HIVE & LeoFinance Will Thrive - You Ask Why?

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First of all, congratulations on a new all-time high for Bitcoin and also for the total crypto market cap! The pace at which crypto is growing and changing the world is simply astounding. And it feels even better if you are into crypto yourself. In my head, it feels right to be here, to participate in the biggest transfer of wealth that has ever happened. We've been given the chance to improve our lives for the better, the question is, will we take this chance?

But I'm not here for simple gains. I'm here because I believe that blockchain technology can be applied to solve real-life problems and also to remove restrictions that Web2 has. HIVE and LeoFinance are already doing their job. Anyone who's willing to take a chance can register on HIVE with no KYC requirements. You can be anonymous and still earn various hive-engine tokens for producing content.

If you're not ready to write your own articles, you can definitely read about the latest news in the crypto markets and leave your thoughtful feedback in the comment section. Comments are also monetized. Whenever someone likes the thoughts you left on a post, you will earn tokens for it. Reading LeoFinance articles is also a brilliant way to find out about the latest opportunities that are arising. If you were on Leo a year ago, you would not miss out on $0.5 RUNE and that's just one of many examples.

And here is why I think it's a pretty smart choice to come to HIVE, especially, LeoFinance. Not only do we have high-paying posts and comments, we also have knowledge that nobody else is sharing. At least not for free. The content here is mind-blowingly good!


Did I mention zero fees? Oh, yes, I did. It's another benefit of Hive blockchain.

All that matters is your voting power. The bigger it is, the bigger your outgoing vote is and therefore, the bigger your impact on other people's lives. If you're a newcomer, you can either earn your way up by writing posts and comments or buy Leo on hive-engine or another hive dex and then power up these tokens.

I have personally never bought into Leo tokens, although I could have and it would have been a wonderful investment.. All I have right now (a little over 2000 Leo Power), I earned with honest work on the platform. I wrote some articles and talked with other users, and every second of it was worth it.

I also have some liquidity on CUB defi where every single day, I'm farming CUB rewards. It's awesome and I feel that there is a lot of room for growth. Right now, CUB is 88,9% down from its all-time high. If we ever go near it again, those who are farming for months will be greatly rewarded.

Everything you need in one decentralized censorship-resistant place

  • Hive Dapps - a list of all HIVE decentralized applications (Dapps)
  • Hive - the original, basic front-end of Hive blockchain
  • PeakD - a beautifully designed front-end of Hive with multiple in-built tools and resources
  • Hive-engine - a DEX where you can trade all HIVE tokens there are
  • Ecency - Hive application with mobile and desktop versions with their own front-end and design
  • 3speak - an application for video content creators and soon with their own token
  • DTube - another Hive dapp for hosting and streaming video content
  • CTPtalk - Hive community focused on educating people on how to make money from people clicking on your links (CTP - click-track-profit)
  • Splinterlands - a play to earn card game that has made millionaires already
  • CryptoBrewMaster - a beer brewing play to earn game
  • dCrops - a play to earn farming game
  • HIVE Showromm - one of Hive's NFT marketplaces

As you can see, HIVE has many things under its skin. Starting from blogging and vlogging to playing games and creating NFT's. Hive users are growing, slowly but steadily. You probably know the saying - slowly and then suddenly, I think, it's the situation with Hive. At one point, a lot of people will want to fomo in. I choose to earn now!

Thank you for reading and have an awesome day/night ahead!

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Fast and feeless is the best reason to be on HIVE. It's too bad about CUB but I think the Polygon IDO will be good for the price action.

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In my head, it feels right to be here, to participate in the biggest transfer of wealth that has ever happened.

Same thoughts on my mind too

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No power down of my HP though I plan to stop staking few tokens when I reached their goals.

I am very sure Hive has given "full time job opportunity" to many and will continue to do so in future in their own terms.

The content here is mind-blowingly good!


The 'quality' is abysmal, increasingly boring and 'navel gazing''s getting more cult like by the day.
Brain dead sycophancy will get you rewarded on Hive - greatly !
Critical thinking, logic, (and humor) will see your account attacked.
...any anti establishment material (like the covid psi-op) are down voted by large accounts (stakeholders) so that the creators do not earn for their work.

Questioning the DPoS Hive narrative, will get you down voted to oblivion.

