Metal verification the old fashion way/Reblog lottery

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Metal verification the old fashion way


In this post I share an old fashion metal verification method.
It's the Archimedes' water displacement method.

If you are not familiar with Archimedes and the discovery of his method you can read about it below provided with AI

Archimedes, a brilliant Greek mathematician, was asked by the king of Syracuse to determine if a golden crown was pure gold or if it contained other metals. Archimedes had a breakthrough while taking a bath and noticed that the volume of water displaced was equal to the volume of his submerged body. He devised an experiment where he measured the water displaced by the crown and compared it to the volume of pure gold. By using this principle of water displacement, Archimedes proved that the crown was impure, as it contained silver. His clever experiment showcased his ingenuity and problem-solving skills, while also demonstrating the importance of critical thinking and experimentation.


Humble begging 🤣
I started out with this super ghetto rigged setup it did the trick but was a hassle to set up and use also could only test really small items.

I decided to to make something a little better, below is my first design.


I ended up scrapping that design and making something a bit better.

I am pretty happy with my latest design but I will likely make an even better version.


Here we have a coin we will test.


The coins specifications right below


Below is a table with some relevant densities

Screenshot_20230220_190613_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

And now time for some simple math we take 24.97 G and we divide it by 2.20 G ( the displacement weight, and we get a value of 10.35 right on the money!

You may be wondering why there is a need for such a rig can't you just put the coin in the water ... and the answer is no
the coin must be suspended in the water as we want to get the weight of the displacement we use this along with it's weight out of water to get the relative density.

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Great post! It's a good way to test known coins without expensive equipment. Also, thanks for including me in the re-blog drawing! 😁

Well you reblogged the post so that's an automatic entry the rest was up to lady luck 🤣, yeah it a great test for coins and bars but unfortunately I was hoping to use it for jewelry but it's not that simple some pieces have many cavities that can trap air in messing with the numbers

Yeah, jewelery is hard because it almost always involves removing material to test it with a machine or chemicals

For the most part unless you got a XRF you can't be totally sure, I got a sigma metalytics verifier it's not really meant for jewelry but it sometimes works and recently got the Kee gold tester it seems ok and was not too expensive will slowly start buying jewelry for spot from private sellers and testing with XRF at some shop to insure I don't get reckt too hard

Yeah, the Sigma is even iffy on jewelry. I got my Sterling bracelet to register as 90% gold just by holding it closely to the small wand sensor. 😆

I got some experience with that, clad Kennedy half's pass the gold test 🤣

Of course they do 🤦‍♂️

What CAD do you use for the printer? Also, being fellow nerd... cool project

A few fusion 360 and tinker cad it's online based and it's not very powerful but can learn how to use it in less than 5 minutes

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Going back to basic science, I love it! Great setup and it worked!