¨PredictTheFuture Challenge¨ - Returning from the future year 2067

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A few days ago our friend @daltono made us an invitation to participate in a fun contest, the theme is something that you will not be able to reject, since it is about predicting what the future will be like inside 46 years old; Who has not thought about how our life will be in the year 2067. You will undoubtedly be interested in participating, to do so see here:  the conditions of the contest

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I am an optimistic person who loves nature, I love visiting places where nature predominates. People know our body, we know when something is not right or when we lack energy; When that happens, I visit a farm that is close to home. Visiting that place will reform me, it renews my energies, every time I visit it I return renewed. On many occasions while I was there, I began to think that by passing through the entrance gate I am entering another dimension, I want to think that these wide natural trails lead to the future; So it was that in one of those visits decide to go further, reaching the year 2067, you cannot imagine what I saw

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That day without realizing it I went deeper into the forest, the further I advanced I could perceive a different air, it was clean, it did not smell of anything, only the green of nature, at the end of the trail I found a different neighborhood, it was not how it used to be, the low houses that I used to see were no longer there, now in the place there were large buildings of futuristic constructions, there I knew that I had reached the future, which many times had thought, it was happening

Things looked different, luckily people reconsidered and took control of the "care" of the "environment", with a lot of effort and dedication they were able to reverse the damage we had done. to the "mother" "earth" for many years; For this people had to change bad consumption habits; The first thing to be eradicated were all those products derived from "oil"; No more ¨nafta¨, the vehicles slid based on ¨biofuels¨, goodbye plastic bags, the new bags were built with raw plant material, you could see clean seas and oceans, without any risk to fish; The crops were organic, no chemicals that could affect the "earth" or the "fruit" of the plant, with this change in diet people no longer had diseases such as cancer or obesity, living a healthy life

I visited a business to buy a souvenir, when they saw that I wanted to pay with dollars, everyone present came to take a picture of my bill of u $ s 100 dollars, many years ago they left if it existed, now everything was paid with virtual currency, there I remembered that I had my ¨bitcoin¨ account, but it was obsolete, now the popular currency was ¨Leo¨, businesses only accepted this means of payment; Apparently everything I knew had changed, ¨Facebook¨ was no longer the leader in social networks, now everyone spoke and communicated through ¨Hive¨

I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how old I had grown, but what caught my attention was the vitality I had for being 98 years old, and that was due to the healthy diet with which I I was feeding. At that moment I had the need to know all the changes that had happened in the world

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Peace reigned in the world, changes in consumption made a difference; No more wars for "oil", no more disputes over land with precious metals, no more "wars" holy, now everyone respected each other's beliefs; The world was ruled by people with principles, dishonesty and corruption had disappeared, making a better world for everyone

The great social gaps had changed, homelessness had disappeared, and the traditional middle class re-emerged; The word and a handshake was more than enough to close a business deal, the business was beneficial for both parties, based on honesty, principles and without consequences for third parties

Recovering social classes had a positive impact on insecurity, drugs were eradicated from the streets, dangerous cartels ran out of business, resulting in less corrupt police, racism ceased to exist. As you can read, many positive changes are yet to come, but for them to come, the change must start from us.


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This was some damn fine writing Mr. @jlufer. Positivity exudes from your written vision. I very much enjoyed how you took us on a time traveling walk through the forest. I truly wish with all of my being that every single one of these positive changes occur by the year 2067.

By the way you look great with grey hair. I think you had a clever idea using the Face App to advance your aging. Cheers to a healthy and prosperous future.

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hello dear friend @daltono good afternoon
Thank you very much for your kind invitation.
very happy that my writing has been to your liking, I really appreciate the good wishes
It was great to use the app, I already have an idea of how I will be in a few years

have a beautiful afternoon

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WOW, kudos to your writing!
I enjoyed reading this!
I love the look, @jlufer!

hello dear friend @ silversaver888 good afternoon
Happy that my writing has been to your liking, more than forecasts, they are small wishes for a recovered nature and for a better quality of life.
Thank you very much for the great support you give me every day

have a splendid afternoon

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I appreciate this information very much, I hope I can continue to be among the 25 of daily analyzes
have a beautiful afternoon

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Me encantó!! Fue muy refrescante leer tu post. Ciertamente una visión positiva del futuro que debemos alimentar en nuestros corazones para que pueda prosperar para nuestro bien y el de toda la humanidad.
Un abrazo 🤗

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Hola querida amiga @miriannalis buen día
Hoy mas que nunca debemos ser positivos, como mencionas en tu post, hasta de esta pandemia podemos sacar algo positivo, habernos dado cuenta, que las cosas simples de la vida son las que realmente importan.

El cambio es posible, y depende de todos nosotros, cada uno puede aportar su granito de arena, desde el uso racional de agua, economizar energía, no consumir los productos que contengan insumo derivado del petróleo, reciclar todo lo que mas se pueda, y muchas cosas mas que podemos hacer cada uno de nosotros, estas pequeñas cosas harán un enorme cabio

muy feliz de que mi post haya sido de tu agrado.

aprovecho para desearte un maravilloso día

Si!! Siento que la suma de nuestras mentes enfocadas en esa posibilidad, más esas dosis de buena voluntad por parte de todos hará que logremos grandes cambios.

Todo suma, todas esas acciones que comentas son sumamente importantes, ser conscientes de la necesidad que tenemos de preservar el planeta y llevar a cabo esos pequeños cambios en nosotros son claves para la evolución.

Gracias por tus palabras, te envío un fuerte abrazo virtual 😊🤗

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Your future is so much more optimistic than mine. I loved that everyone pays with LEO, that's awesome. Great article! Really fun read for sure and loved the positive perspective! I hope a similar future unfolds in the next 40 years or so!

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I think you're right about virtual currency replacing physical cash. Plastic has a lot of useful characteristics such as its insulating property so I don't think it will completely go away. More likely better ways to manage the plastic waste will be devised.

Hello dear friend @holovision good afternoon
My writing is more than a prediction is a wish, that would be great, a good waste management would be a big change.
Thank you very much for this pleasant visit and your kind words
enjoy the rest of the afternoon

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hello dear friend @andyjim good afternoon
I hope you are a little better, I really appreciate the support you give me despite being sick, I hope better soon and enjoy the weekend


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