Guys guys guys: four airdrops = 4 airdrops

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Crypto twitter makes me laugh.

While everyone is getting bored and even fearful that BTC is trading sideways, I'm about to get four airdrops based off my favorite bags.

Say Hwat?


Uh, okay... so... that's insane...

Who is this legend?

Now Dan isn't the kind of guy that does things "just because". Why on Earth would he schedule both of these airdrops AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Isn't that bad? Isn't that going to make Hive even more volatile? Isn't that going to make the pump and dump twice as aggressive?


And he knows it...

And he's doing it anyway!

Why though?

Why would you purposefully destabilize your favorite network... unless...


lol no fucking way...

Are you serious right now?

To recap:

  • We are getting a second airdrop based on Hive (Jan 6?)
  • This will pump Hive pretty hard.
  • The Korean community is responsible for the liquidity surrounding most pumps.
  • The Korean community loves competitive video games.
    • Like: fucking loves them.
      • Starcraft is the #1 sport in Korea (RTS & MOBA)
  • One of these airdrops is a PVP game...
  • Hints about buying a massive dip...

If you can't piece this one together...

I'm not going to spell it out, but lets just say if any of my bags moon before Hive moons I'm FOMOing back into Hive like crazy person. This is getting out of control.


The PolyCUB launch is right around the corner, and that's going to be the first "slow burn" airdrop I've ever participated in. This one will be distributed over 60 days, which is pretty crazy considering how the timelines add up.

Then on top of all that other madness, we'll get the project Blank airdrop in however many months as well. This one is based on LEO, so LEO will basically get a double pump: once from being listed on Polygon as pLEO, then again for the Blank airdrop... wow... wow wow wow.

To recap again:

  • Hive, LEO, and CUB are about to be pumped 2 times each.
    • Hive twice with 2 airdrops on the same day and a hint of whales telling everyone to buy the dip.
    • LEO twice with an airdrop and a huge LP farm listing on a new network.
    • CUB twice with a slow-burn airdrop combined with at least 1 IDO.
  • This doesn't even count fundamental developments like HAF and Splinterlands.

Wow this deck is fucking stacked.

I used to think the price of Bitcoin mattered... like a lot, but now I see that even if BTC crashed to $40k from here, my Hive/LEO/CUB bags are pretty much going to moon no matter what. Like... we've basically just been oversold for so long and made so many unnoticed fundamental development that the only thing number can do is go up at this point.

Don't forget, LEO is an EXTREME microcap. Less than $2.5M. So easy to pump; not even funny. It also has massive liquidity so if even a single whale decides to make a splash they can throw down a lot of money and not be too worried about slippage.

Leo did a post talking about how many developments were coming into play. They are going to have 20 employees in no time... lol twenty. How many did Steemit Inc have again? And they held a controlling stake premine. Insane really.

They've done great work on their Android and iPhone apps. They continue configuring lightning frontends and LeoInfra. They are automating tasks and lowering overhead costs. They are branching out to new networks with huge liquidity pools. All the good stuff.


It is impossible to be bearish on this ecosystem right now. At this point it doesn't matter what Bitcoin does. Hive has already proven multiple times that it is not tethered to the market anymore. This is our game to lose now at this point. I don't see any competition. Do you?

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Have fun getting rich buddy

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If I get rich everyone gets rich.

Oh, I'm going to be getting rich as well. It's just impolite to admit it. lol

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I'll let it slide this time.
Don't let it happen again.
kk thx

Tell that to offline Joe in two years.

The PolyCUB launch is right around the corner

That's a daaaaaaamn long corner I have to say :D

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Do not turn back young folks.
Claim your freedom!

Wow, good find. Didn't know Dan is making a game also. I guess he's kept it secret.

And you forgot another airdrop - the one Blocktrades will be doing for the second-layer smart contracts platform he's building. Lots to look forward to there as well.

This is actually the best recap explanation because few hours ago I was trying to explain to a friend about the spk airdrop. I see us getting rich rich soon

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Time to sell the ole plasma to get some more HIVE.

By the way, there is a @splinterlands airdrop ongoing now.

A lot happening on Hive.

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lol right the SPS airdrop.
I'm slightly in on that as well.

And there was (and will be again) the VOUCHER airdrop too, also from Splinterlands. Crazy times to be on Hive!

No lie, that's literally what I'm doing right now. Bleeding for Hive, lol.

Great work @edicted! Thank you for sharing this awesome news and your perspective on HIVE! I've only been here for a few months and have already compounded the f**K out of my bag just hanging out, buying, staking and reading awesome posts like this! Currently filling bag with more LEO, and buying the HIVE dip like craaazzyyy!!! I FOUND ALPHA HERE!!!

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Same situation. I sold a chunk at $1.2 in the last pump. Will be FOMOing back in when the other bags pump; but they are not keeping up lol. Hmm... at least I kept the moon fund.

I should translate this to german maybe, very interesting summery.

Ich würde dir helfen, wenn du magst.

Das klingt gut!

Haste Discord?

Twitter shut down @theycallmedan's old account and haven’t figured out that he simply set up a new one with a slightly different name?

