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a dull cloudy day today

I found an old pair of bunny ears I used to wear on stream for silly perks

Do we need the bunny ears again? gubears.jpg

#streamer #gubbatv

Not on a tv. The reception was awful.

Bunny ears are always a hoot

Pretty cute. If you have a bit to do with those I am all ears!

For info, there is a group buy of GLS packs. Min. 20 packs to buy (with Hive) for a 15% bonus (normally you would need to buy 500 packs to get 15% bonus!).

Check out here or DM me.
#gls #glx #gaming #spt

Thanks for the invite!

Gern geschehen!

Sam Smith

Sam Smith 2.jpg

Do we also have a referral program here in LeoFinance?

Hopefully like how it is in Peakd.

PeakD has a referral program? I didn't know.

Oh yes we have.
Go to your Peakd Settings.
Scroll down to find the menu for "My Referrals"

I believe that's somehow embedded in the chain, not PeakD-specific. I remember it was from the old chain, for 30 days, to receive a portion of the referrals' author rewards. Probably not all interfaces mention it because it's rarely used.

Got it. I thought there is something else behind the beneficiary reward setting.

Yeah, all it does is automatically set yourself as a post reward beneficiary for the account you referred.

Not ideal.

Ohh I see. They can also remove the reward beneficiary, right? So it's not really a tangible referral reward.

Nah I don't think so

Thanks fren! You are always here in Threads. Do you still sleep?

Hi investors!
Check out this post about the startup Data Lake, which created a use case for blockchain in science!

#lake #crypto #gmfrens #desci #money

This is an interesting concept, and could greatly benefit everyone!

Definitely a cool concept

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#Bitcoin might get affected in short term by FOMC but it is the most bullish currency in the long haul. I thronge support #Bitcoin and #hive, do you?

I watched a crypto blogger today. It was about blockchain-based social networks. All the mechanisms that will be in the future... Not a word about Hive. I'll write him in the comments that the future is already here! 😂 #social #hive

Been under the radar. They'll be amazed when they discover this!

It's a little frustrating at times that we can be so inconspicuous... But that's about to change.

@brando28! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @stdd. (9/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.


@stdd denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@stdd thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Remember Khal saying some months ago about Hive being the underdog? No one believes it yet but they will be shocked once Hive becomes gold.

Yeah, it will be!

@stdd denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@stdd thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Its the same story, year after year.

Nobody is any closer to achieving what Hive can do on the back-end.

Yet nobody with serious front-end skills wants to actually build here.


Very true, buddy!

@stdd denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@stdd thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Drop a link so we can all let em know

😜 He's Russian, but I think it's worth spamming the comments to him))

That will be pretty good

Hope to bring some more people over here, lets see!

The great thing about threads that there is so much more ahead and will be a crucial platform in the HIVE ecosystem.

Maybe threats will work. More threads result from more threats.

Could have some merit.

How's your doggo, Pauliina? :)

Would love to see more from you on the #dogs tag!

hehe I have similar pictures to use :)


I did LTC long pretty hard in October. My butt was feeling it's comin'
#altcoins #litecoin #ltc #threads

LTC is criminally undervalued (like HIVE). It has most of BTCs features with upgraded differences & better mining. I still don't understand why crypto news doesn't cover it more than it does. At least LTC is accepted nearly anywhere BTC is.

I still have a bunch of #LTC from years back. When I got into #crypto, I became a big fan of Charlie Lee.

Sadly it fell off as an investment but appears to be a great trade you made.

Hive is actully a huge earner

  • Staking APR
  • Curation Rewards
  • Authored Rewards
    Curation and Authored are totaled on but your staking APR is not(at least from what I can tell) So really your APR earning rate could be 10%+

I think so too, we are dealing with a beastly compounding machine here.

Yes, Hive and HBD if divided can easily give you 15% or more.

Highly underrated

this is the tequila I was drinking on the latest #cryptoholics. highly recommend.

10/10, would drink!

definitely give it a try if you can find it local

Looking nice!

So smooth

I can only imagine. It's been so long since the last time I had tequila.

That looks good, though tequila makes me have some crazy nights lol. I prefer vodka, much more mellow! Or if I'm for something spicy, go with a nice whiskey or bourbon!

I don't do vodka. Whisky, rum, or my preference... Tequila

I never drank it. How much is a bottle?

