Meet the Bees (Part 1)

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Hey hey

Been seeing some new faces at the ArtBees' discord :> So nice! Budding friendships are forming * ___ *

So we're starting to go back into offices this week and I'm at the office, internetting again XD; I hope you are all doing well <3

As for me, I'm doing very busily so I apologize not being super active at the discord but there are awesome regulars there like @ryivhnn and @rainite and @thilah and @ruen (and @znkd and @stantastic) who are always friendly and fun :>

On that note, I think I wanna do a bit of community members shout out to these awesome regulars and also, to welcome and feature some of our newcomers :D

Meet the ArtBees


Well, what can I say about fyn :> She's ALWAYS genuine, ALWAYS super nice, and she ALWAYS will reply to you (even if it's hours later ... XD)

She's one of my favourite people that I've met on this platform :> She doesn't greed. But she's well grounded, she knows real world needs money.

Fyn does both art and writing and when you find her in the discord, she's usually fighting with her rigs :D I admire her commitment to each piece she's working on. I think it speaks of a lot of care, and a lot of passion in her stories and in her characters <3


I adore @thilah. Just, ... just super gentle, very talented, and really cute overall. Meeting @thilah and getting to know her through my days on Steemit/Hive was just such a delight. She's always adorable * ___ * I don't know how she does it, but she never EVER bring any negativity into any spaces that she visits. It's amazing <3

@thilah draws in candy coloured style, a unique style that carries her signature, and one that is super recognizable <3 One day, I think she will blow up HUGE since her style is so particular and so lovely :>

PS. Thilahs are the best of things. That's just fact, yo.


Rainey sometimes takes hiatus from Steemit/Hive. His computer is a dinosaur, apparently, and it is miraculous that he continues to create amazing pieces of 3D artworks on it. He also is plagued by data and connection constraints so he's not always around but when he IS around, he brightens up the community with such boost of talent and of genuine NICENESS.

I love how Rainey is always super sincere XD It's adorable. I told him recently not to give me any tip and sometimes how I talk is very internet-lingo-ish and can come across a bit brusque and he thought I was offended and actually apologized in a very honest manner. SUPER CUTE~

Not only Rainey makes gorgeous artworks, he ALSO writes! I love how he sees his stories and characters :D They carry so much personality * ___ * And I love his skills with character designs... I think he spends a lot of time incorporating the characters' persona into their outfits and weapons and these infused the characters with so much coolness~

(yesh i picked the spider cuz biassss lol)

  • that's just the few beeing artbees that often frequent our discord :> i'll do more in the future, but please, go and check out their blogs and befriend 'em ! you wont regret it cuz they are not just here for ONLY the upvotes. they really make great friendos :D

some newcomers

@elfranz - a fun person who left for a bit and now came back :D knows A LOT about gaming. apparently currently stuck in skyrim with @ilazramusic together XD;

@gabriellecd - a writer! she seems to be very friendly and very nice :> i will look forward to get to know gabrielle better in the near future~

  • i think the heart of a real community is that the members feel as if they DO BELONG to a group of people who are genuinely interested in getting to know what they are up to, what they want to create, the things that frustrate them/us, etc. personal opinions, ofc~

beeing an art piece

so, as usual, i dont feel quite right about posting without bringing at least one piece of original creative content, so here is a drawing i made of @rainite's the spider :>

i've drawn her before, when i was super excited at her unveiling, but that was a digital piece and i think my traditional pencil is still stronger than my digital stuff, hahaha~

thanks again @rainite for sharing with us such amazing characters !

this is the post that i drew the spider digitally in, btw:

the video:

and now, the version i made today with graphite pencil HB:

contest bees?

in my last post, @rainite says that we should run contests at the ArtBees community and I think it could be fun? Do you guys want to participate in a contest? i dont have a lot of money for the rewards though, but I can try to make a post whereas the entirety of the rewards of that post becomes the prize money for the contest?

anyway, let me know if you're interested in participating in smol events / contests in the comments :> if you are, i can host it~

keep the hype of hive alive

And before I go, as usual, don't forget to hype up #HIVE at your social media platforms :D Again, it is one small thing ANY of us can do to help #HIVE out in the world. We need constant people talking about it in positive manners to keep the HYPE alive and to grow our new home~

kaaaaaay, see you around, friendsssssss~ o/


Me well grounded? Are you sure you're talking about me? Well-grounded? Have you ever spoken to me? XD Ahh you always say such nice things, makes me want to run and hide coz I'M NOT WORTHY XD

You're pretty bang on about @thilah and @rainite though XP

Both your analogue and digital stuff is amazing. I do like how we can see more of her this version. Wind blown cloaks will never be not cool. And that assassin blade seems to have grown into a short sword xD And the ghost spoder legs so cool! Did you use the tiny pencil again or did that retire? I forget ^_^;

I think you're pretty grounded Reeree

And shhh you are worthy! Now! Take the sword out of it's stone and slay the dragon///NOOO

