Demystifying HIVE: The Fear of Writing on HIVE

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Demystifying HIVE is a series of bite-sized posts targeted to new Hivians and for people outside of the HIVE blockchain.

The purpose is to try and break down the many complexities of the HIVE blockchain, its acronyms, and the current facts and falsehoods associated with it.


I say ‘current’ because within 6 months some of the things I say may well no longer be relevant. It is an evolving experiment, and little remains static.

It's little wonder that the retention rate is abysmal given the huge learning curve a new person needs to endure. Without some guidance, most give up quite soon deeming it bewildering and over-complicated.


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Are you new to HIVE and fearful of posting?

Did you move from another blogging platform and have old content you want to post but are not sure you can?

I get the impression that fear is a ‘thing’ on HIVE and that a new person can get a very bad impression if their start is a negative one.

…’HIVE is not like anywhere else, you get paid.., er… rewarded for your efforts if you are deemed genuine’…

The word ‘paid’ was deliberate. You are NOT paid on HIVE and are not working for someone, or some centralised coffer stash that is handing you money.

Let’s take the ‘anywhere else’ view. You can blog wherever you like on any other blogging platform and post whatever old shit you like (even if it’s not your old shit) and probably get away with it.


If you are a new person and start posting fantastic images or writing then expect this community to treat your content with suspicion.

The HIVE blogging community is small and fiercely protective about dishing out rewards. It’s not a case of guilty before proven innocent but expect to be challenged about that earth shattering content of yours.

...'ranting in posts is generally frowned upon, being rewarded for moaning is not going to happen and will result in many broken-hearts and possibly a destroyed account and reputation'...

If this happens, don’t get all bitter and twisted and reply with some smart-arse remark, or worse.. go on a ranting rampage posting crap like the above. We are challenging YOU and diverting the attention to some other posts is not going to make you innocent (if guilty).

I am one of those challengers as I loathe plagiarism. If I get no response within a couple of days I will assume YOU the writer have no retort and have been ripping off your content from somewhere else.

So do me and all the other curators (the people that can potentially give you a big vote) a favour. Add something to your post such as ‘This content is mine and was originally listed on ‘

Still expect to be challenged as we don’t know you from Adam. I re-iterate, you get rewarded on HIVE. You get sweet fuck all anywhere else.

…’the ones that are challenging you are generally the ones that dish out sizable rewards, they are not doing it to piss you off. The result of this one is yet to be concluded’…

What generally happens is that someone from HIVE (sometimes me) will drop a comment on the referenced blog site to ensure that you and the other blogger are the same person.

We are taking the time to do this because we care. If you want to start blogging on HIVE, and adding your back-catalogue of awesomeness than please co-operate with us.

HIVE wants the best content and there is nothing to fear if you are the real deal. Be welcome on HIVE, we are not a large pack of snarling wolves ready to eat you alive.

Someone said my bite-sized posts in the series are far from that, so I will leave it there.


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An enlightening read, coming onboard to the platform, I can say that I've learnt quite well the hard way, the easy way, vicariously and what have you ? I once got my post flagged for plagiarism,while this sucked, I was indeed guilty ! Cowers in shame .
But I learnt from there on in , I learnt to respect the platform, a lot of folks put in a lot of good work to make it what it is , so I can add, stay genuine and keep up your sense of humour. I can say confidently that since that most shameful incidence that I've indeed risen above it and now work with the ethos of the hive platform..
Cheers ..

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Can I ask how you found HIVE, was it via LeoFinance? You are exactly the type of person I am trying to get this information to.. so it's great for me that you found it.

I see from your history all is good again, I wish you all the best on HIVE and Leo Finance... see you around!

A good friend of mine didn't give up hope on me, I'm here thanks to his persistency which brought me to finally decide to join in. I registered via leofinance and have since found it more fun and educative, so I use it more . Yes yes, reading your post , I could totally relate to it as tho I was being talked to...
Many thanks for the support!

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You should get a little more support now per post, there are people here who look out for newbies who try.

I'd love that ..
Keen gratitude!

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Another great addition to your series. Hopefully these posts become even more relevant in the coming months as we onboard more and more people. I will definitely be directing any people who are new to the platform towards these posts.

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Another great addition to your series. Hopefully these posts become even more relevant in the coming months as we onboard more and more people.

Thanks @bozz, I realised the last one was published in December 2020. I have been slacking and Leo Finance have been pulling in a lot of new people who could get off to a bad start.

Yeah, for sure. This place is finally starting to be a little hopping again. Kind of like the good old days!

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Maybe @thesteemengine will return.., or is that pushing the boundaries?

I don't see that ever happening.

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I think you can often tell from the reaction of someone about their position when you question them about things on their post.

When I set up another account here, I posted from my original website but used a 2nd log in which posted automatically to STEEM at the time (this was in 2019).

The 2nd account received the downvotes, had a few comments from those that downvoted (like what hivewatchers do now) saying to resolve it in their Discord.

I spent about 5 minutes in a discussion and everything was resolved. No dramas. Nothing.

So when you see someone spazzing out, going on a rampage and downvoting everything in site, making posts left right and center, it's often telling!

I'd like to think that the genuine ones will resolve it in an adult and professional way but understand that it can be daunting enough to begin here with the steep learning curve to begin with, let alone the whole rewards system and "etiquette" surrounding it.

Anyway, great post on trying to demystify another of HIVE's nuances - I do think with communities and tokens now that things will gradually change.

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Some people don't like being challenged. English people (like us) can be quite arrogant about it and not want to back down. I'm pointing at my own race here but it's true!

