Awaken the sleeping CUB

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Technically, I have a sleeping BunnyBear, as she is half Bunny on her mother's side and half Bear on mine. It is pretty fitting that I am the bear in the equation as it is both my temperament and perhaps where I am the most comfortable in the market - However for Smallsteps, she has quite a broad nature and she is going to be very hard to handle as an adult, but I am quite certain she will be able to handle herself.

I don't put much stock in astrology - but she is a LEO.

None of this is really relevant, except for perhaps me not being comfortable in the bull market. Bear markets are easy, stack and hold, but in the bull, there is far more activity possible and this has grown a massive amount with the introduction of DeFi. I have quite a lot of tokens around the place, but I am still unsure what to do with most of them as I am still in the oldschool mindset of stack and hold - stake and hold where possible of course.

Because of this, it took me "a long time2 to get into DeFi, but once I did, I have gone in pretty hard, with some decent success as well as some loss along the way. Overall, I suspect I am relatively up on earnings, though it is hard to factor in the impermanent loss, as I have used a fair bit of BNB in pairings. Hopefully I timed my entries relatively well though and was able to get some decent ratios.

the other day I decided to use some of the LEO I have earned and bought to go into the bLEO pool with some BNB. It was weird powering down, but I think it is worth getting in and locking a bit more TVL on Cub Finance. I also just paired some of my yielded CUB with more BNB in the hope that the coming LeoBridge and Kingdoms will get some industry attention and traction to drive price up, as it looks like BNB is going to increase also. I don't know what is going to happen, but CUB has seemed relatively steady at above 2.5 a token and perhaps with a little bit of a push, that could increase very fast.

Attention is what these projects need to increase TVL and at the moment, Cub Finance doesn't have enough attention on it, but one thing it does have is a very dedicated community around it. For example, as other projects drained into Ape Finance, CUB holders held pretty much fast and I believe this is because they have faith in the team to deliver. Delays are expected in development, but I hope that when the rollouts of the "Coming Soons" happen, there will be a massive drive to get the information out and into the right hands.

In this regard, the cross-chain swaps are particularly interesting and I am hoping that a lot of the people who are unable to utilize BSC due to locality issues, will be able to move across with ease and continue getting in on DeFi with lower fees and hopefully, far more activity. This puts more pressure on BNB of course too, so Binance should be getting behind it, if they know about it.

All of this is a risk in numerous ways, but everything is a risk in numerous ways. In the past I used to worry about which token to buy and which will go up, but now I can somewhat offset a little of that worry with yield, meaning token movement isn't as important, and project development is increasingly important. This is part of that change in the market place where the projects that don't offer more than speculation, will eventually fall by the way side to those who offer utility.

But, it all comes down to getting that market attention and as we can see from the TVL on Cub that is sitting between 18 and 20 million, it requires getting off-HIVE attention also. For example, some random project called Panther Swap has attracted 150 million in TVL in 5 days. That is crazy. So, what is going on? Is there a BSC inner-circle club that CUB isn't part of? CUB has a team that is developing new products, it has a very strong and experienced community, but it is still unable to gain traction against the randoms. CUB could be a sleeping giant, but it needs to wake up and make some noise, otherwise it will keep getting overlooked.

Will the awakening be coming soon?

Perhaps we need a louder alarm clock.

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Cute. Cute is what she is XD Is she feeling better?

The rest of that went over my head despite some attempt to understand it x_x

It was the best nap I have had in a long time, even though it was a short one for me - It has been years since I have been able to hold her as she sleeps like this.

It goes over my head too :D

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Unlike the NFT space, where you can 'sell' a piece of art to your alt, for $200 million dollars; TVL is TVL.

Most people new to crypto likely don't understand how or why someone would sell to themselves. Would like to see the CUB TVL a lot higher than it is.

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This is above my pay scale. But I would think there are folk more knowledgeable who has it under control. Louder alarm clocks are good but bears and bunnies sound better. Enjoyed.

I have no idea if anyone has control of any of this - but hey, such is the fun of crypto!

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I agree with you on the bridges over to BSC being huge. I doubt I ever would have made the move to that chain if it had not been for the functionality that Leo implemented. It has been really awesome to poke around over there and find new things!

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Hopefully there will be a poster stuck to the wall at Binance or something at least... :D

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I have no idea what any of this means! But I hope the awakening is soon.

lol - Awake is much better than asleep. Sleeping is a waste of time.

