
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All photos taken by Nine with a Pentax digital 35mm camera and 90mm Tamron macro lens.
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The Hidden Rainbow Hand!

😂😂😂 Yes! Thanks @aagabriel!

That's pretty bad ass!
One of these days I hope to be as creative as you!

Hahaha, thank you @unklebonehead! You've got your creative flair you know. I hear it every week. 😁

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I was meant to have a holiday trip with my partner to Iceland in March 2020, I do not even tell you what happend to that...lol

Lovely poetry, sounds as good as it reads!

Preatty badass NFT, wonder how the video looks 😏

Iceland, from what I've seen (not in person) looks really stunning. Would have been an interesting trip with good times I'm sure, until life for everyone got cancelled and routed down a tunnel.

Thanks @trippymane! One NFT only, video goes with that, so viewable only to the buyer.

Yessss we were looking forward to that, the ice, the snow, the crystals ahaha so many cool things to see and do in Iceland!

Yep I know! Very cool, 1 only edition with extra video, very cool limited and mysterious edition! 😎

Good luck 😁


What about when it's green? So beautiful. in many ways.

Haha, yes, one edition. I decided to do a single edition only now of all NFT's I make. Thanks @trippymane!

OMG! Yeah I guess it's beautiful when green too! I forgot that not all the time is covered by snow 🤣

The one only edition for the NFTs it's a great idea, super limited and scarce, only one in the world! 🌎


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Why did the farmer dress his pig in an apron?
Pretty soon he would be bacon.

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LOL, I tend to think of it as green more than snow, but that's due to images of green stuck in my brain.

Some changes in direction for me, that's why single NFT's now. Thank you @trippymane!

Green stuck in your brain lol

I have an Elton John joke.
It's a little bit funny.

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