Lessons To Learn As A Potential Nigerian Migrating To Another Country.

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I've done some research and the United States and China plus some other countries always pop up as the most expensive place to migrate to as a Nigerian, this isn't surprising since so many Nigerians have established China as a center of commerce. And as for the United States, its visa is probably one of the most sought after in Nigeria, I guess... You know, people want to live the American dream and would spend that buck to actually do.

But for someone like me: limited funds, certain priorities. It's definitely different. A lot of people wants to leave Nigeria, but then because they don't have a defined priority it makes it rather different difficult for them to make a choice. I have a millionaire cousin, who have a smooth conglomerate of businesses that are currently doing well in Nigeria, but he's currently planning to close up all these businesses and head up to a nice snowy country to spend the rest of his life.

This is one of the problems of most potential migrators, they're undecided of what they truly want. Making it absolutely difficult for them to narrow down the right place. It's of course very enticing to want to move to some of these audacious countries, it's got the name, the swagger, and it promises millions on paper. Sometimes it's the intent of the migration, what do you aim to achieve by migrating?

For my cousin, he wants a better life, more money than he currently makes and be feels that the economy outside of Nigeria would actually do better for him in the long run. However, I find this to be throwing caution to the wind. First, Nigeria as a financial environment offers his business the opportunity to thrive, going to another country might not be the same. There's no guarantee, and this is why I don't advise people to trade what's guaranteed for the promises of better things that not certain.

For someone like me, I've certainly defined my intent, my purpose of migrating, how the economy of the targeted country would benefit me, it's cost of living, it's availability of opportunities for foreigners as well as health care system. Guess what? The United States or Canada didn't pop up, Botswana did, Mauritius did, Namibia did.

Now these countries are majorly African countries, for so many Nigerians, it wouldn't feel right. Nevertheless, for a person like me, Nigeria is totally unstable and unsafe to be in. Botswana for example use to be one of the countries rocked by inflation, but in recent years, they've managed to keep this low and maintain a solid economy that's also favorable to outsider, while being affordable to live in. The fact that Botswana fulfills almost every intent I have makes it my number one priority. Now, there are some other countries that have popped up, not in Africa. But then, the costing of actually thriving in these places is not what I feel I can be able to afford.

For my cousin, he's probably overrated the economic and financial situation in Nigeria. You see, while Nigeria is terrible in so many aspects, it's been the source of wealth for some people who are heavily invested and dependent on the economy and its government policies. Some people are generally profiting from the unstable economy to make their wealth, others are enjoying the fact that there's no price regulations and hence they can manipulate the market to their advantage.

However, there are strict rules to how it would work in some of these most sought after countries. And a lot of people are not really considering these limitations. To me, you'll need to have a backup, an already thriving business, managed properly while you're even away, because while travelling out might be a golden goose, it might just be foolish to feel, you'll make better returns because the system is way better than in Nigeria.

And as for prospective migrators who are basically dependent on their crypto assets, you'll need to make research to see if the country you're heading into is anti- crypto. This is a really Important aspect. Back in the days, some wealthy Internet scammers from Nigeria were going to the UAE.

But it's actually difficult to go to the UAE with crypto as a whole source of income due to the history of the state with Internet fraudsters, who have thrived in that country using crypto to perform transactions without involving traditional banks. The world is a dicey place. Migrating out of a place like Nigeria isn't something you should do quickly, planning it, should take time because people easily makes mistakes. Don't allow people who easily succeed make you feel that it's easy.

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Every Nigerian is always out in search for greener pastures. I've spoken with some of my friends and most of them think that the moment they leave this country and land in another that every thing is going to become automatically better, they're future Would be brighter and so on.
But this is really a misconception like you just pointed out. Most of them haven't even carried out research to understand how life in those other countries are, they're deceived by the rep.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the endless opportunities that could lie in our fellow african countries.
This is a good post. Thanks for sharing

You're welcome brotherly, thank you for taking the time to read. Surely there are so many opportunities out there but then this doesn't automatically mean that greener pastors is exclusively green in most of this second and first world countries that people usually seek out when they want to migrate.
I wouldn't take an amount of money I could use to invest or grow based on the fact that the grass might be greener on the other side, all these things requires constant planning, we wouldn't really say because Nigeria is bad, we then make hasty decisions about migration

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I get what you mean bro. I wish they were as enlightened as you are. Then they'll be able to make the right decisions

So, what does it take to get to Botswana and settle in?

