The Comedy Rumble - Different categories of comedians on comedy rumble.

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I was so excited when @amirthawesome1 hinted about the comedy rumble competition. I bet you were too. In all honesty, I never expected it to be this tough. I mean when they named it a "rumble", it was no joke. Brothers and Sisters, this is tough. I feel like all my comedy juice have been squeezed out and all that is left is chaff😄.


Four weeks of consistent posting of Comedy. What? People like @nelson-george and @merit. ahama would make you feel like you are not serious with your life. I'm still looking for the junction you always pass through when going home. @chincoculbert, I'm seeing you o. You better take it easy before I send girls your way. You know you already look like Chinese.


On the streets of comedyopenmic, we have seen it all. Different types of comedy since the start of this marathon. Here are some types I have noticed.

The everybody is doing it gang.

These people either do not understand what comedy is all about or they are just participating because everybody is doing it. Have you not read some comedy post that even your conscience frowned at you for dropping a laughing emoji because there was nothing funny about the post? Anyways if you fall into this category just know that some comments you get are just out of niceness. If you get angry after reading this then just maybe I was talking to you. I am in my house, come and beat me.

The cock and bull story gang

These people tell us stories that are impossible to believe but we still believe it. How can you cook 5 cups of rice with 8 cubes of maggi and so much salt and people would still say it is tasty and not notice the too much spice? We know. Keep feeding us those cock and bull stories so long you aren't telling us stories of talking animals, we are fine.



True life story tellers

These are my people. We have told so much about our lives that we have run out of stories. What do we say again? How do we manufacture comedy stories to continue in this marathon? Well, we have friends that their life stories would have to become our life stories. Anything to continue in the race. Afterall, it is all about how far and how well. Don't be surprised if I share your story someday 😜.

#The comedy lifters*

These categories of people are clueless on what to write about so they go around checking out other people's posts and posting similar posts. Some even go as far as lifting directly from the internet. In Fact I saw one post, the person just did copy and paste from the internet, he forgot to edit out the advert on the page he copied from and he still has the guts to ask why he was muted. You were muted for lifting without sense.

The true comedians

These people don't bother themselves with too many comedy posts. They can make just one post and be guaranteed that this one post would be a hit. I don't know how they do it but they have been added to my list of people to be kidnapped. You know yourselves. I don't want to call names but @winniecorp how are you doing today? I just said I should say hello.

WpIPS0DWNpMm4kfMVr (1).gif


This is the 3rd week of comedy rumble I don't know if I have any energy left to come your way again but until then, keep rumbling.


I am in my house, come and beat me.

Have you read a funny joke of a lady who disturbed a group chat and said this exact statement. Few minutes later, she heard a knock and it was an army saying “You said I should come and beat you in your house. Here I am, open the door now” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
You might have a neighbor reading this already and you just hear a knock on your door 😆😆

You were muted for lifting without sense.

😂😂😂😂😂 Na real plagiarizer be this one.

I hope I don't have any neighbor reading this at the moment because I can't shout 😄😄😄😄.

My dear the guy na real plagiarizer. I read the post and I was like, "seriously?"

😆😆😆 Just be prepared and at alert oo

😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 you are not nice Zizy but where is the lie? I read some too and decided not to give any comment. There are some funny ones too but some didn't know how to make it spicier and funnier but I saw the potential 🙈🙈🙈. I guess most people are just trying to catch fun...

🤣🤣🤣 I actually read some and my comment was the only comment. It was just like saying, "well done,you tried!". Yeah I agree some are funny but they just didn't know how to spice it up. Just like us the upcoming comedians. We will get there someday.

😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 yes, we are the upcoming comedians...but you are doing better because you've been supplying us with amazing contents back to back.

Awww♥️♥️ thanks for the complement and thanks for the boost. You are so sweet.

You are most welcome. You are also sweet my dear...always. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Talk to @winniecorp directly! I see what you did there.

Comedy lifters? Why so wicked? 😂 The title though but I didn't know there are people that do that too o... Copy comedy? What if I know about the joke, how would I laugh then?

As in ehn... Life stories have finished, I'm finding someone to write about now 😌

make you feel like you are not serious with your life

LOL... You're very serious abeg, just look at this post you've made nau.

I'm yet to write any since two days ago, eyes are aching me badly 😒☹️

I only greeted her o. I don't know what you are talking about 😜😜.

You mean you haven't seen those copying comedy? Ah! We have them o my dear. They forget that a joke told more than once may not be funny again. Well, it's a competition and we gotta keep going right?

Aswear life story yaff finish o 😄😄😄.I don't know what to do anymore. I thank God for this inspiration.

Hahaha our comedian 😁
Share some inspiration with me please
I'm short of inspiration 😝

I'm even looking for who to borrow from. 😄😄

Wahala o
And we still have a whole week to go 😆

My tired is tired o. Are you sure the remaining week you won't do it alone. 😄😄

Maybe we would do comedy lifting from @winniecorp brains, she's good abeg 😂😂

I've even thought like I've seen one before but I never really expects any body to do that..

