God Hive the Steem!

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Steem is not a place, not even a name.
I have repeated this over and over again for weeks now.

I’ve been dedicated to Steem since my day one here.
I’ve never powered down for all of those years.


The Fork is coming

For systems like Steem, a fork is an update that affects the rules of the blockchain.
Unlike the previous 22 forks in the history of Steem, this one is special.
I don't want to repeat what has already been written.
If you live under a rock, here are some posts for you to read:

For over a month, I have been working tirelessly with over a hundred people to prepare for the update.

-"It's not possible."
-"No, it's necessary."
- Interstellar

Yes, this update changes the name of the blockchain and the name of the assets.
Yes, I’m sorry to have to leave the Steem name and logo behind.
Yes, we are struggling and we will struggle with a lot of issues related to the move.

“This is a classic ideological split: the people who actively want a centralized chain can stay on Steem, the ones that don't will build Hive.”

I will continue to do what I have been doing so far,
for the same reason,
for the same people,
for the same friends.
For those of you who will build Hive with me.

Steem after the fork

Those who won’t update Steem to Hive will continue to operate in a “parallel universe” on a centralized platform that we knew as Steem.

I see no point in supporting the old version, for the same reasons why I didn’t support the parallel versions running HF 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 or 21 code after the updates.

Because this is an unprecedented situation and everything is happening on very short notice,
I will stay around on for a while to help Steemians upgrade/move to Hive.
I will also start the powerdown process on Steem some time after the fork.

“I am a bomb technician, if you see me running, try to catch up”

See you in the Hive!


Thanks for the information, changes are sometimes necessary even if it costs us.


Why announce and release so early? Why not give a bit more than a week(with a test net) for devs to port some of their applications over?

Because we are operating in extreme conditions caused by a hostile takeover, Steemit Inc. funds are actively being used to abuse the governance and we are at risk of even greater damage. We need to cut that cancer off, before it will inflict more damage to our home.
Sometimes you need to move fast, despite that you still don't have your favorite furniture or the walls painted well. We are moving in a hurry, but we will have infinite time to make our new home perfect.

In this case, the best way out ...

Blow me. 😉

Best possible answer .

Here's to hoping things work out; I'm probably not qualified to really express the concern properly.

We got the steem blockchain to be hard forked away into hive; they are keeping the same 'score' brought to the new chain, meanwhile the 'copy' of the previous fork remains under Justin.

So, Justin will continue his goal to attempt to profitably suck the life out of this platform, but the tokens of value have been simply copied over.

I recognize this won't be a perfect analogy; isn't that something like being stakeholders in a bank, you don't like the new CEO and so you take the logs copy down what everyone owned and then setup a new bank across the street under the promise that they will maintain what they had, but they have both an account at the old bank and an account at the new bank, each with the same balance.

This effectively doubles the money supply, should that not create a devaluation of it?

How do you protect yourself from Justin presuming that he maintains ownership of the ledger?

Let's just say I'm cautious about this war being waged and the damage that Justin can still cause, even by attempting to fork him out of the equation.

How do you protect yourself from Justin presuming that he maintains ownership of the ledger?

He doesn't on Hive.

Keep in mind that this could be a temporary setback as Hive could have so much potential which could make up for deflation, devaluation.

Agreed! Seems that time is not on anyone's side when it comes to this specific dispute.

Agreed. Time is of the essence.

 last year Reveal Comment

I don't really think there was a need to make the hivefork as transparent as a typical hardfork. The secrecy for the hivefork was much more justified than the softfork secrecy.

Both could be defended by pragmatism, which isn't really a good justification in and of itself.

I'm not concerned that the hivefork was developed in secret. But I do think the hivefork completely invalidates the legitimacy of the softfork.

If instead of spending 9 days wringing their hands planning the softfork, instead taking those 9 days to get ahead on the hivefork while simultaneously talking to Tron and getting no answers, the hivefork would have come along, perhaps sooner, with none of the ideological compromise of censorship.

Anyway, that's hindsight. Hive is here. I think they might have nailed it.

I imagine that not everyone wants this fork to happen or succeed. Probably we don't want to give them more time as they may want to do some damage.

Mr @JustinSunSuxx is of course reacting and his influence is getting bigger by the day. This is very last minute anyway...

‘In case if emergency leave your hand luggage behind and move quickly towards the emergency exit.’