Also, do they support cryptocurrency as a source of income?

Botswana is a crypto friendly country. Great economy and since it's less sought after, it's not as expensive to move to.

What does want one have to have in place to move?

Namibia and Bots are pretty quite places, not much going on there, beautiful and untouched for sure, great for a holiday but living there would take quite a bit for me lol. Not saying its not a great place to move to, its sure looking better than South Africa these days

Financially I think South Africa is becoming difficult for people to settle into, especially with the issue of foreigners and citizens squabbling about who gets the nation's wealth. Although in your perspective they might not be really great countries to settle into, they just seem to suit my bill, it all depends on what an individual actually wants.

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The only reason I would be migrating would be for school and to come back, sadly ( because people feel I am crazy when I way say this) I still believe that Nigeria could be fertile ground.

I actually do not believe in Nigeria anymore, this doesn't mean I would make hasty decisions. In as much as Nigeria can be bad for so many people it is the basis through with some other people have built everything they own. Doings one's research is always necessary

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Nigeria does make it hard to believe in it.

You describe your cousin as a millionaire, being a millionaire doesn't just come by easily there's something that's been done right. And if one puts in a careful thought, I will say keep doing what you are doing right and find ways of compounding it.

If the financial success is there for him, probably the other concern for him is safety unlike the kidnapping and all the craps the Northerners dishes out in Nigeria.

Maybe having his business running while living outside the country might be a good idea but entirely closing the business might be something he will live to regret.

It's not all rosy being a foreigner!

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It's not all rosy being a foreigner!

This is why it is very important for one to conduct their research. Some of the people living comfortable lives as displayed in their Facebook pictures about living abroad wouldn't really post of when they're having immigration issues or issues relating to work. In the past I might have seen going to some of these countries as the next big thing, it's even much more complicated than we might think about.

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It's going to be tough once you move out and it is definitely going to be a tough decision. What would you do if he opened up a branch company on the side before making his final decision? At least that way, he already started up and has an idea of how things are before moving.

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He is trying to liquidate everything he owns in order to move to a different country, because he just doesn't want to remain in the business and in the country that actually made him wealthy in the first place.

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An uncommon idea. The decision to migrate isn't an easy one at all. I think there is still much one can get from this nation.

It is definitely not easy like you have pointed out, I will make the decision to migrate as well but only to where will suit what I really want.

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This is a nice piece, in every situation, they must always exist a good thing in it, making a living in Nigeria, despite it unstable economic situation, is still advisable at times, because we don't pay tax, you choose the price of your goods, although a lot of people are affected by the unstable price of goods and services, now making the large masses to suffer for what they Have no knowledge about, I will summarize that Nigeria, isn't that bad, it just that we need to put our heads together,and we will Eventually cup out the mess in her system.

About your cousin, I will say that, we are in a free world, he is right if he want to travel out and make his living somewhere else, that will gives him utmost happiness, give him your support, because that is Freedom and it must be given.
Thank you.

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Dude, you are right. I think third world countries always face economic, or financial issues. many people from my country also moved from here to America UK Newzealand, Canada just to make up more money and better lifestyle. third world countries are decaying financially , economically, health system-wise, educational-wise but we are moving and moving, migrating in quest of a better life.
@josediccus @leofinance

Really nice and instructive post brother. Planning is everything.

Yay! 🤗
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This hasn't been spoken about enough. Sure, there are opportunities to grow outside but what gives you assurance it'll benefit you? Alot of things stand against migrating citizens and recently, Nigerians. With the current situation of fraudsters being apprehended and Nigeria being labeled most Terrorised country, acceptance would be almost impossible.