Maybe it's just ccoz I'm an old fart compared to the rest of you XD

Hm I'm not sure if I want to try pulling the sword, I saw what happened to one of Stan's characters XD and why would I want to kill a dragon D:

you are super well grounded, fyn! specially compared to some other ... uh, hiveians/steemitians that i've run into.... XD;;;;;;;

and do not run and hide! WE WILL FIND YOUUUUUU

hahah thanks. i like both digital and traditional, but i think my traditional stuff is still more ... established, i guess? but ya, love digitaling too~

and lol yeah, her sword growwwwwws~

this one i used a proper sized pencil that i found at work. the smol pencil's ded. i shaved off what remained off its husk and now i use it with a grip :D

That makes me very concerned about other people O_O

I'm pretty good at...well I would be pretty good at hide and seek but if I'm hiding for too long I get bored and come out and go do something else and forget I was playing so I'd be pretty easy to find XD

Pffffffft that's some serious dedication to smol pencil xD

Not entirely sure about never bringing negativity into any spaces(especially if you ask the peeps that know me in real life asdsfkjds) But awww spidey you are the hecking sweetest sweet spooder!

PS. Spideys are the bestest of things. A super fact!

And ooh, I'd be interested in participating the contest/smol events~

whaaaaaa~ i find that hard to believe! i've known thilah for like... 2 years? now? and thilah has NEVER been a downer ... always so sweet and cute and great to talk to * ___ *

and yay! okay, i'll see if i can plan for a smol series of tiny events. something fun and happies.... maybe! :D

Oh dear, I'm in this post... oh what should I say?... ok here I go

....General Kenobi!

First of all I would like to say how cool it is to be a member of a community with so many nice people, I mean, look what you can doooooo, you guy are so talented is inspiring, for real!

I'm looking forward to knowing you all better and even if I'm not an artist myself I wanna support you guys in any way I can

franziedragon!!! :D

you're always so on point with your gif game, it's amazing XD

and you're an artist too! writers are artists too, specially one that can compose glorious posts like you do !!! :D

Don't take the contest idea too seriously, Spodey, especially if it's too much work (for now at least). While I do the idea, it was actually more of just me trying to scare Ry about contests. So, my bad, I think. Sorry XD

And no no, there's no "cute" and "adorable" and my name in the same sentence. If you actually meet me you'll ragret you wrote that (I will if I were you) because I'm so awkward lol. A statue is more fun to talk with than me.

She's kinda look more powerful in your drawing than the 3D model, I love it! Maybe because of her stance and her floating coat. But sorry, Spodey, I can't play the video I don't know why. I tried with different browsers but it won't show up .-.

Also, I hope more dragons like Elfranz and Ilazramusic, and more creative people like Ruen and Gabrielle will join the server so I can steal their knowledge :p Moar people to steal the knowledge from!

hahahah it's okay, i think it's a nice idea to have contests or small events going on from time to time. it's a great way to get involved with something and to meet new friends :)

and you're totes cute and adorable :D always so sincere * ___ * just, very lovable * __ * !!!

i think i made her a bit too bad ass in my pencil drawing XD but i was feeling powaful so i was like, gonna make her powaful also !!!

and vimeo is blocked from indonesia, i've heard this before from @hananan i think? we couldn't figure out why she can't watch my videos then she found out later that vimeo is blocked in indonesia for some reasons ... 😫

and YES, more people! more friends!!!!!

Oh, I'm being summoned 👀

This is what's being shown when I tried to open vimeo... I guess the website really blocked in this country ...

Anyway, I was wondering if there's any art contest... When I read about your idea I feel so hype! Can't wait it to happen

Hi @hananan! So nice seeing youuuu <3 I hope you are doing okay? :)

And yeah! Looks like vimeo is definitely banned over there > __ < I'll try to see if I can host my videos on youtube instead in the future but it's a pain to maintain so many different places to upload to XD hahahah~

I will plan for the contest soon! Stay tuned ! \o/

I'm fine, Just losing my Job because of this Corona situation, so I've got time to be around hive and steemit again, haha :D

I hope everything is ok over there ^ ^

awww im so sorry to hear that you lost your job, hananan :(

i hope when it settles down, you will be able to find a better one! <3

things are easing off here, some shops are re-opening again, but slowly :> everything's doing well, i think! it will be good to get some semblance of a new normal in the near future :)

Thank you 🤗

Glad to hear that things is fine over there. I saw on my friend's instagram story that Melbourne has lifted the lock down 😁

This is sweet!!...and I am interested in joining a contest if it's art related. I miss those weekly challenges back when I used to blog in steemit.

cool! that's great to hear! :D i'll see if i can whip something up in the near future :>

This stuff is super hype for me... really great! Followed, hyped, reblogged, voted up like a friking maniac... shared on twitter... all the way!

thanks :> hopefully will be able to launch smol community-centred events soon :> stay tuned!

Pretty cool bee designs and this is why I love HIVE community. So much creative things around and people wanting to work together!

it's a small but growing creative community, for sure :> i try to help it grow, and i think it has potential! :D

Sooo coolllll