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oh goodness no. Dreaming is my favorite activity! Sometimes I dream poems or stories that actually come out well. Once, way back in the day, I dreamt the solution to a math proof I had been working on for a week. The solution was so simple I felt stupid for its having taken me so long, but my proof was presented to the class as being especially brilliant. Dreaming brings us answers, and leads to awaking. oh dear here's a poem coming out now.

Kind of comes down to you could build the most beautiful thing in the world but if no one knows about it it doesn't matter. CUB needs marketing on DeFi platforms. If it's not doing this already it should be. Taking some of the earned funds and converting it to ads on DeFi platforms would be an easy and targeted start.

Even when the bridge is built I'm not sure how many people will actually use it. What they will need to do is figure out where that audience is online that's currently having that struggle and market to it.

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Yeah, it is going to be interesting. A lot of projects are going to struggle if there is no marketing. The community can only do so much, especially if that community is already concentrated.

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all people here have the same problem, what can i do with my money convert, reinvestment, or spend,
what can i do?
i enter in defi but only in the dens because i do not want the looses impermanent, for this reason i do not enter in the farm onli in dens.
yes cub are a great proyect and token we hope in the future get around the half of my money in this,
hope in the future it sill grow very fast, it is a little but slowly say people, slowly.
well we hope our giant wake up coming soon, and with a strong impulse.
well it is hard to make power down because it is not the normal, procees but well i know that the risk and return are good in equial proportion..

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The dens are much safer and if holding the cub rather than selling, it might see a pretty good return if that traction arrives. Good luck out there.

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Kinda feels like I'm waiting on the perfect moment to get into cubfinance. I tried a week ago, but apparently, I need to get my finances up a notch to do that.

So it goes both ways, if the awakening makes it easier for me then, by all means, I'll pray and light candles every night for it. However, if it's going to make me have to work twice as hard to get in... You know the rest.

Awakening will make it more expensive to enter I guess. It is always a challenge to get finances in a position where some risks can be taken, but at the same time, that risk comes with a reward that has to be considered also. Anyone is eligible, but it doesn't mean that everyone is suited.

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Cub is walking the same path as Steem, Hive, and Leo.
Nobody in the crypto world gives a shit about them.
Except for a bunch of blind fools like me and you. Blowing in our horn in a tiny echo chamber, missing big bucks.

Leo and Cub team made great damage to the project with what started as a joke; WHEN and SOON.

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Blowing in our horn in a tiny echo chamber, missing big bucks.

The big bucks in the other projects the same?

Leo and Cub team made great damage to the project with what started as a joke; WHEN and SOON.

I am not sure about this, as it becomes somewhat of a branding thing. Most people in crypto these days aren't as old as me and perhaps you, going on your name :)

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Perhaps WHEN or SOON should be the payout token? I hear Ape is doing quite well - Taken from 'Aped in'?

Guessing it is from Ape'd in.

WHEN, SOON and NOW! tokens.

I am unsure what to do with Ape, as my LP is earning well enough, but my TVL is also up quite a lot.

Guess we will have to see what happens. Quite frankly I am happy with the returns I have received the past three plus years I have been on the platform.

HIVE and the platforms that are built on it are indeed a darkhorse, but things change quickly in crypto. Many folks chase waterfalls. Some do well, others get rekt.

Not being a financial wizard, I have no advise for anyone. I just hold what I have doing little internal trades now and again. There are a great many opportunities within the HIVE world and I will focus on them. That is just what I am doing.

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There are lots of ways to play various investment games on Hive and I am hoping there will be more coming after the next hardfork with HBDD and, the one after that could build more functionality for diversified earning potential. Not everyone is a blogger, not everyone can buy in - it would be gret to have more activities.

I just learned about PantherSwap today! I have no idea how I get any of these information, but the moment I saw it, I thought, this is insane. A copy-paste project (all these are copy-paste of PCS in one way or other) can raise 160 Million Dollars in 5 days time?! It took PCS months to achieve that goal.

I thought I won't touch it with a 7 ft long pole!

Then it took about 40 min for me to get into it.

I have no idea what all these euphoria means. History of the financial market tells usm it doesn't end well. The point is when to exit, and time it precisely. I don't know the answer to that, but I intend to find out.

It is crazy - and I kind of feel that there is something that I am missing, wy one project over another when they are all essentially the same?

I went in on it a little too, but who knows how it will play out on that. I relly hope there is more usecase being added to these over time, rather than just being ponzis :D

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So far, they are just pyramids with various dimensions. As new money pile up, earlier user profit, prices rally, more money piles on at the bottom. Simply this is the mechanism. We have also experienced what happens when money leaves with Comos. So hopefully, we will be able to identify it sooner rather than later.