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Curangel Project

Hello Everyone! It is time for us to introduce the Curangel Project again for Hive Blockchain. For people who do not know what Curangel Project is all about this is a short introduction:

Curangel is a curation service, on the the Hive Blockchain, rewarding curators and delegators while benefiting the whole Hive community. The project is created by the long term witness pharesim.

Curangel's curation is a combination of the hard work of manual curators and distribution of the votes of delegated stake. 80% of the curation rewards are given to delegators and 20% to the individual curator.


The project is more than 7 months old and started on the Steem Blockchain, but now migrated to the Hive Blockchain, and will be operated on Hive only. The fundamental concept for this curation project can be expressed as follows:

  • A team of international Curators manually look for content across all time zones
  • Curangel is not community specific, and 'far and wide' has always been the fundamental ideology
  • Curangel votes at a full voting mana (doesn't mean 100% vote)
    • Vote fraction decided by the curator as per the merit of the post
    • Curators are trusted, but there is also an independent blacklist
  • Delegators get paid ~40% of their daily vote value in Hive, without having to manually vote
  • Delegators also can use a proportional downvote mana without having to reveal themselves

Why Curangel Attracts Me?

This bit, I like to write from my personal point of view, and I understand and appreciate that other's view can be different including that of @pharesim 's own. I was in hibernation mode for about 10 months in old steem system. The stale nature of the posts, bid-botted to trending was not something that I found appealing. When EIP was introduced, like many others, I felt hope to return for this 'social experiment'. As I returned I was looking for a curation project to properly utilize my stake. I found Curangel and @pharesim and we started talking and almost immediately became friends.

I will share a funny story: One day @pharesim and I was talking on discord regarding this and that and the topic of decentralization came up (this is long before the whole Justin Sun episode). I am always a bit skeptical about "decentralization"; I think in this space it is an over-used term and many people just say and use it for kicks. Without getting into details and controversy; Phare mentioned something that just hit me, he said:

"I decentralized my whole stake"


image source

What he meant by that was; we humans are attached to our assets/stake. We hate to loose control of it; like our Hive stake for example. What phare did, is he delegated almost 900K HP (back then, SP) of his personal stake to Curangel, and have a team of Curators to control it.

This seems to me an amazing idea. I tell you this is not easy to do. Even, I didn't do it for my whole stake, but at the time I did delegate about half my stake. Today my personal delegation to Curangel remain about 150K HP, and I plan on increasing it in near future.

Why Would You Want to Delegate to Curangel?


The Angel Wing by @m31

Apart from the good cause of supporting quality content, these could be the reasons:

  • empowering curators of Hive is the key to spreading the value
  • providing authors with exposure and motivation
  • getting a good return on your investment, passive daily income
  • use of the downvote tool to control abuse; if you prefer to use it

In addition to that both the Upvote and Downvote trails of Curangel can be followed in Hivevote (previously Steem Auto)


Above is my personal Hivevote page following "Curation Trail" of Curangel

If the concept appeals to you and you decide to delegate, please contact the team on Discord and delegate some HP to Curangel.



Nice work! Beautiful angel wing!
Angels are real! Seen one or two before! Haha.

Hehe, glad you like the wing! ^^

You know with all the strangeness happening in the world, I hope we have many angels looking out for us.

I think you are right! We would not be able to come through so many dicey situations without those angels’ kind help! I hope we will behave in such a way that we deserve their compassionate help in the future.

Have a nice day.

So the downvotes people want to use are guaranteed?

Not sure what you mean by "guaranteed".

Downvote can be selected by delegator. But it can't be based on any personal agenda. Admins monitor it. However, if it is legit, then it is done as follows:

Every 12 hours delegators can propose 3 posts with a minimum of 24 hours until payout. Every 12 hours half the combined free downvote mana of all delegators is used to downvote the proposed posts, weighted by the delegated stake of the proposing users.

Admins monitor it.

Thats what I mean. Actually looks like a great project because of that.

Thank you. I like it. People are cool and fun to work with.

Among many curation projects on Steem and or now in Hive, the project Curangel has been one of my go to project which, I have delegated my (Hive) stake to( will try to update it in the coming days)

I like the overall transparency and the way this team works. Hoping to see much more activity of Curangel in this chain.

Yeah, I like it too. Majority of my delegation is with Curangel.

Beautiful looking logo!

Are you only curating English content? I usually write in German and would like to see some big curators also visting more frequently decent German content.

I do not think Curangel have any language hurdle. @pharesim is German, last I checked :)

On the strength of your recommendation @azircon, I will try this - delegating to @curangel.

Thank you. Folks are fun and honest.

Curangel certainly makes a difference to authors when they are curated and that is great to keep people motivated and active. However I have seen occasions where curated posts probably wouldn't be called quality standard, and trust me those were an objective view of quality, not subjective! In addition, I notice a few curated post in the past were plagarised or recycle and wasn't picked up by the curator.

I'm not dissing Curangel because as I've said already,it is great that such a stron curation guild is around to support content creators. My two cents worth is just that it would be great for curators to be bit more diligent and not let the abusers slip through when there could be another more genuine hardworking author out there.

There are of course cases that slip through when it comes to plagiarism. It is greatly appreciated when community members spot them and bring them to our attention. These things happen not only with Curangel though.

When it comes to quality standards as it is hard to define what's a quality post, Curangel rules are perhaps not as strict as for some other groups. As long as curator has valued the post as original and providing some sort of value and are not plagiarism, they are fine. Since we are aiming for far and wide distribution and our vote is not yet astronomical it seems reasonable at the moment.

Pauline; I consider you as a friend of this social experiment. There are occasions where you have actively protected the best interest of this blockchain. So I will count on you in every case that you suspect such items that you mentioned you please bring it to our attention. I appreciate your help as always!

Sometimes impactful ideas do spring out from conversations and from there the whole world could change to sometime much better than it was before. I share in the mindset of phare - "I have decentralized my stake" -- his message just opened my eyes. I'm starting to have a rethink about the fundamentals of staking. Anyways it sucks not to be a whale or at the least a minnow as some impeding offline issue always keeps me on the powerdown all the time but if I was in this position I would toss in some delegation to aid this good cause. It's win win for all and this curangel project is altruistic and selfless to building a healthy ecosystem on hive.

I just bumbled across @curangel this morning while reading another post. It sounded like such a great project I delegated 300HP. This is not much I know, but my HP is limited right now, but if all goes well, I plan to delegate more in the future.

Thanks for such a great project. I am interested in curating as well, but could not find any information about becoming a curator for the project. Can you point me to more information?

The 'decentralization' term we are in absolute agreement on. Any community where those with the dough can call the shots is not genuinely decentralized.


Last paragraph of my post has a link to Curangel discord. You can click on that link and ask a question. Most off chain communication happens there. I am not sure if there is a open position for a curator available now, but you can always apply.

Thank you. I will try to drop in on Discord today.

Reading this a bit late.

Congrats on Curangel.

Joined the Discord.

Definitely looking forward to this!

Good luck. 💕