The Diverse Meaning And Angle To "Finance" And How To Effortlessly Write A Finance Content On Leo.

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Blogging in itself has increased on and of course this is because of the increment of value in the leo token, there's a sudden demand for the token and activities are constantly increasing proving that growth and development is increasing by the day. Now going into finance as the main blogging core concentration, many hive users already see a barrier in the content accessibility, they actually want to define finance as a content genre and as a result of this it makes them incapable of blogging, buying into the token or even seeing a need to be part of the astronomical growth of Leo. But then what is finance when it comes to blogging? Or even real life use case? Finance is a term that has to do with the management of money be it fiat, crypto or a real time business management and funding.

In the banking system; it further transcends to loaning, saving, interest rate and many more, in personal life; it can relate to how we spend money, the utility we derive from spending, how much or how less we spend, consumer's satisfaction, being economic or ostentatious. Our investment choices and decisions when it comes to being employed or self employed and how money is spent on a daily basis. In government aspect; we can talk see budgeting, money management, expenditure, tax and many others. However when it comes to sole proprietorship or corporate business; we can talk about capital, assets, revenues, liabilities funding, risks, owner's equity, cash flow, profit and loss and so many others. *And when it comes to Cryptocurrency; we have things like airdrop, Hodl, bear, bull, decentralised, centralised, blockchain, exchange, FOMO, FUD, crypto analysis.

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Of course marketing, public relations and advertising can also qualify as finance, because it deals with people, investment, and the way through which a mass number of people spends money. The reason why I wrote this is because people feel finance is only about blogging cryptocurrency or talking cooperate business but this isn't true. In all sector of the human life there's always money spent, money earned, money gained and loss and the various purpose, aspect and forms of money. Finance is a genre that's not difficult to blog about, because even the record of our day to day expenditure is something that's worth talking about.

@taskmaster4450 @chekohler @uyobong @mistakili and @trumpman are my favourite finance bloggers, while I enjoying reading @chekohler's content because if it's educative style on personal finance and government, I enjoy reading @taskmaster4450 finance contents because of its focal concentration on blockchain development analysis, so also do I enjoy @trumpman's content because of its crypto awareness and updates on where the money is flowing from. @uyobong's finance contents which talks about majorly investing in bright crypto prospects. If you look at these authors you'll discover that they have various finance sector or angle which they concentrate on and this virtually proves that blogging finance is a sector that has so many divisions. When you look at the examples of areas of concentration above when it comes to finance, you'll see that it's way easier to blog finance if you check the area you'll fall into.

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The Case For Leo, Focusing On Only Finance

Basically, finance and money is one integral aspect of life that's never been missing and that's why it's hurting to see people not being able to give finance as a blogging niche a definitive meaning. You can make a purchase in real life use case and talk about the utility or loss you derived from such purchase on leo as a platform, you can be a farmer and talk about the expenses of rearing goats, the profits, the risks and the gains or losses. Almost everything we do reflects giving or taking and how to fashion or fine tune them into finance content is where people are getting it all wrong. I don't believe Leo is stereotyped in the blogging aspect in anyway and this is because finance is vast and virtually anyone who rents a house, pays bills, earn salaries, have a bank account, a government and takes care of expenses can write finance. Leo is a moving train, don't get left behind and if you have some money head over to hive engine and grab yourself some leo.

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LEO is still very small and I think everyone finds their niche eventually and we build them out together! I like to focus more on the macro and behavioral economics

Some will do stocks, others will do real estate or crypto and so we expand the realm of content here and attract different readers

Thanks @chekohler for the comment.

I focus more on advertising, personal finance and public relations and I might dive into other fields too as well with time.
Yeah I guess we will expand because it's necessary to keep a diverse form of finance where readers and visitors can get any finance info they want.

Exactly and each category brings in different users and they all look at different stuff online and different LsM’s and regions meaning ad revenue is much more Robust so we all win 😁

This article is basically directing to me. I get confused about what to blog about when it comes to finance and this is one major reason I haven't drifted to the leo train yet. Am sure this article will make huge progress for me in time come. Thanks man.

Hop on in brotherly, it's time, don't waste anymore time again. Leo is going to the moon

Thanks bro.... You done me well so much in hive. Appreciate them all.

This is everything I will say if anyone asks me about leofinance. This pist is apt, thanks for sharing your understanding, I try to pass the same information as well, when it comes to finance, there are a bunch of things to talk about...

I'm glad you actually approve of it. I think it's time most people start posting finance on Leo. No one should be left out. I wish I was a Leo whale I'll even help the integration process. Cheers my friend

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Basically, I'm yet to know more about this Leo. I can't just jump into it without an enlightenment about.

Stay cool brother, @josediccus

This is everything I will say if anyone asks me about leofinance. This pist is apt, thanks for sharing your understanding, I try to pass the same information as well, when it comes to finance, there are a bunch of things to talk about...