Over the years I have been here I have tried to re-educate some and it has worked in some cases. I followed quite a few who didn't go on a rampage and listened. It's a massive curve for outsiders.

Haha, yeah, you're right about the English!

Thanks for being patient with those that you're trying to teach, once the learning curve starts plateauing, they are pretty good to go on their own journey on HIVE. That's what I've found anyway.

Someone said my bite-sized posts in the series are far from that, so I will leave it there.

Are they mice? :D

700+ words.., do they need to be shorter?

I don't think so, but I'm also the wrong person to ask, my definition of "short" seems to be a bit longer than other people's ^_^;

I’ve had to learn fast! Only been here a month, and you’re right, the learning curve has been steep! But you’ve helped a whole lot in that guidance too. Thanks for that!

I think the stickability of new folk can simply come down to having a conviction about your blogging or not. I have challenged myself to post daily as a creative outlet and to grow my creative skills and abilities. The hive income is a byproduct of pushing myself to be consistent and create good content which take intentionality and work.

I’ve got to say that some guidance was given as in your case, but other information I had to seek out and @giantbear has been a brilliant mentor too (brought me onboard).

At the end of the day it will be what you make it and that’s what I love about hive. I’ve learnt to only my post my own pics and still sometimes forget to mention they’re all my own, but I also reckon those “watching” have now noticed my style of posting and content that are typical of me. I guess it’s building a good reputation that will keep you in the good books.

Thanks for the post - still learning so much!

Hi @zo3d, good to see you stuck it out. With crypto going up it's only going to get better, though the money thing is quite psychological. We all got more HIVE when the price was lower.

It really is not hard for a person to add verification to stuff they are posting on Hive, I myself do not frequent other social media sites, so the cross posting on Hive works for me and does not bother most people, as long as it is known to be their content, so I appreciate the efforts you and livingintaiwan and others take to help verify content, and to point out plagiarism.

The case to prove one's identity is understandable. The system is 100% organic and if it's not watchful of Originality and authenticity we ourselves and others invested in might not really reap the dividends of our investment. I think it's fair to earn what you have worked for.

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The case to prove one's identity is understandable.

Oh they can remain anonymous.., as long as curators of HIVE are sure the content has not been nicked! Having some mad name like mine is one of the great appeals.

Having some mad name like mine is one of the great appeals.

Hahaha that's totally true, without a doubt we have to protect the chain from maliciousness, and true they can remain anonymous.

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We have to hit the right balance of challenging people to prove who they are and that the content they post is their own without scaring them away. I saw Hivewatchers was posting comments to new users asking for a back link from another social site. Unfortunately that comment linked to an out of date post that still referenced 'the other platform'. They have since fixed that.

I do not think we should assume a new user is going to abuse Hive. Their expectations may be wrong and we can guide them to a better path, but if they continue to abuse then we can deal with them.

Some of those having a whinge lately have been here a while and should know better.

This one was more about the curation groups and not @hivewatchers. The ones that can bestow great gifts if they see great goods... so to speak! That has given me an idea for yet another HIVE post.. something I try to avoid if possible.

Nicely phrased I’ve made mistakes early in my blogging career. Oversights I would call it. Helped out greatly by my guru @slobberchops

Big learning curve for a Luddite

You have been great for HIVE, I love reading your stuff and your wit and style have gotten much better. We need about 20 more of 'you' doing Urbex and it will be awesome.

Thanks for that seriously cheers

Your welcome.. it's quotes like this that make me laugh.. only another explorer would get it. 😃

So anyways, I thought I’d try my luck here again, having failed a couple of years ago when I set the fucking alarm off after I’d managed to get in through the basement.

😂 nearly pooped my pants
But yes its a bit niche

The HIVE blogging community is small and fiercely protective about dishing out rewards.

It's not growing 😁 same size over last 4 years....or 4 months of hive exclusive

Oh.. it was bigger when I started in March 2018 for sure. It's quite a bit smaller now. The price (if it goes up) will draw them in again, you can be sure (probably for the wrong reasons).

Thank you for such an enlightening and stress-relieving post about some aspects of being new here. I was and still am a little fearful of posting as I want to produce content that all will enjoy and be entertained by, and for the post to have substance. Another fright I had when first beginning was feeling accepted, and this post definitely helped put things in perspective as a good thing. I have a much better view now and appreciate being apart of such an amazing and loyal community, thank you.

I was and still am a little fearful of posting

Don't be, I know your a friend of @bozz and he can guide you. Only scammers and plagiarists need fear the flags. I can see what you are doing is OK. Be yourself, true stories are great.. even you last tale of woe.

I have to admit, my abusedar is pretty sensitive nowdays, as I see too many new (and often old) users abusing the platform. Have to keep on reminding myself to keep an open mind till proven otherwise.

By the way, the above case is closed. User is banned for recycling and respinnig, not for that particular post I asked about, but another one.

I have to admit, my abusedar is pretty sensitive nowdays

I noticed! and it's a good thing. The more of us looking for it the better.

Without some guidance, most give up quite soon deeming it bewildering and over-complicated.

Almost everyone I on-boarded end up giving up on the platform. Ask them what's the problem, they will literally say it's not paying or it is difficult to earn. They forget that every good thing takes time to mature. Even the guy that invited me gave up a long time ago. I have tried several times to recall him back but to no avail.

They just want quick money and forget that it requires patience and perseverance. I saw the good side of this platform on the long run that's why I stayed back. Hopefully, my time here will never be in vain.

Ask them what's the problem, they will literally say it's not paying or it is difficult to earn.

Interesting.., are they earning more elsewhere? If so.. I'd like the information.

I don't really know. I guess it's a normal business life they are into.

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.