It was about $30

Where Leo wallets :D? #isnolvency ?


It seems ok but disappears when I refresh the page. Visit your wallet by clicking the link in the menu.

Hive. Engine.

#watchtoearn donations accepted!

thanks for your support

by upvoting this thread you help the treasury grow!


@solymi, the HiQ Smart Bot has recognized your request (1/3) and will start the voting trail.

In addition, @snvault gets !PIZZA from @hiq.redaktion.

For further questions, check out or join our Discord. And don't forget to vote HiQs fucking Witness! 😻

Sorry for calling out so many people in my post. If you're interested in what's happening with #stakecube and how Hive can benefit, check this post

aha am away to look, have totally forgotten about GLS!
Crazy as I am a footy fan!

Woo-hooo ! We are leaders in Europe.
Food supplies inflated here in Lithuania more than anywhere else, food prices in 2022 went up by +34%
#food #inflation

Egg prices are up over 50% This is your calling to get some of these 😍 I offered my Christmas tree to them today for more eggs

Is that the key? Bribery?

I'm really hoping so 😂

Onealfa seeks to be on top no matter what the category.

Congrats I guess are in order in a maligned way.

Congrats! 🎉🎉

...oh wait.

You beat the UK, I thought ours had gone up like that too.
Bloody ridiculous but the energy os the worst, gas central heating ouch

Egg prices are up here 30% but not all our food.
I hope these supply chain issues get fixed soon.

#Supermarkets inflation
Just another reason to stack crypto
2023 is shaping up to be painful

and 34% is the average on ALL food. Some specific products are up 150-350 % here

Sometimes nothing feels better than spend all day doing absolutely nothing. Loving this right now

ah but you are not doing nothing!
You are here on threads!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep on threading🦁

Hahaha, you are right :D You too, have a fantastic weekend

Thank you, I saw my football team win so it is a good weekend:)

If you can enjoy it. Many people are so ingrained to go go go that they cannot enjoy some downtime.

oh yeah, that is absolutely true

Haha, oh I feel you!

You're right about that. So imagine how much better it would feel to be doing absolutely nothing as you earn passive income!

I had to reblog this post some hours ago as the title was inspiring.

This content is for someone who is almost giving up on Hive. Read and be encouraged.

A few minutes ago.
Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Canary islands.

#spain #canary #vacation #threads

The results you want to see tomorrow will be based on the efforts you put in today.

#Threads #life #motivation

Although there could a delay and it could take 48 hours before it comes out.

I think Word tomorrow here includes all upcoming days not tomorrow only
Another thing is it's not applicable only on hive where we get results after 7 day 😂

Ah yes the day 7 window in the #hive world.

If we can do the right things, that's absolutely right.

My Engagement has drastically improved because of #threads

Yeah it is easy to see how that happens.

Mine also!

Same for me too

Engagement has multiplied because of #threads Ad revenue for #leo should be up. Now we need that 5000 users 🚀

Just gave Charlie a bath, he needed it 😆 #dogs 0C7591EC574D470AAF3E434CB8B64A68.jpeg

What did he get into? Looks so unhappy lol

Maybe a better question is what is he being bathed in?

Maybe that is why he is unhappy.

Soap and water 🧼

I had him wrapped up and he was feeling very relaxed and pampered lol. Usually he wants to run around right after but he let me hold him for a good while

Haha how does he go while having a bath?

Gary doesn't freak out, but just goes stiff and tolerates it until it's over.

Then goes wild haha.

He enjoys it and is pretty cooperative, but afterwards he runs all over and likes to rub his ears in the carpet lol

Bitcoin due new 'big rally' as RSI copies 2018 bear market recovery. Source


I don't know what's funnier, the meme or the comment 😂



Dayum got eeem

Slammed some truth on them there! Lol I’m going to use that for sure, drinking water is the fishes house it causes them harm!!!!11

What is your opinion about #LBI? Do you know, if they still pay Leo dividends or not?

No more dividends.

They did a vote and I was like the only person that voted yes to keeping them lol.

Dividends were voted on to be suspended I believe so that the base pool could grow.

As for my opinion on the fund... Well, I'm a bit nervous tbh.

I got in for increased LEO exposure, but the guy who runs it is REALLY bearish on LEO.

