The churches in America of the 21st century have become increasingly distant from what the bible actually says.

In fact some Pastors, like Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel of Life Church, and Max Lucado, who both endorsed Stanley's book, Irresistible, no longer believe that the Old Testament is still valid; meaning that they are no longer believe in the Word of God.1

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Covid Lockdown bans church, the wet dreams of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Obama | Grand Shift in Media Coverage | Honduras Ministry | First Post | Facebook Post
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Now at 21 years past the 21st century
The church is in shambles
More led by the CDC and local health department
Than the eternal Word of God
Billions of dollars in church buildings now at 30 or less percent capacity
But churches still raising billions more for more buildings
To sit unused
People told to stay at home, not greet, not get close to one another
Not even your own family
Life is too dangerous, faith can’t save you anymore
Only a mask and the CDC guidelines can
Don’t come to me for prayer
Send a text message instead
Lay your hands on the sick
A thing of the past to them
The unbiblical, faithless, cultural church of the 21st Century
It's like they are going by a new version of the bible: The 21st Century American Cultural Christianity Version
For example, Matthew 8 would be something like -
Jesus yelled at the leper, yo stay 20 feet back
Social distancing bro, get your mask back on
I’m scared
And stay away from my new lambo too
You might damage the paint job
Just shoot me a text of your prayer request to 316
I’ll answer you back a prayer emoji
When I get a chance
Gotta get back to the house, to watch sports on tv
Watch me later, spout out a powerful sermon
On facebook live
On split cam will be my good buddies
The Pharisees and Saduccees
To give you some social distancing do’s and don’ts
Don’t want to miss it
Better to be safe than sorry
Don’t forget to give a credit card donation
The bigger the donation and more debt you are in the better
To our new building fund
For our new, socially distant, seats people 20 feet apart
Plexiglass between seats, design
Seats 250, for only 250 million shekels
Love you man, peace out, give me an air fist bump


While we live under grace we must follow the law or will still suffer and pay the price. Have a vote.

Thank You

Thank you for the vote but I suggest that you dont vote for comments. We waste voting power when voting for comments. I am not clear on the details how but something about only half of power is applied I think.

Can you post stuff like this in the Gems community in the future? Its not part of the blogging-challenge :)

Thank You

Why are there similar posts in this community? I was browsing through and I thought I saw a few posts that were similar to these types of topics. I thought this community was similar to the Freewrite community which had a wide range of potential topics which were allowed. Which topics are not allowed? Are you saying the blog challenge is only if you post a daily blog entry that simply talks about vague generalities without getting into specifics topics which some people don't like? Is that the point of this group, to be focused on very specific challenges? I thought I saw a wide variety of topics included in this community. So, it is very difficult for a new person like my brother @rsarnold316 to know what is permitted when you can see a wide variety of themes and categories represented in this group.

Most of what you see is from the blogging-challenge and thats why this community was made, so it could support such stuff.
We do collab with other communities thats why there are other posts within this community aswell.

I are also under the umbrella of SMILE :)

There is a bigger chance of people supporting content like this in the Gems community hinge why I sugguested that.

If your brother is confused, he should feel free to join our discord and ask question there :D

Also if he is a new user I would sugguest going to and learn about Hive :D

Are the challenges led by a few leaders who decides what the specific challenges are for specific time periods similar to the hashtag challenges found on Twitter where people will play the hashtag game and follow along whatever the particular theme may be for that period of time until it is time for the next challenge or is the blogging challenge a 30-day or 90-day or a certain period of time of a challenge for to people to post each day about certain things consistently but within the context of a certain paradigm of allowed topics for that challenge kind of thing?

Anyone in the community can create a 30 days challenge :) meaning 30 questions and we the admins will review it and add it as a challenge.

One can start whatever challenge they want whenever they want to and it doesn't have to be in order, people choose the questions the want to answer.

Its was to get people inspired to create more often than not and it was done so via a challenge.

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