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Hi, folks. How are you?

It's time to check out another great round with interesting Cinema posts to be read and commented on. Give them a chance and have fun.

This week's chosen ones are:

#01. [ENG/ESP] Fight Club, the fight against consumerism // Fight Club, la lucha en contra del consumismo by @syberia.

#02. The Brave One : A thriller you might have missed by @netflixr.

#03. Knives Out review - A crime story with some cool twists! by @unbiasedwriter.

#04. Retro Film Review: Down Periscope (1996) by @drax.

#05. La sociedad de los poetas muertos Reseña, Dead poets Society Review #4 by @schubertlover.

#06. 10 Worst Video Game Based Movies by @felip.

#07. Born on the Fourth of July - Movie Review! by @neiraurdaneta.

#08. Okja (Película): la relación del hombre con la naturaleza by @cristiancaicedo.

#09. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Movie Review by @smendel.

#10. Japan Sinks | Drama apocalíptico by @jauregui98.

I voted for each of the posts with my highest voting power at the moment I read them and I also made a transfer of 0.500 HIVE (from my own rewards) to all the chosen authors as a form of extra incentive for their good content.

Well... I know it is not a high value for many people, but what I intend to do with this project goes far beyond the money. Click on the posts above, read them, comment on them (strengthening interaction and engagement), give them upvotes... Anyway, just encourage the authors in any way you can (and want) because it will make all the difference for them.

So... This week, my work as a curator ends here. See you soon in the next weekly post.

See ya and stay safe, Hivers!


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Hello, thanks for the nomination, I am very happy.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo que nos das a los amantes del cine y de las buenas películas. Un abrazo.