Buying Education; Missing Out On Knowledge (Ignoring The internet As An Important Learning Tool) [Part 2]

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The truth is that not many believe that knowledge should be dynamic, some examples are some types of governments we have in the world. For example China and North Korea as communist states limiting the information her citizens should be exposed to, is a typical care study of stopping or trying to influence the dynamism of knowledge.

Of course they have their reasons; the influence of the outside world can create a chaotic situation with the citizens and the state, vendetta from other countries or they're stopping other countries from influencing the politics of their country. While these are totally substantial reasons, it doesn't change the fact that it might change the fact that people should change gradually with the influx of information that's always at their disposal.

Financially, this might not be the case, these Nations are capable of scientifically and technological create compartmentalized information, gadgets, equipments or even enhancements that are necessary for them to grow and develop or even follow the trend of the world.

The truth is, they will constantly observe the change happening around the world and try to mirror it. One thing is, they're financially equipped and not just that. They recognize the importance of being updated, this means that this knowledge allows them to utilize the latest technologies in either learning, mechanization, weaponry and otherwise. Without these knowledges, they'll be backward in so many aspects.

Let us not forget the fact that when humans activate the transactional application to how knowledge can be shared, they become socially superfluous. (Can also have a disadvantageous tint to it) This goes back to show how the internet is instrumental to how knowledge can be created and shared without any form of barrier to the extent or limit to how people can learn.

This is mostly dependent on the process of filtering. This is to show that knowledge is impacting on so many aspects of life. But the most important to me is culturally, socially and majorly FINANCIALLY.

Financially because, because with the right kind of financial power, more knowledge can be acquired. When people have come to learn how to make money, for example, they'll spend the money they have in a bid to even make more money. This is what I call investing instincts, which can be acquired by being financially inclined in the first place.

Furthermore, the economic development and breakthrough that so many states in the world have come to attain has been as a result of following the latest financial trends and developing that which works uniquely for them. For countries who want to spend money alone on political reforms, constitutional reforms or financial endeavors that only brings more wealth or puts more enablement into the hands of a few.

making advancements towards educational reforms to tally with the latest of current knowledge in the world would not really be a priority because this would eventually open the eyes of people to the mayhem, the embezzlement and the constant thieving. Plus, when you take away the access of information from people, you can use things like poverty to actually control them. Poverty can also be a state of ignorance apart from deprivation. It's being in a position where you're unaware.

During the #Endsars Protest in Nigeria, the internet was a useful tool in educating people as to why external bodies cannot interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation, this same internet would also educate people on the fundamentals of human rights and so many other aspects. Nevertheless, I feel that Nigeria as a nation has not been able to tap into the financial education that the internet has had to offer, this is probably the same with some other African countries.

Crypto is one example. With how poor a lot of people are, they still haven't seen Crypto as a means to change. This is to show how financially inept the situation is. Knowledge on fashion, political systems and all is always translated, but it's always difficult for Financial knowledge to follow with the same velocity, and this is what I'll be discussing in my next post.

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The educational system is flawed in my opinion because they don't teach people the basics of finances and investing. Obviously I would hope more people would learn about with the internet out but I think most of them just live their normal regular lives because it works.

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Many nations like the ones you mention here China and N korea do this as a tool to control their people. The education they give is basic party propaganda.
They do not want their people to know more than what they feed them and they don't want the world to know anything more than what they tell the world.
This is absolute control.
I like your title buying education and missing out on knowledge. Education has become a business where i live.
I am happy that free education sites like Khan academy , other paid sites like Udemy offer good services.
Personally I believe a mind that thirsts for knowledge learns.

I like your title buying education and missing out on knowledge. Education has become a business where i live.

Basically education is now a sold commodity in most places of the world, but knowledge which should be the aftermath of this process isn't acquired and this is a huge concern especially when we talk about countries like China and North Korea. The internet is a huge place, I believe eventually people becomes more knowledgeable and wiser when they're keyyed in to it. It's one way to really become innovative and truly free.

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I wonder how many people use the internet to gain knowledge compared to those who use it for infortainment or entertainment. Just curious.
I see a majority of people watching entertainment videos rather than use it for acquiring knowledge.
the WWW is the greatest resource today if used rightly.

In my opinion, people who aren’t tapping into what the world of internet to enhance their finances are just lazy or too scared to try, people use the internet to look for countless things on internet, “how to have an headache in the afternoon”, why does my left eye turn purple in the midnight”? Go to google you will find them there plenty...

Knowing there could be answers to these questions lurking somewhere why will anyone not ask to know more about crypto and how to use it to make a living.

I want to believe that majority of the people left are the ones without access to even mobile phones, because I just can’t understand it, it is confusing as hell, look at the percentage of people in Nigeria on Twitter, the number of those on Hive aren’t even up to a fraction, for a group of people who need to have alternative sources of living. Yet only a half of a fraction are on hive, the easiest of anyone to come in through.

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Nigeria on Twitter, the number of those on Hive aren’t even up to a fraction, for a group of people who need to have alternative sources of living. Yet only a half of a fraction are on hive, the easiest of anyone to come in through.

Many percentage of people here are (on twitter) also not keyyed into the commercial aspect of it. It's just a place where they can go every morning and build their followership for nothing as well. They're tools used for online influencers to build their brands and sincerely it's a pity people are seeing others aspects of the internet father than social media

In my opinion, people who aren’t tapping into what the world of internet to enhance their finances are just lazy or too scared to try

While some percentage are probably the ones who are ignorant and not ready to leave their comfort zone as it were. Nevertheless the world is changing, that tide is freeing people from poverty.

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Education is good because without education, your thinking will be some how.
If you are educated, you will know how to direct your business.
Education is the key of success when you direct your knowledge well,the place it suppose to be.
If they say education is not good, they should try ingnorance and choose between the two.
Is good to be educated.

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I can't imagine staying in a place where my information is limited and there is no way to get more.

In our times where data is power, limiting one's information should be seen as abusing one's fundamental right.

Anyways everything has its advantage and disadvantages.

For Nigeria and crypto, we will eventually get there but I just hope it won't be too late

I actually feel like we are already late right now.