We-Write Reboot Round 3

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Welcome to Week 3 of the We-Write Reboot

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Hello freewriters! Welcome to the new week of we-writes with your host @ntowl.

Thank you to the four pairs that participated last week. If you haven’t seen, the prizes have been decided and listed in this post.

What is a We-write?

A We-write is a freewrite written by two people. One person writes for five minutes then a second person finishes the story in five minutes (or any variation of this). The prompt is USUALLy the daily prompt posted by @mariannewest on the day the we-write starts. But sometimes the prompt may be different.

How to find a partner

Finding a partner should be easy. You can reach out to anyone you already know who writes on Hive and ask them. You can write a comment on this post asking if anyone wants to partner with you. There is also a We-Write channel on our discord channel where you can find a partner too.

How to enter

In order to be a valid entry, there needs to be two halves to the story. That means if you commit to working with someone you need to make sure you complete and post your part.

Once you find a partner and have written your part, post it to Hive. Then make sure to post a link to it in the comments of this post. To be valid there must be links to both parts, or one link to a post with both halves. If you include your partners portion in your post, be sure to indicate which part is theirs and tag them so they get credit for their work.

All entries need to be in English. You can still write in other languages, but I’ll need an English translation posted as well. Unfortunately, it’s the only language I understand. Also I can get the gist of stories through Google translate but I’m betting all your lovely prose is lost. Providing your own translation I hope will preserve some of your greatness! I appreciate the Freewrite House has members from all over the world so I hope you understand this request.


We have a pot of 20 SBI for this contest. The prizes will be divided as follows:

8 SBI - Will be given by random draw to two pairs from all valid entries (4 SBI to each pair, 2 SBI per person)
12 SBI - Will be given to one pair selected by our judge (@ntowl). That is 6 SBI to each member of the pair.

@freewritehouse will also give all entries a 100% upvote.


Normally I will post the we-write on a Monday. I’m a little late this week so the contest starts today, September 8 and will end midnight Saturday, September 19 EDT. I’ve extended it one day since I started one day late.

The Prompt

Today’s prompt is one of my own imagining. Well, actually it’s from the Beanie Boo that is my mascot on my desk:

Black Dragon

I chose something different because many of you have probably already written freewrites with today’s prompt so I figured we’ll do something different.

So what are you waiting for? Go find a partner!

Still have questions?

That’s great! Please ask them in the comments or on our discord channel.

Join our FreeWriter’s Discord by clicking the link below

The Future

There is another type of we-write that we used to do too. Instead of two people writing together from a prompt, you are given the first part already written. So you can participate in the we-write by yourself because the first half is already written (and everyone makes up their own second half).

I don’t have plans to start this yet because I don’t have the time to write the first half. BUT if any of our freewriters want to volunteer to write the first half for everyone to use as the prompt, please let me know in the comments below or DM me on Discord (ຖt໐ຟl#9845).

The prizes from the @freewritehouse would only go to the people who write the second half, but I will sponsor 5 SBI shares to anyone who volunteers and writes a first half. There are some requirements (like it can’t be too long and such). If you want to volunteer, I’ll let you know all the requirements before you write.

Come join us!

I’m tagging frequent free writers and those that participated in the 1000 day contest to make sure everyone knows about the we-write! Please feel free to share the word with those you know might be interested. If you’d rather I not tag you in future we-write posts let me know in the comments below and I’ll take you off.


Hello @freewritehouse and @ntowl. Here are parts 1 and 2 for me and my partner's We-Write Reboot Round 3:



Thanks @freewritehouse for rebooting the we-writes. Also thanks @hidave for partnering with me again.

Good luck to all participants in this Round 3.

You're welcome Mrs Diva! It was a absolute pleasure to read your story and see what you did with the prompt. Thank you for picking me to join you on this we-write

Aquí vamos activarnos

I do miss the original we-write 😁😁😁

Well there were two flavors of the "original". One is this partner version and the other is the version with a story to start. I'd like to offer both, it's just a matter of available time!

Yeah I miss the one wherein zelda would write the first part 😁😁😁

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You're in luck! @improv has written a prompt for the next round. I'm trying to convince @zeldacroft to do one but she's very focused on her own work right now. But I'll keep nagging!

wow 😀😀 I'll go have a look! Is it posted now? 😊😊

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No. It will be for the next round, starting on the 21st.

cool! I'll be sure to check it out 😁😁 thank you 😊😊

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Oooh ooh please somebody link up with me for this prompt. A lot of fun stuff we could do on this one!

I'll we-write with you! you write one, and I;ll do a follow-up!

Yeah dude. Lets do it! I'll get to work on something. You got discord?

If so heres mine

ja. I'll find you

I sent you a friend request in Discord. thanks.

I'll write a first half, if you'd like!

That would be great @improv! I'll send you a DM on Discord

Your future proposal is exactly what I was referring to a couple weeks ago when I wrote to you about the we-write I used to participate in and sent you the link where I did so.

I'm happy to see it's being brought back.

I actually have a beginning story and a digital art drawing I created to go along with it. It would be fascinating to see where everyone who participates takes the story. If you're interested I can send to you via DM.

Yes, as @mariannewest and I said, there have been multiple versions over the years. I know you, and others, like the pre-written prompt version and thankfully we have some volunteers willing to write the beginnings. I have one for the next round but I'm happy to put yours on after. Send me a DM and we'll work out the details.

Ok.. Anytime in the future. No rush on placement, and only if you approve the story. I appreciate your consideration.

Below is my first part to this weeks We-Write Reboot Round 3 : prompt - Black Dragon


My partner is @hidave

Thanks so much for agreeing to partner with me again.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful ending to our troubled young man.

Thank you for asking me to be your writing partner on this. I always have fun writing with you

Hi guys here is the first part of my entry with my team mate @improv


Hope you guys enjoy it and that improv doesn't go what the heck did you just drop in my lap.

Part 2 by @improv