Splinterlands - Beginner's Guide - My Most Frequently Used Cards - And Why!

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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will take a look at my most used cards. We will discuss what makes me play them so often and why I think that these cards should not be missed in every deck. Furthermore, I will talk you trough the strategy for every card that I like to use in the Gold League. With that being said, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:

Djinn Oshannus

First card is probably one of the most overpowered one in the whole game: Djinn Oshannus is probably the most hated and loved card at the same time. If you are playing him on your team, you will love him but if he is on your enemies team, you will definitely curse him. But what makes him so strong?

Well, let’s take a look at his face stats first. Already at level one he has 2 magic attack, 5 speed and 10 health! This is incredible for a 8 mana cost card. With Kelya, the water summoner, he will get an additional speed which makes him very hard to hit with every day melee and ranged cards. On top of that he gets one armor which means that the first hit he will get is basically for free.

These kind of monsters are usually beaten by other magic monsters. But wait! The Djinn also has a special ability and it is Void! This means that every Magic attack gets reduced that is targeting him. If this is not enough wait until you get him to the second level! Here, he is receiving and additional Phase Ability that allows him to dodge Magic attacks as well.

With this being said, this card is just insane in every league. Obviously it comes at a great cost of 8 mana, but to be honest, almost every ruleset game above 12 mana is able to play this card. Yes you will only have one monster in this case but it is one of the most powerful ones in the game. In my case, I like to use this card every time if I know that my opponent likes to play a Magic centered team. With this choice, I will easily counter his strategy and will reduce a lot of his magic damage. On top of that I will likely use cards with Opportunity or Sneak ability in order to delete his team from the back and come out on top!


Tenyii Striker

Speaking of Sneak attackers, we need to talk about Tenyii Striker. In one of my latest articles, I explained how powerful this card is and showed some example battles of it. Feel free to visit this article as well! 😊

In general, the whole Fire Element is very effective when it comes to Melee and especially Sneak attackers. Because the Fire Summoner, Tarsa, grants us additional melee attack and gives us more health, these cards have perfect synergy. What makes this card especially powerful is that it is very balanced. With 2 attack, 6 health and 2 speed, this card can be used as a tank as well as any other position on the field. This is probably the number one reason I use it so frequently, there is just no reason not to!

When you manage to level this card, it will only get stronger. Its attack as well as speed increases level for level and at stage 7 it gains the additional ability of Strike Back. Combined with the Dodge Ability that it gets on the fourth level, the card can be used as kind od Dodging tank that strikes back every time the opponent misses this target. I think it is a very cool strategy to play with!


Queen Mycelia

Next up we have something completely different. Queen Mycelia is for me one of the best, if not the best, support unit in the game currently. Wit a cost of 4 mana this legendary Earth card is fairly cheap compared to other great cards in the game. The face stats of this card are kind of disappointing: Only one mana attack, one speed and 4 health are not stats that I would expect from a legendary card in the higher price segment.

Like I said, this card is a support card and its main value comes from its ability: Protect. This card grants us an additional 2 armor on every monster. And with each level, it gets another cool ability. On the final stage, this card has an additional Amplify, Rust and Triage Ability which makes it a literal allrounder. Let’s not forget that this card is still able to attack with on magic damage, which gets bumped up to two by the earth Summoner Obsidian. Like we all know, 2 Magic damage are more than none which gives us additional paths on strategy.

For me, I like to use this card in combination with other magic cards. Because magic attackers tend to have low health, this card is perfect to protect our team against Sneak Attackers and easy hits. Furthermore, I like to protect this support card with a heavy tank so that we can make the most out its protect ability! Another very nice use-case is the Earthquake ruleset. Because of the extra armor, we basically get a free round of Earthquake damage, while the opponent has to suffer through the earthquake losses.


Time Mage

Last but not least we have another Support card that can influence a whole course of a battle. I am talking of none other than the Time Mage. Why do I use this card so frequently? Not only does it only cost 4 mana, it is also a magic attacker and has one of the best abilities in the game! Many people are overseeing one of the most important stats in the game: Speed. With the Slow Ability we are able to slow down our opponent by one Speed-Point. While this does not look much in the beginning you will quickly realize that this advantage is huge!

Why wouldn’t you attack first every time? Having the Speed advantage let’s your monsters attack quicker than your opponent’s. this means that when it comes to the end of a battle, your monsters will more likely have the first hit which also means that you will probably win the game. You will see this advantage in rulesets like Explosion, Earthquake or Poison. Especially in the first one, it is always an advantage to go first in order to have the chance of eliminating an opponent’s monster that did not attack yet.

Looking at the face-stats this card is also very quick by itself, which almost always guarantees you the first attack. On top of that, you can scale its Magic attack and speed fairly quickly. On level 5 it even gets the rust ability which is another bonus if you are attacking first. Because you are reducing the armor of all enemies, all your other melee monsters will have pretty much clear path towards your enemies monster’s health!


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