Shit I forgot to answer this.

You never looked at his "original" profile did you?


Twitter actually gave him the account back!

His tag always ended in an underscore.

Wow crazy I didn't realize they banned him for exactly 365 days.

August 31, 2020 to August 30, 2021

Bloody hell, I want to get fiat into the system but Binance is not taking my debit card. If someone could come up with a way to buy Hive with funny money they would be crowned a Diety.

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Here in Nigeria, we could use the p2p.
I'm not sure if it is applicable in your country.
All the best tho

Thanks for that. I must look into it.

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You should.
Find out if Binance supports that in your country.
It is basically person to person transaction.
Banks were banned. Over here so people resorted to that

where are you based?

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I am based in Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly I Just heard on the Radio that there was a company with some Crypto ATMs around the city. Must check that out.

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Literally no comptetion. Bitcoin's price doesn't matter at all. The only things that matter are Hive and NFTs at this point.

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Always good to get into ideas with uncorrelated returns

Another game?, we have like 10 in our ecosystem now? and some others in development including Dan's?. Hive is going to skyrocket at any moment.

I pretty much had the same thoughts, which is why I heavily stock up on LEO. Just crossed 40k. This pLEO pool is going to be fun.


HIVE is a field of unlimited possibilities.

Is there something we need to do to enter these lovely drops?

Own some fuken hive tokens

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Allright, that won’t be a problem 😉

hold Hive and/or LEO and/or CUB

HP only or also liquid? What about delegated Hive or LEO? Who get´s the airdrop?

fairly sure everyone gets the airdrop

doesn't matter if it's locked or unlocked or delegated.

This is a good news, hive is developing so fast and I'm very happy to be part of this...

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Gotta love getting rich. Bring it on!! #crypto

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Crazy stuff man, looking forward to the insanity! My 19k is looking a little slim compared to some others now :D wonder how much hive I can get from selling some stuff..

Just like going to the gym, this is a competition against yourself.
19k could be quite a bit considering your individual circumstances.
I personally didn't think I was going to become a dolphin without doing something crazy like building my own dapp first. Now I'm almost half way to a whale.

Very true! I guess I’m just always trying to attain more. I’m not gonna lie you inspired me to do a few things on here, I appreciate that!

If the price does moon we all win!

Wow, exciting! I hope there are more details released of this game soon, but from those crumbs I'm hyped already!

Right now Hive is 1.35 usd!!! Some big whale read your post!!!

I agree, fun times ahead.

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Crazy to imagine there's so much free money on offer...I'll forever be grateful I found Hive

Thank you for the recap of the upcoming aidrops in the HIVE ecosystem.

Tu da Moon!

Can't wait and thanks for the update boss

Simply amazing

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wow this is huge :))

What is the leo airdrop exactly? ProjectBlank?

@tipu curate

It's pretty awesome and I expect that it's only the start there's a lot of new development happening on Hive and its communities.

I saw you said LEO twice with an airdrop and a huge LP farm listing on a new network.
I didn't know LEO was getting a airdrop or alone 2?

the exchange listing will be pLEO LP on PolyCUB
the airdrop is Project Blank

ah ok cool I thought maybe I was missing something else. Can't wait for some Poly!!!

All I can say is thank goodness for the Korean community ! :-)

So many airdrops. Now I am starting to wonder if the Project Blank airdrop will also consider any bLEO/BNB LP positions or not.

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Looks like every hive holder becomes rich now :)

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This is really awesome

When SPK airdrop is going to take place?
Can I have a link to any airdrop details post?

Now i'm seriously debating if i should sell my cake token and go all powered up in hive right now

These airdrops combined with the crypto bullrun will be incredible.
I hope it's not just for HP because having only HP in a bullrun is kind of meh

This airdrops to Hive stackers are meant for Liquid Hive or Hive Power? Bc I own mostly on HP...
Ty in advance

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Man.... How did I miss this post..

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Let BTC rot, what we have in Hive is much more valuable.

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This is major news! I wonder if the pump is caused by the announcement, or it is a sane natural move, that I've been expecting for the past years.

Nevertheless, we live in interesting times, with a lot of changes.

Some !PIZZA and !BEER for you!

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When was the first SPK snapshot?

@theabsolute, sorry! You need more $LUV to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 10.0 LUV LUV in your liquid wallet.

More LUV is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

That's awesome. Now I'm not sure if I should hodl Hive or buy a Hive punk haha

Well I bought a Hive Punk. Now comes the hodl

I don't think that hive will go that much down now. With this speed $2 hive is not far away

Don't forget there's an airdrop for the smart contract layer 2 being developed by blocktrades. This is later though.

I am glad to be part of the party!
Lets gooo!

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Hey @edicted, here is a little bit of BEER from @solymi for you. Enjoy it!

Did you know that you can use BEER at dCity game to **buy dCity NFT cards** to rule the world.

Love the optimism and positivity as it is much needed at this time haha. Honestly, I really hope you are right as it seems reasonable and logical. :)

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Possibly my favorite meme of all time to describe the crypto market. As time has shown in the long run, dips look like nothing when we zoom out to the big picture.

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ist das geil :D

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