From Rotterdam to Almere | How Hive helped me through my entire journey when the war started breaking out | Part 1

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Hive has changed many people's lives, those who are aware of this topic, know what I am talking about. The entire Hive community helped to change many people's life. The amazing community did a lot more for me than I have ever imagined. It's been around 76 days since I left my home, my city Kharkiv, Ukraine, and I couldn't go back. These 76 days are a journey, a life journey that I will never forget in my life. Even I have never assembled so many experiences in life as I have collected in the past 76 days. Every day is a new day, full of challenges. I sometimes cry because I feel broken about losing everything but I guess now I am just releasing all of my anger and pain through tears.

I was able to create some amazing connections and bonding because of the Hive community and that helped me throughout my entire journey after the war broke out. I left my home with an insane level of pain and full of tears but I have got enormous support, love, and help from this beautiful and amazing community. There are a lot of stories to tell but I don't know when to write them. For now, I am just collecting pieces of memories from here and there and combining them into a story. Hopefully one day I will write a book explaining my journey.


I met some kind and amazing people from Hive when I crossed the border of Ukraine. I never thought about meeting Hive people like this, I mean in these circumstances but people came to meet me and gave me helping hands. This community is really big and the meet-up was really exciting and overwhelming when I met these people for the first time. But trust me, after meeting them I felt like I know them for my entire life.

Many of you might already from @blind-spot 's post that recently we have met @brittandjosie, who drove from Rotterdam to Almere just to meet us. I was connected with Brit for a long time because we did an interview video together before about "The Terminal community". Sometimes we used to check each other's Instagram profiles. We barely talked to each other, I guess the last time I talked to her was one year ago... So, I have never imagined that she will come here to meet me as she maintains a lot of privacy in her personal life.

When I first saw her in person, I couldn't believe she was standing in front of me with a beautiful smile. I felt like we are friends forever and I didn't feel uncomfortable talking with her at all. Normally, when I meet someone for the first time, I don't talk much because I can't open myself up in front of them. It takes time for me to get connected but with her, I attached easily.


Infront of Almere Centrum Station...


First, we went to a nice restaurant for coffee, Brit had decided to do breakfast and offered me food and coffee as well. Well, I already forgot the name of the food but the food was so delicious indeed. Brit gave me a lot of information about Holland and also, said that she will help me to settle down here. I don't know much about Holland so she said she will do everything for me. And guess what, she started doing everything for me when she arrived at Almere.


After our breakfast, we went to the bank to solve our issue and she helped me to get more information about Ukrainian refugees. We also talked about the job sector in the Netherlands, Doctor's appointments, and many more. She also made a grooming appointment for Gigi as well. We went to a pet store to buy food for Gigi. After 3 hours of spending time together, finally, it was time to say goodbye. She brought treats for Gigi and Gigi enjoyed those treats a lot. Brit promised that she will come back again and together we will go to Flevoland Expo 2022.

Oh, I forgot to mention, she helped me to get a free pass for the train to Amsterdam as well. because of her, I traveled to Amsterdam for free :D...


A few days passed and we stay connected. We share a lot of information with each other because about Holland, she knows better than I know about Holland.

But today she surprised me with a large package. She has sent a large box full of goodies for me and Gigi. I was really surprised when I saw the large box. I cried because I never thought that I would get so much love and support from the people. Brit is very generous and kind, for many she might be tough but trust me, she is really an amazing person in real life.

Nowadays it's very difficult to find a kind person who will do something for you without any return. I have found such people in life who opened their hearts to help me. In these 76 days, I have met amazing people who have done a lot for me...


When I opened the package, there was a thoughtful letter written by Britt. I almost cried while reading the letter, how sweet a person can be. She has taken care of my basic things and has shipped a lot of accessories for Gigi and for me. I have felt like she knew what exactly I need now. I was really touched by her love and the help.


She has sent clothes, a handbag, a water bottle, and some regular products for me; and for Gigi, she has sent food and pet accessories which I couldn't afford to buy for now. So, this was a big help for me.

I am really grateful that she took the time to meet me and managed to send all these generous products to me. I don't know how to thank her for her kindness and generosity...

