The Nigerian State; What Change Would Generally Influence The Economy & More?

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Nigeria as a state is wealthy being an oil producing country and also thriving through agricultural trade with other countries. In normalcy Nigeria should be competing to be one of the most developed countries in the world because of her resources but then it's actually different. Technology however is growing at a fast pace and Nigeria is hardly behind in anything but despite all this some basic things are still the same which generally makes the country backward in some certain aspect.
In this video I talk about how technological advancements are completely taking over Nigeria yet the voting system seems to remain the same. Electronic voting is something that would help the right people come into power and Nigeria is wealthy enough to run electronic voting without any financial hiccups. In this video I talk about technological trends and why Nigeria is knowingly behind.

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For real, Nigeria has smart pees, resources, a young population and its close to other oil countries as well as open passages to see trade too. It checks a lot of boxes so the level of fucking up must be on another level, same as here, we've got to of potential but too busy shitting on each others lunch to all get a decent meal

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You're right, it boils down however to the deep state of corruption, some of these government officials are wealthier than the Bill Gates of this world and this is through stolen funds from oil money and a lot of other stuff. It's on another level here

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