Like the Angry Sun in those Super Mario Bros 3 levels where the sun follows Mario and attacks. We are Mario. We are leaving the desert level and moving onto the Hive planet.

Maybe esteem just works because anyx is using the hive chain.

Justin didnt give us this option really with his hostile take over of the witnesses.

because of the ninja mine stake

Too risky to do that.

this is a good time to be alive

I too am taking a waiting a see stance before I do any sort of power down for the first time ever.

Ideally Justin can do good here once he is settled at least in his own perspective.

Ideally also Hive takes off and does what everyone always hoped steem would do.

Fun to see outsiders come asking questions and speculating on steem price though, nice to see our coin get some volume and well deserved attention.

Anything we can do to help more exchanges participate in the airdrop?

It's in their best interest because it's in the best interest of their clients. So if you are a client of an exchange that list STEEM and you haven't seen their announcement yet, ask them if they are going to support airdrop.
Aslo it's good idea to ask if they are going to list HIVE.

I will be providing 90 Day Hive Power Delegations with @zelegations, if @blocktrades wants to work together I can provide high security Zcash transactions for customers to maintain their anonymity while buying large 90 Day Delegations. Unlike other crypto the Z Address will provide an extra layer of anonymity by shielding the transaction from the network.

You're not that fast, I think I might catch ya :P

Hey there man, I'm excited for the change. One thing I'd like to propose, is a way to help boost the initial dapp-ecosystem for Hive. This would be a great way to get more users in, and I also think some media attention.

My idea is to host a Hive-Hackathon.

I saw in the announcement that we won't be migrating over the 75 million "ninja-mined" stake, correct? If that's true, I'd like to offer a counter-suggestion that I think would greatly help benefit Hive:

Instead of more or less running away from this stake that has plagued our decentralization from the beginning and just throwing it out, or erasing it, I propose we put it to better use. We could turn this annoying thing into something positive, that will help boost Hive. I propose we migrate over the 75 million steem, but split it into 3 different areas:

  1. Put some into the proposal system to help boost it's initial wallet value - this will help increase the amount of development work we'd kick off with & cause a rapid boom to Hive immediately, rather than having to wait for the SPS wallet to fill up over time
  2. Put some into marketing efforts, or setup a marketing-based SPS - this would allow people who are talented with graphics / videos, and people who are willing to put down their own cash for ad space, to setup pitches on different ads & marketing stunts, which the community would vote on to help market Hive from day one
  3. Set aside the rest to host "Dapp Development Hackathons" - The main selling point of any blockchain, are the dapps. We could host a hackathon where we handout prizes to dapp developers who utilize the Hive chain to build something fun / cool / useful. This would help bootstrap our ecosystem and help spur in a huge influx of dapps, so we'd immediately have stuff to show off.

In addition to number 3, I recommend that our first Dapp Hackathon that we host is centered around the coronavirus. We could host a contest encouraging developers to utilize Hive to develop tools & services that somehow help with the pandemic. This could be anything from outbreak-tracking websites, to informational wikis, or even on-chain group-messaging dapps to connect with friends & families. Not only would this be a timely & good cause, but it may also get us some press. I'm sure various outlets would write articles about "This Brand New Forked Chain Is Starting Off With A Good Cause". That's pretty good marketing to come out the gate with.

Brilliant, I wouldn't mind if we organized something like that!

LootKit presents: Hive-Hackathon-for-Healing 🎒⛑️

We should put this into the works ;^)

Its better to just not do hackathons until the virus issue is over.

Hackathons don't have to be get togethers. They can be completely virtual.

You can work solo, or on a team over discord / slack. I'm currently working in a 3-man group & we're all remote.

Having a Hive-Hackathon-for-Healing would be not only a great way to get more dapps into our ecosystem early on, not only would it be for a good cause, but on top of both of that it'd probably get us good press.

But do you really want to stop the Corona Virus or 1984 tyranny which uses pandemics in order to hostile takeover humanity like Tron Overlord Justin Sun did to Steem but in real-life in countries around the world?

