Comedy Open Mic Round 3: Winners Announcement

Let me start by saying that it was very hard picking the winners here. All the entries chosen were hilarious and the decision to pick was like hair-splitting. So without further delay

Here Are The Winners of Round 3

Jester Award (15 HBD): @hugetiny - Part 2 of My Long, Painful, Humiliating, Crowd-sourced Ventriloquism Journey
The Bromedian Award: - (2 $BRO from @brofund and @raymondspeaks): @bulldog-joy - It could be a COMment
The Joker Award (10 HBD): @leaky20 - The New Baby: A Play by Leaky20
Lucky Clown 5 HBD: @deeanndmathews - Well-Meaning Alien Ends One of Earth's Most Famous Expressions
Honorable Comedians: 2 HBD each

@blanchy - Weird Goings On In Ireland This Week.

@itsostylish - Conversation with my inner-child

@oldsoulnewb - What do you think you're doing?

@ange.nkuru - Hive's How to Wither not Die Guide

@innfauno12 - COM) Complot. comedia ING / ESP

Your rewards should arrive shortly from the @com-fund and @thisismylife

Round 4 is up and running

Make sure to check out @improv's latest Punday Monday and comment your best toys pun for a chance to win 1 SBI and 5 HBD.

The rewards from this post will go to @com-fund so they could be used to fund future contests.


Congratulations to fellow winners @hugetiny, @bulldog-joy, and @leaky20, and the honorable @blanchy, @itsostylish, @oldsoulnewb, @ange.nkuru, and @innfauno12!

Honorable me congratulates you too and the rest!

The Bromedian Award

Thanks to my family and friends, to my agent and the company, the bus driver cutting my lane today and the hooker from next door... To act upon my status as current holder of "The Bromedian Award", here is a .gif that had me think of you @corvidae.

I stumbled upon it and you were my first thought 🤷‍♀

🤣 eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww thank you, that's so sweet! Looks like congratulations are in order, too!

I think you just put @corvidae into a coma with that gif! Congratulations, well deseved.

Thanks to @bulldog-joy I now have avian flu and chicken pox.
AND corvid.

Corvid, that's a good one lol. Get well I guess ;).


I take my status as Bromedian serious you know. As long as I get a laugh out of it anyone else laughing here? Anyone? Hello?

Hahaha I see you standing there on stage, thanking everyone.
Now enjoy your daily dividends in the wallet from tomorrow :)

That gif is so distracting me to type this comment btw .. djeez xD

Thanks BRO ;). It is disturbing, indeed.

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for the mention ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for joining.

Congrats everyone! Well done!


Congrats on being our first BROmedian @bulldog-joy!

Spread the word @all, rehive everything! The BROmedian is coming to town! 😆

I wanna add that 1 BRO went to @ewkaw for being the inspiration. Bro is bro and gets a BRO ;)

Thank you very much, I did not expect this, you are all good people.

Hopefully, you like your reward, it was definitely deserved.

Ah jaysus thanks a million. I never knew my true story would get voted!

It is well deserved, thanks for entering our COMtest.

Wow, thanks.
Part 3 dropping soon.

We will be waiting for it.


Why did everyone enjoy the volcano?
It was just so lava-able.

Credit: belhaven14
@hugetiny, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @theabsolute
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (2/2)

Thanks so much! That was a lot of fun. I plan on taking part again in the future 😁

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