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Daily Thoughts Log


The past few nights I've been having the same dream. In my dreams I am crippled and relearning my strength. In these dreams I do have powers, like I wish I had in real life but I'm not able to fully use them. I'm not sure what the metaphor is here but I will describe my dream.

The weird thing is even when I wake up in the middle of the night I keep entering the same dream. I kind of like it because it's like a story I am witnessing that I want to see through to the end. The other weird thing is that I have been having this same type of dream for a number of nights in a row. I did go through some serious trauma in the last two years that I've recently escaped from. Maybe these dreams are a way I am looking back at those times in my life.

In these dreams though there are times where I am completely paralyzed but I know what I am capable of and I attempt to use my powers with little success. For instance I can fly but I have to think about it really hard and I only float very slowly. Oftentimes I am facing certain death, running from people who are trying to kill me. Some of these people are my family, maybe because in real life I feel betrayed by some of my family. I have no control of who shows up in my dreams and why but I am always running from something.

Last night's dream I was running from my brother Joe. We started off as friends but there was a conspiracy against me and all of a sudden he turned on me. I was surprised and caught off guard and next thing I knew I was boarding a runaway train trying to figure out how to use the train. I pushed every button only for it to derail and go off course. The atmosphere was cold and snowy and the train crashed into a mountain of snow. It was a soft landing and nothing hurt, then all of a sudden my brother Joe was searching through the snow to find me and he did, that's when he took a sword and swung at me and next thing I know I am screaming as I wake up.

When I went back to sleep I was back in the same dream, it was the same scenery, snowy mountains and there was a factory. The factory oddly enough was owned by my company and everyone knew me. Just like everyone knows me in my company today, but I was still struggling to move. Sometimes in my dream I would collapse to the ground and was not able to pick myself up. I was confused and began to wonder if it was not a dream but a strange fate I was experiencing. Maybe because I would wake up so much from the trauma of the dream that reality started to blend.

I'm not sure what this dream means but in the end nothing good came of it. Maybe the story will continue and I will stop running and finally understand what my conscience is trying to tell me.


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That sounds like a distressing dream. I pray that whatever cause is behind this dream saga will be revealed. I will pray for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Here's some !LUV for you.

Thank you for reading my post! I wonder what my memory or my dreams are trying to tell me. I had the same kind of dream last night. I hope you had a wonderful christmas as well!

If you ever discover it, please remember me and tag me on the post! Thank you for the Christmas wishes.

You remind me of myself some years ago. I had sleep paralysis for many many years and weird dreams and Zombies hhh Now not that much but I can really understand you :)