Moms & Dads On Hive, Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Chess !

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Hello Moms And Dad all over the world.
Today I want to talk about some Reasons why your child should play Chess.
Chess is Arguably one of the smartest Board Game in the World and With me Learning chess when I was 11years old ,I have some things to say to how chess helped me and also how chess helped my relationship with family.


Chess Teaches Independence

Yes! Independence! When I was 12 I went for my first tournament several miles away from my parents and I didn't care at all. All that mattered was to win the competition, I trusted my safety Instinct ,I was confident and Above all Independent. It is a really Known fact today that kids wants independence but don't know how to handle it when it comes, Chess makes you Prepared!

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Chess Develops Memory

I tell parents of my chess kids most times that "how would you love your child to always remember every law and words you tell them?" and they always replied "Good or Awesome" Yes Chess helps to do that; Build Memory.

Chess Shows That The Reward For Hardwork is Success

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I failed in the u-14 National chess competitions in my country and felt really bad, but with chess I always knew if I worked hard, I will achieve great things. Two years later I was The u-16 National chess Champion in 2015, it took a while but yes I did it! HardWork = Success

It Makes Your Child Smarter

One of the smartest Game in the world!? Trust me, your child will be smart and sharp , filled with lot of ideas and ready to live in this world prepared.

If you play With Them As a Parent, It Improves your Relationship With Them

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I had a mother who didn't really know how to play chess that much, but with the little she knew, when we played I always loved it, most times I couldn't wait for the next session, it was a very interesting and those memories I hold dearly.

I hope this encourages you @motherhood and #Dads all over #Hive that Chess is really worth teaching your kids.

I'm a Professional Chess Player/Teacher.

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The Video Above shows My last session with my Chess kids;It is a 1min Video uploaded to @threespeak.

Please feel free to ask your question or leave your comment Below

Written by @Samostically


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Great note, my frens!

I'm glad you like it. Thanks as always.

That's correct! Parents, you better read this educative post!

Thanks for stopping by.😇

I don't know how to play chess, but I would love to learn, if I see who would teach me.

You can learn online, learn how each of the pieces moves and you can start your journey to mastery!

 7 months ago  

my dad taught me since I was little to play, he said it would help me on my studies and my mental activity but I just don't know never came to actually like playing, I think it was cause o felt force to play it more than cause I actually enjoy it so, right now even tho I do know the basic rules I wouldn't ve able to win a match against anyone.

So, I want to introduce the game to my kid when he is a little bit older (he is 3 right now) but let him play if he wants it only so that I don't cause him to hate the game.

Yes that's it exactly, when it was introduced to me, I didn't like it,I felt it would disturb my academics. But later without anybody enforcing it on me, I found myself learning and playing and then competing.

I love your feedback🤗, thanks for stopping by. Children should be given given free will and allowed to make their choices.

Nice and informative.
Parents pay attention.

Nice and informative post. Good on You.


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Chess is definitely a very strong game for intelligence and building of lots of benefits. I think one day when our son is older I’ll teach him how to play!

Great that you went to a competition at 12, that’s young but probably had a good impression on you!

I'm so glad to get this feedback from you, thanks a lot for stopping by. And it will be so nice for your son to play at some point!

Sammmmmm....You must teach me chess ooooo

Hehehehe okay ooo.

Thanks for stopping by

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That's great inspiration, thank you. My kids don't want to play against me anymore. Maybe I should do as if I made more mistakes? I love the idea that your mother played with you without much experience in tactics. I wonder whether this is a success factor for you becoming that chess eager. @tipu curate !invest_vote

Thanks as always...hahaha yes let them win a little 😄.And yes I've always loved chess since then.

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