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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will talk about my last season’s rewards Gold 1 rewards! It was the first time I was able to achieve this milestone and this was all due to a specific pull that I was able to receive from the Gladius packs. With that being said, we will also talk about my progress and strategy with keeping up in these higher leagues and what I think of the current market situation. Furthermore, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:


Season Rewards – Gold I Finish!

Yes, we finally were able to proceed a few Gold Leagues upwards! While the past view season were all finished in Gold 3 we finally were able to finish in the Gold 1 Division. To be honest, the rewards did not change too much, but the difficulty of opponents raised without a doubt. Why we were able to finish the season in this particular spot, I will explain a little bit down the road. For now let’s quickly focus on the actual season rewards!

Bild1.png Bild2.png

As you can see my seasonal and daily rewards totaled 49 Gold chests. I am very happy with this amount but I know that if I would find a bit more time and play a bit more concentrated I would be able to generate more of these Chests. Anyways, the result of what was in them is pretty alright I would say. I would never say no to a rewards card, and there were pretty plenty of them this time around! Furthermore, we were able to pick up a good amount of Merits which allowed us to buy another Gladius pack.

Additionally, we were able to pick up a Chaos Legion Pack. I think I am not the only one who really enjoys opening packs. I mostly use to sell the insides as it is generating myself a good amount to reinvest into summoners. Of course I could also just sell the pack and use the generated funds of the pack to buy summoners, but this would definitely be less fun in general. And let’s face it! Splinterlands should be a game and fun and should, especially right now, not be seen as an investment opportunity. Nevertheless, we were able to pick up a Forgotten One which is pretty sick considering, I am looking to expand my Fire Splinter next!


Milestone 100k CP!

Now let’s talk about the amazing thing that happened during this season! I was finally able to join a guild and thanks to them I was also able to finally open my first few Gladius packs. My very first one was absolutely astonishing! As you can see down below, I was able to pull a golden legendary which immediately boosted up my CP to 100k. With this pack alone, I was able to achieve my next milestone. It kind of feels like cheating but the luck was finally on our side! Granted, I will not be able to sell this card, but this also means that we do not need to keep too much attention to the CP and can finally only buy high quality cards that will also gain in value over the time.


Progress For Summoners And Next Steps!

With this being said, let’s take a look at my current progress of summoners. Like mentioned in previous articles of mine, I am currently selling some of my cards as well as trading in some SPS in order to grow and improve my deck. The first step here is to level up my Earth and Fire summoner to at least level 5. With Obsidian I am happy about my progress. I am one card away to level the summoner up to level 4! With Tarsa I am a little bit behind. But I am looking to start buying up some Tarsas as quickly as possible.

I think these purchases are not only smart in-game wise and will definitely help me climb the divisions. I think these purchase will also make sense once the Chaos Legion Packs are out of the shop. They will become very scarce and with the current development of the game I am not concerned that the amount of new players will shrink any time soon. Furthermore, we are currently in a bear market, probably a recession. The hype for these kind of projects is relatively low.

Bild5.png Bild6.png

On the other side, once the bull market keeps hitting again, these purchases will definitely gain in value and will be perfect investments in the future. The main thing right now is to consider these cards as game cards and not as investments. If you are searching solely for money, than this game is not for you! I encourage anybody who wants to play this game and dive into the different strategy battles to join this game under the referral link at the top of the article. I am also trying to post weekly Guides and Battles in order to show people that it is not impossible to win battles even if you are starting off and are a noob like me! With that being said, enjoy the rest of the week!

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