Not you guys tagging me lmfao!
As for you @merit.ahama there’s a particular title I’ve left for you, no one compares 😂

Merit is engagement master. I didn't even bother dragging that title with her. Now even my tired is tired.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don't compete the energy and spirit working in that lady. @merit.ahama has some sorts of back up to help her even while she sleeps 😅😅😅

See attacks from all corners o 😂
You pipo shu lemme nau

Back up while I sleep? Now, that sounds cool... Who will do that for me abeg? 😁

I thank God you have seen it. 😄😄😄. Please help me ask her where she gets her energy


I'm telling you, I don't know how she does it.
I engage 6-7 posts and reward myself with praise but @merit.ahama is over here doing more than 50 per minute 😩😂

You are doing well

Hahaha 50 per minute? Why are you lying in my head na 🥺 @zyzymena come and defend me... I didn't do it!

I can't defend you cos this is all true. 😄😄

Shuoooo e have reach so? 😝

I swear, this is so accurate 😂😂😂😂, you see that @winniecorp , she doesn't stress, her strategy is drop one post and run away. We'll soon catch her to tie her down

Help, they wan carry me go where I no know o 😭

You go know when you reach there 😄😄


Oh you have noticed it too huh? We should form a WhatsApp group and plan this very well. I know where she says somewhere around Lekki. 😜

Jaja I must admit I stopped reading these, as I found many not funny 🤣🤣🤣
You however are are just a funny straight shooter from the hip!
Most of what I wrote is faction, fact blended with fiction of my life so I can relate to people you describe!

Hhahha Tengo, let me apologise on behalf of the community for the wanna be comedy posts😄😄. It's not their fault. Everyone wants to win a prize.

I'm glad you consider me funny though 😄😄. Yeah I have read your posts and they are indeed faction and I love reading them ♥️

Oh and I might have bitten off more that I can chew. I was writing something funny that happened today and now I am not sure it is funny when I read it 🤣🤣🤣

😄😄😄😄 that's how it feels. Sometimes I write and I have to ask the next person to read it and tell me if they found it funny. Don't worry I'll check it out and tell you what I think..

Oh I know you will tell me what you think, perhaps that is what I am worried about🤣🤣🤣

Zyzy’s today episode of violence!
The fact that I know the specific comedy lifter you’re talking about kills me 🤣
These are all so accurate and how the hell did you discover my strategy!? 😂😂😂

I had you in mind while I was writing this. I was like Winnie would have given this a better caption. How do you come up with those sophisticated captions of yours? I have been watching you now but I can't use your strategy cos I don't have your comedy brain 😢. Anyways, this is my way of saying you are a good comedian.

I’m an over thinker, that’s how 😆
Thanks Zyzy and you on the other hand are so funny without even trying, you’re an amazing comedian. I Dey your back!

Awww♥️♥️ Thanks for the compliment 🤗

Hello Partner!!! Happy day 😄
You know why I don't write comedy haha.

Anyways if you fall into this category just know that some comments you get are just out of niceness.

I could fall into this ... 🤣🤣

I'd rather read yours and really laugh 😂 Maybe what I should do is tell you my funny stories for you to tell 😜

Have an awesome day!🤗

😄😄😄😄I can totally relate partner. You'd rather drop the nice comments that have people drop the nice comments.😄

Although you've been tried so you can't tell how amazing it might turn out to be. I'm glad you are willing to share funny stories with me. I need them now because the marathon still has a week to go 😄😄😭.

By the way, how are you doing today?

I'm fine, partner. Lots to do, but fine :) my son's high school graduation is next week, and he's moving in a couple of months to college, so we have a lot to do in paperwork and other stuff. But today, I have a break hehe. He has gone to the beach with some friends. So my plan today is to catch up here, and at home since I have a lot to do in-house chores 🤪

Oh wow! You really had your hands full with everything going on with him. I'm glad you have today to rest and catch up. Don't wear yourself out with the in-house chores though.

Sending you lots of hugs 🤗🤗


As in ehn, I thought I was the only one noticing all these things oo, but wait why do I feel like I'm in the first category?

Please send your location, I'm coming to beat you 😂😂😂🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️, you know I'm just joking right? joking ke, abeg send your location 😁, I just pray I don't end up being the one that they will beat 🤣🤣😅

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they are just participating because everybody is doing it.

At least they participating 😂 . In my case still I am unable to understand what is it?
I just imagined it like comedy type something.

they have been added to my list of people to be kidnapped

I already informed about it to the police. Be careful. Police can arrive anytime there 😂..

I want to meet a true comedian haha.. I wish to be like them too,, lol

First of all...😑

Jesus! This your mouth! Kai!!! Omoh... Dem fit come your house true true ooo...
And that part of the muted guy... Oh lowd! 🤣🤣 Zyzy why? Whyyyyy?!!!!
Kai! Nothing i will not see in this place! 😂

Who the hell is @amirthawesome1?

OMG!I meant @amirtheawesome1. I was clearly not seeing well 😄.