' It's only when you fear what other people have to say, that you try to rip their tongues out '...
Only weak structures with things to hide feel threatened by open discourse.

A fuller response here:

The structured rebuttal, and sheer strength of intellectual process that's gone into your reply, pretty much tells the world everything concerning the large stakeholders and their elitist mindsets.....but you don't think it matters, or that it's even a problem ?
...cleverrrr....verrrrrrry clever....

I'd recommend researching the fall of Rome (or the byzantine/spanish/arab/british empires)... or is history and how economic systems collapse, bullshit to?'s always the same, no matter the scale, and no matter the technology.

....awaits for childish downvote repsonses in a hissy's laughable...and the crypto world IS watching this play out, I can assure you.

It's getting embarrassing.

@trostparadox.pob - I thought I'd tag you to bring your notice to all the downvoting going on-again- on my account.
As a man of integrity (which I perceive you as being), would you really want a layer 2 on a layer 1 that's so fundamentally 'evil'...feeding the beast , and not starving it?

Blurt is waiting for improvements...You seem just like the kind of guy whose is able to add to it!

I thought I'd tag you to bring your notice to all the downvoting going on-again- on my account.

I have become convinced that there is no way to defeat downvote abuse within the system itself. That means Layer 1 DVs cannot be stopped by any form of 'community action' other than an all-out DV war between whales, which I don't see happening.

That leaves us with focusing on Layer 2 solutions, which is exactly what I am working on. Just had a good convo with Hive-Engine folks today and I am excited about bringing some much-needed fresh air in the very near future.

would you really want a layer 2 on a layer 1 that's so fundamentally 'evil'...feeding the beast , and not starving it?

I am not at all convinced that Layer 1 is "fundamentally 'evil'."

My students just finished this week studying artificial intelligence and discussing whether we should fear technology, especially AI and smart machines. As I shared with them this morning, technology tends to not only increase productivity, it also increases mankind's ability to do good and also to do evil.

My advice to my students was, don't fear the technology, but be wary of mankind's propensity to do evil and the ways that technology can enhance that.

Although I concede that there might be some technologies out there that are inherently 'evil' in and of themselves, Hive's Layer 1 is not one of them. Hive is a tool that can be used for good and can be used for evil.

Blurt is waiting for improvements...You seem just like the kind of guy whose is able to add to it!

I am not ready to give up on Hive. After I launch my upcoming Layer 2 solution, then we'll see. If it is hugely successful, then that will confirm my belief that there are a lot of folks yearning for something different from the status quo. However, if it crashes and burns or just fizzles, then that might be a signal that I'm in the wrong place. For the moment, though, I sincerely believe I am right where I need to be and doing what I need to be doing.

I don't see technology as evil in the slightest.

I see the higher echelons of large hive stakeholders as 'evil'.

Evil = using power to silence opinion.
Evil = Using power to control others.
Evil = Having power, and then standing by and watching oppression take place - without doing anything about it. (i.e...spineless cowards).
Evil = Gas lighting.
Evil = collectivist/authoritarian/technocratic mindsets.

You might not agree with how the military industrial complex works - but if you head off to work at ratheon every day and collect a paycheck off them - you're feeding the beast still.

If you leave ratheon, you starve the beast of your labor/talent.

For the moment, though, I sincerely believe I am right where I need to be and doing what I need to be doing.

Ok, fair enough.
I sincerely think that you're incorrect, personally.
(See how we can disagree without downvoting ?) lol

I don't see technology as evil in the slightest.

Okay, I misinterpreted what you were saying.

Part of our disagreement may be mostly semantic. I almost never use the term 'evil' to describe other human beings. There is genuine evil in the world, and there are genuinely evil people in the world. But most of the people who do bad things are (imho) deceived (by the 'evil one') and misguided, more so than being outright 'evil' in and of themselves.

The term "evil" in my mind is reserved for heinous actions like abusing children and killing babies.

I personally don't "see the higher echelons of large hive stakeholders as 'evil'."

There are a few who are sociopathic to the point of likely deserving the 'evil' label, but only a scant few (again, according to my definition of 'evil', which is likely different from yours).

So, when it comes to your list of "EVIL = " statements, I agree that those actions are 'bad', but they don't rise to my definition of 'evil'.