Thanks, @brittandjosie for everything... I hope we will meet soon...

I haven't written about my Poland journey yet, I need to gather some energy for that story...

See you around...



I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer, and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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It was my pleasure and you deserve it. And as a dog mum you know I can’t pass the opportunity to take care of Gigi aswell. So enjoy all and thank god I bought the right size clothes. I will be back soon and yes we will go to the expo to. Thanks for the lovely blog and you are doing great under these circumstances

Gigi is enjoying her treats and her nails are done, I did it :P ... She is very happy and wagging her tail now... The clothes were perfect and I really loved them a lot...

I hope we will meet soon, thank you so much for everything...

Hi Priyan, lucky you landed in the Netherlands, a very beautiful land, I love it and the people are so helpful. I hope you and Gigi are feeling better now. So lovely to see you and @brittandjosie got together. This is indeed a nice news on Hive! Cheers my friend!

Gigi is so happy, she loved the food that Britt gave me... Also, Brit has sent me some great clothes too...

You are so super @brittandjosie... such a very nice person with a big heart.

She has really a big heart...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Gigi's face ... it's like she's saying hurry up and take my photo so I can have my treats! Enjoy your treats as well Pryan. You deserve it. ❤

Gigi was like, "open the box, why you are taking photos only, I can't wait anymore"... Hahaha... She is sometimes so impatience... Yes, Brit sent really nice goodies, they will help me a lot and will make things easier...

Glad you've got something to make you smile. X

Yea and I hope you are having a good day...

I just read that people were returning to Kharkov. Will you go at some time in the future ?

Keep well both of you :-)

I just read that people were returning to Kharkov. Will you go at some time in the future ?

Yes, I heard that too and I talked about it with my landlord as well. In the shelter where I am staying now, there are some Ukrainians from Kharkiv as well and we discussed this. We decided that when things will be safe and travel will be safe and easy, together we will go back. People who are in the west part of Ukraine are returning to the city but those who are far away from Ukraine like me, are waiting for safer travel because we don't have private cars or anything. So, I will go back when the war will officially end...

Brit is very generous and kind, for many she might be tough but trust me, she is really an amazing person in real life.

Usually I have seen tough people are very generous in heart and are amazing, they don't like to mingle easily, but once they like something, they will be dedicated.

@sanjeevm thank you so much for this great compliment because it’s definitely me !
Tough , and a hard nut to crack but yes I care

Well, I know, because I too belong to that category. Life always gave us hard choices making us where we are.

Exactly and she is like that... She is really different...

Brit is a cutie <3 Glad you met up and felt like friends immediately :D

Yes, it was a great meetup...

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Amazing to see how Hive can contribute to one's life in such a beautiful way. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey!

Yes, this is just a piece of the story, I also have more stories related to the hive to tell... Hive did a lot for me so far...

Looking forward to hearing them as well! So inspiring...

Yes, it was beyond my imagination...

Britt is an angel in disguise and I am so happy you have all connected. We have seen over and over again how Hive can make people's lives better and this is a wonderful example of that. !LUV and 🤗

Exactly and she did a lot more than I ever imagined. Honestly, I wasn't expecting any of this at all and I never thought she will come here to visit me... Really so kind of her...


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I am exposed now hahahhah I need a new suit

Hahahaha :D

Might as well get one with wings @brittandjosie

Or a cape @melinda010100 hahahahaha!

@tipu curate 💙🐶💛 🇺🇦 💛🐾💙

Thank you so much :)

You're welcome, Priyan!💙💛🇺🇦


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This is the kind of unexpected thing that restores faith in people when they come out of nowhere in the least expected manner @priyanarc!
@brittandjosie is one of the most giving and caring people on the planet.
But, most importantly, you and Blind have some things going for you now as she's taken you under her wing to help you get a start there.
Hope it all goes where both of you want it to, both you and @blind-spot.

Britt has now been exposed as the sweetheart she really is hahaha
In all honesty, we are so thankful for the help she is giving us both

I should have been the best kept secret here on hive ,
I was the one they don’t like !
Now they see o am nice , what’s next