I just don't know how to take it all right now.


No more dividends,so I sold mine!

Not really, but I got plans to get some. I know, I know. I should have had it five years ago.

That's ok! What matters is you start and already have that mindset to do it. It takes time but little steps each day equals big results in a month 💪

We can always do better on this sort of thing, but perfection is not in the cards. So we do what we can when when can as best as we can.

I actually just wrote a post earlier today about the food storing strategy we have, though it involves a freezer but it's still a good amount of food thankfully!

None yet although thinking about having one.

Divisional Round Playoffs #nfl #americanfootball this #weekend should be very good. Hopefully, no blowouts unless it’s my #cowboys on the winning side of one 😜 #sportstalk Game 1 #jaguars vs. #chiefs - my pick? Mahomed and Reid at home.

3 out of the 4 in the #NFC east. Who would have thought?

#nfl #playoffs #sports

An amazing outcome for sure. G-Men being the biggest surprise outside of the Jags #nfl #americanfootball #sportstalk

I'm off the bandwagon again Jimmy.

Bloody Vikings!!

@forexbrokr - Dane, G-Men definitely took ‘em to school 😮

Two great games on tap today in the #nfl. Plus, you have GOT to see this dunk. Unbelievable. #freakofnature #football

#nygiants got lumped last night.

#nfl #sports

Yes, they did. Eagles look tough. It's going to be a fun game to watch next week no matter who wins today.

Still can't believe that Florida changed their logo from that masterpiece to whatever marketing agency style bullshit this is.


Yea boring af since 2016

Understatement of the millennium! 😉

I prefer either of the 1st 2 logos, but I can think of reasons for making the 3rd:

  • less complicated
  • imitating futbol-style logos
  • selling new sweaters/jerseys

Yep, those would have probably been the reasons the team's corporate overlords laid out before making the change.

Still makes me sad to see.

Of course, if the Florida Panthers want to sell yet another set of merch within a few years, they can license the LEOFINANCE logo from Khal.

I had a lovely day today with my kids. This weekend was really cool for us. Hope yours went well

Family is important.

Am glad you had a relazing day!

It's nice to spend time with family. Today we spent time at home.

So beautiful

One of the best way of supporting the Leofinance community is by also promoting all it initative

#leo #magazine to the world


Is it just me or does anyone else find this Winters Tale #movie boring af?

#thread #lifestyle #entertainment

Most films today are garbage. Not a lot coming out of Hollywood that isnt infected with some kind of message.

Seriously. Like can you please make a film for the fun of it and not cos you want to teach us some “lesson”? We’re adults ffs, we’ve been learning lessons all our life.

Yeah most people turn to entertainment to get away from the lessons in life.

They want to tune out and just enjoy a film, show, or sporting event.

I am most people.

That’s why I’ll watch the same old action flicks over and over to remind me of movies may be outrageous but never boring #lethalweapon #johnwick #thetransporter #dirtyharry #actionflicks

Have never heard of it, and I won't be watching it now!

Good! You’re saving yourself from 2 hours of a shitty movie time.

Yeah and sorry you watched it!

watching* actually. I figured I started it already and have endured 1 hour into it so I might as well finish the damn thing. I wouldn’t be threading and watching if it wasn’t boring. Lol

hehe well maybe it got better, I doubt it though, well at least you were able to thread and multitask!

I am also. Dan Matt and Brian talking about Bitcoin and LIghtning.

Always a fun time.

Pretty decent sized audience too

#gmfrens - a little late checking in but we had some 🏃 running to do. Hope your Saturday has been awesome so far! ROAR!! A Park Avenue Finish #fitness #running #threads

Just listiening to CTT, threadsing and veewing.

Sounds like an excellent time @taskmaster4450le - I have begun doing some myself.

Someone has to carry the chain.

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409 #Memes All about Hive, Leofinance or other Dapps and events like HPUD, #LPUD created by me!

Damn, that's a lot in just couple of months.

Cool! You've been busy. 😊👍

Yeah. Pretty much fun.

Always good to people dedicated to Hive and Leofinance.

We all have a role to play.

Indeed. Always trying to do and give something back to hive.

Yep. Just keep putting content on chain.

Is there like an evergreen depository you're putting them into?

An updated post or public drive or something?

We need to be saving all these!