Thanks for working for us who lost their place! I will gladly move to Hive;D

Hive ✋✋✋✋✋

Exactly, Hive Five is such a good slogan :)

Well, and there've been four Steem festivals... Time to Hive5! ;)

Dear @gtg , first of all, let me thank you for all the exceptional work you have done and still do for the community, I agree with you, steem is not a place neither our community name...
Just I would like to ask you if the new blockchain will have exactly the same properties in terms of power-down time, rewarding time, 50/50 splitting between HIVE and HIVEPOWER , rewarding curve, witness votes etc... or are you guys also refining those variables as well?
Thanks in advance.

For now nothing else changes, we need to cut the cancer off, rebuild, and then we start working on improvements.

See you 😁 go go Hive 🍷

Hi GTG, just came back on this platform after 3 years.

I see what is happening and wish to participate on HIVE to the best of my ability.

Let me know if I can do anything!

Happy to see the progress. All these efforts will be worth it! :)

Hi @gtg , because your post contains some important information about the migration to HIVE, if you aprove I could translate this post to Spanish as well.

Only if you are professional translator, please, I don't want things to be lost in translation :-) Otherwise it's better when people just use auto-translation of their choosing.

I am, don't worry @gtg.

PS: An autotranslation would return "Colmena" instead of Hive and I prefer translate like this Hive ("La Colmena") or would translate "hard fork" into "tenedor duro" (makes no sense), it's hard fork (bifurcacion de cadena de bloques).

For example: "God Hive the Steem!" there is no literal translation for that without losing "Hive" as a word, so I translate like this: "Hive. Dios dale una colmena a Steem!" So using Hive first I don't lose the key word "Hive" in the translation, but then I use "colmena" (hive) as a proxy to a shelter for the Steem community. That's how you don't lose the idea of the wording game, but also it's not a literal translation.

You should really do that.

When I get the ok from @gtg I'll do (already translated other key messages related to HIVE transition).

You community is very important and needs to be considered more often. A lot of great people!

I'm looking forward to Hive! I'm so excited! <3

Hive on @gtg


For someone with Steem in their name, can our names be modified to remove it on the new chain? Being "Steemmatt" on Hive will be annoying.

Unfortunately not. You can create a new account...
There's no reason to worry about your origin.
Whole Hive was born from Steem.
By the way, I have a tons of Steem branded stuff...

Very excited sirrrr

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(hope it works here.. wait.. I'm a bit confused but yes, hope it works :D)

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Confused? You? No way. Just kidding. Sounds just about right. Just kidding. Stay safe.

confused if the command 'giphy' would work here since i was commenting on hive.blog lol

blockchain wizardry 😂 loved it

power to the people ;)

Now hive and next year ? Instasteem ?

Good words and good work @gtg!

I am thrilled for the new blockchain!

I will stay around on for a while to help Steemians upgrade/move to Hive.

I was thinking of doing a bit of the same.

Cheers and may the swarm be with you!

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication @gtg!
I am thrilled for Hive :) See you there!

Will there eventually be a change the user interface so it will look different from steemit?

Yes! :-) (It will take some time, however)

See you in the Hive @gtg!

Tomorrow will go down in history! BOI is excited to be here!

I have been under a rock and have no electric to keep up because of lockdowns in spain. The steem token is dead then right?

Not yet, at this very moment it has great value because whoever will own STEEM at the time of fork will also own HIVE.
After the fork however, IMHO (not financial advise, etc) it will be just speculative token used by Sun to dump, without much value behind it. IMHO value goes where all those passionate developers and creators are going. To The Hive.

How do you get your hive tokens if you only hold steem on the platform?

Good question, I do hope its just an airdrop! Great to see your name again eco

edit: We do nothing its an oldschool airdrop

Yeh I got that, but is it just on the exchanges for the airdrop or for all steem accounts regardless? Hive has a better brand name anyway, and we fucked off the ruler, so Im definatly switching to the anarchy chain!

I hope in a few days at most to be chilling out somewhere nice and not under house arrest haha!

Edit: Just read an answer, thanks 👍

If you don't say "Not Financial Advice," will a piano fall on your head? People everywhere say in their YouTube videos that they are not doctors, not this, not that. People are always saying that something is not advice. I find it very sad that people do this. I guess people are scared of getting taken to court, sued, or who knows what. But people will take you to court no matter what you say or not say. Some people can try to lay low and play it safe. It's trying to not offend people, etc.

Lets Hive a good time!

love this! I always respected you a lot because you're true to the same principles. And you've never wavered.

