A coming off age story

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He was about 32 when it happened. He got off the hook. And what a relief! No more worry about the 40 years crisis, no more thoughts about death or dementia. No more anxiety when thinking about a life bound to a chair, eating porrige because all the teeth had come out; nice people shouting to you when they made conversation. Always a little wet spot in the underwear - always wondering how it came to be that young people were such whiny, bland little wankers - always wondering why their music was such a blatant rip off of the music of his own youth.

He simply came off age.


Interesting choice of preposition. I wonder if he has entered a more flexible timeline, that he can envision the thoughts/experiences of an elderly person (always a wet spot in the underwear is my favorite) at the age of 32. Has he died? Become multidimensional? 32 is too old to be suddenly of age for anything, so I know this word, off, was carefully chosen.

Hm. Mind spinning story. I'm loving your micro-fiction.

Off it is. I suddenly just wondered about the frase - I often do... But I let it hang in the air how he did it...

Funny but I always felt "forever Ancient" lol I think I was a one hundred year old since I was about 4 lol.

You came on age early...

I was thinking this was an off/of confusion, but now I'm not so sure :) You make very good use of English generally considering it's not your first language.


I suppose you get to wonder about things in another language that seems natural to the natives.

I find language fascinating, although I'm no expert. These columns are enlightening. We get the New European each week and it's generally educational about other cultures we might not hear about otherwise. Same with the New Internationalist magazine.

Language is fascinating. To me, not a professional, the most important points of interest is the music of language, the way anybody can use rhythm and tone making saying the most everyday things into melodies. And then the strange relationship to images. A word can create colours, vivid pictures and movement without being in anyway precise. Only a single word can do this - Bliss, carnage, Mississippi. And thank you for the link. All of these articles seems interesting!

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