Splinterlands Beginner's Guide - New Upcoming Summoners!

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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will take a look at the upcoming Riftwatchers summoners. I am very excited as they will bring already existing Abilities but apply them to all your monsters. With this extension there will be again much more opportunities to develop new strategies and maybe even find the next unbreakable combination! With that being said, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:


The first summoner is an epic Earth summoner. In fact, all of these summoners will be epic which is why I wanted to mention it straight away. With Fernheart we are getting a very interesting summoner in my opinion. He is allowing us to increase the health of our minions and gives every minion the Close Range Ability. This allows all of our Ranged attackers to attack from the first position.


In general, I think this ability is pretty cool and takes us away from the only magic playable Earth Splinter. To be honest, I do think that the Earth Splinter lacks really amazing Ranged Cards though. It has some pretty cool ones, for example Hunter Jarx and the Goblin Tower but it is difficult to fill a whole board with just Ranged attackers. Nevertheless, it gives us more opportunities especially when Melee cards are banned! All in all I would give this summoner a sold 3 out of 5.

Bild2.png Bild3.png


Next up is Dallan, the Death Summoner. For just 4 mana we are getting a very special ability: Cripple. With this Ability all of our monsters will reduce the maximum amount of health of the target. I never really utilized this ability in my battles, at least not knowingly. But I think this Ability can be a very powerful tool against big tanks with a lot of health and Healers in the back line. If you are able to focus all of your attacks on the tank you can make sure to make the Healing effect as small as possible.

I would suggest that this summoner goes with every attacker in the Death Splinter. Because there are a lot of possibilities to target the front row, there are really not favorites for this I would say. What is another very interesting use case is probably the Equalizer ruleset. Whenever everyone has a lot of health it is definitely advised to use cripple as the potential healable health is getting reduced hit by hit! All in all I would give this summoner a 2 out of 5, but the design is really cool!



Next on our list is the Water Summoner Aquatus and his Ability of Backfire! I think it is a very cool ability to have with very fast cards. Why? Because every time the opponent misses a monster with this ability it will get 2 damage as a Backfire damage. As we all know, the higher the speed the higher the chance of Dodge an attack. This means that we are not getting the advantage of attacking first but also a chance to deal some more damage. This ability is especially effective with monsters that already have the Dodge or Flying ability which makes this Summoner even more interesting!


A great combination would be surely with the Serpent of Eld, especially if we can have some support monsters that are keeping this monster alive. But also the Djinn Oshannus is a good shot, with a bas speed of 5 this card is already faster than many others of his peers and therefore a good opportunity for extra damage. On top of that, he gets the Phase ability in the second level which makes him even resistant against potential magic attacks! All in all a very cool summoner with great potential, which is why I am giving him a 4 out of 5!

Bild6.png Bild7.png


Next up is Skargore, the Fire Summoner. In my opinion a very strong summoner and very nicely combinable with the Fire Splinter. With its Enrage Abiltiy it is basically encouraging you to play tanks with high Health points and a good amount of attack. Why? Because when a card with the Enrage Ability gets damaged, its stats are climbing up. This means this card will deal more damage and will be faster!


This is why I think cards like Tusk the Wide (who is looking like the older brother of Skargore, by the way) will be a great choice, since he has enough health to counter the potential damage dealt to him. Another great shout would be the Minotaur or Grum. All of these cards are relatively slow, but will get faster and stronger once damaged. Of course they will not survive for ever as every tanks destiny is to die at some point but we can significantly increase our potential damage to our opponent! I think a very solid but pretty one dimensional summoner which is why a 3 out of 5 is what I am going for again.

Bild9.png Bild10.png


Coming to the backend of the new summoners we arrive at the Life Splinter and probably the coolest name from these 6 new summoners: Ilthain. His Ability is to increase the speed and give every monster the Return Fire Ability. This card is extremely powerful against Ranged attackers. So basically a good counter against General Sloan, another Life Splinter. I think because not many people are currently using Ranged attackers, this card will be the least used. I also think that this is the reason why the developers gave this card an extra speed buff.

I think that this card combined with the Time Mage can give us a great advantage in terms of speed. Combined with some Flying monsters or double strikers we can make the best out of this card. There are certainly potential combinations out there. Nevertheless, I think that this card will be used not very often, but I am more than willing to give this card a try! For me a 2 out of 5.



Last but not least we have the dragon summoner Sthispa and its Phase Ability. I don’t know what to think of this card. On the one hand, I think that the dragon Splinter has some very powerful cards which this card can allow us to play. On the other hand, this card is only good against Magic attackers and therefore not always very usable. I do think that this card will find a lot of users once figured out the whole potential.

As for now, I think that just because it is a Dragon summoner, there is enough relevancy to use this card. With cards like Chaos Dragon or Void Dragon, this card is very much valid to use even though we would fight only against Melee attackers. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5


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