Where can I find the source code?

I love STEEM. But, I like more Decentralized Platform. So, I will move to HIVE.
See you in HIVE.

Thanks for the article.
Tomorrow will be a great day, with just over a day left. We make history.


Im glad youre here:)

How will we get hive tokens? Do we get both for steem and sp?

I joined steemit a year ago, but only recently started reading commenting and posting content. I currently use seemit and post to steamit, because it's the only way I know to do it. I strongly believe in decentralized platform and want to move to Hive, but am unclear how to do it. search tool seems to be useless or I don't know how to use it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Apologies for their peripheral reply if it's bad etiquette

Hive.blog. Log in with your steem username and keys. You can also use the PeakD interface.

Am still trying to understand the hype behind the hive upgrade!

Can’t wait to move to Hive! Is there any way to help build some front end ?

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Still trying to find out about APPICS app, is it will be supported on Hive?

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That last Quote fit’s very well

Its time for hive festivel 🎆

Will the Hive airdrop will only be performed on the current version of the Steem blockchain as of Tuesday March 17 2020 ? I did a post, but yet to get any answer from any dev !!

Fork, that is "airdrop" will be performed on Friday, please read the announcement carefully.

The Hive airdrop will only be performed on the current version of the Steem blockchain (as of the date of this post) , so what does that (as of the date of this post) means ?

I'm already running to you - wait for me

Now read about what's going on on steemit started officially today after being convinced to show my work how do you become a HIVE GOD.

Thanks for the hard work Gandalf! We have a privilege of being in the same community with you!

Thank you for everything @gtg and everyone who has been working behind the scenes to make Hive possible. Will definitely see you all on Hive!

i like that poetry. Nice one
You're not that fast, I think I might catch ya :P

Can you tell me what the implications will be for SMTs?

Brother 💪@gtg I always look up to you. Gracias. Long live Hive

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Ticket booked. See you on the other side

See you in the other side in a few hours. 👌

"Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers" - Robert G. Ingersoll
See you on the bright side!

See you on there!😆

Said as only a former Chairman of the Board could say it. Thanks for all you have contributed to the DPoS project, @gtg.

Just hope that everything will go smoothly... 🙌

You have my support too, I am stressing over the @zelegations and @steemvpn fork to Hive but I can easily adjust the colors to start and then rebrand later.

The Hive is spreading like coronavirus.Hive ON! :)

How will steem-engine and trading work on this platform? Is it the same?

Thanks information

I will be on Steem to share some of my Hive posts but my heart and soul will be focused mostly on Hive. One of my concerns is all the links I have on my blog that links back to posts I wrote on Steemit, including future posts I have not written yet.

@gtg please see my idea about everyone moving their content over to Hive by deleting it from steemit and replacing with a nice note "Please see this content at hive.io/@username bla bla" check out my idea at https://steemit.com/hive/@gringo211985/seo-solution-for-hive-io-let-s-take-our-content-with-us

What we have to expect about our funds on steem? do you suggest to withdrawal?

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This is my first Hive upvote, yay! :D

Ive been out of the loop for a few days and a lot has happened. When I left we were fighting for Steem... now we’re Hive. It adds up, but how do we react to move forward? Power down SP? I don’t have access to a hive wallet yet.. I get an error that leads me to believe it’s on the hive end, but I presume it’s on the way.

I'm sorry for not being too talkative on chain, too much things on plate lately. I hope you are doing good.
I can't advise about Steem/SP etc. but my last post on Steem can give you some idea about that ;-)

I am gonna fork with my Stake =P. Join me.

the community has always been more important to me

Hive alive! When wallet? 😁

Next try to do my first comment and action on hive.io

@gtg błędne linki do udostępnień. wrong links
2020-03-23 02_21_26-Z cyklu _historia królową nauk_ nie znasz_ powtarzasz... — Hive – Brave.png

thank you for the information, a very extraordinary post, able to help many people to know and develop it.

I really hope Hive will be like Steemit but censorship resistant. Do you kno when users will be able to start using Hive?

Right now. But it is still connected to Steem right now. But you can at least log into Hive and wait.

Yea, how do I use hive?

Are you on Hive right now? It works like Steem,

Now Hive ... and next year ??? Instasteem ?? Funny hardforks

Hope for the very best nd welcome new technology. COME ON HIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!