Hive: The Blockchain Of Abundance

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It is happening. This is no longer theory. When I first started discussing this concept a few years back, it took some foresight to see it. Now, we are seeing it materialize and hundreds, if not thousands, are benefiting.


Simply, Hive is a blockchain of abundance. It is becoming more evident with each passing success. Those who are dedicated and committed to what is taking place are able to benefit from the opportunities presented.

And we are seeing them start to pay off.

Whales Galore

Hive is creating whales. No, this does not refer to the 40 something accounts who meet the established requirement in terms of Hive Power. This simply refers to those with vast financial holdings on Hive. It can come from a variety of areas.

The latest craze is @splinterlands. There is no doubt that is creating massive abundance on Hive. We are seeing people posting what their decks are worth. Over the last couple weeks, as the game gained in popularity, this really shot up.

Then we have the airdrop of the SPS token. This is based upon one's holdings within the Splinterlands ecosystem. Again, we see people getting vast sums of money dropped on them each day, especially as the token price is heading higher.

Splinterlands is one of those projects that is helping to lead us further down the road towards the Metaverse. People are rewarded for their activities, thus increasing their position on the platform.

With so many different ways to get rewarded as well as grow one's holding, this game is creating a number of whales. There are people who are going to become millionaires simply from their holdings. Since there appears to be a liquid market forming for the in-game tokens and assets, this will be something very powerful over the next couple years.

This means we can see the likelihood of the numbers climbing. More people will be able to benefit as other layers are added to the game. Of course, those who are presently in it should find their holdings growing.


This is the latest in a line of projects that caught people's attention. We also saw tribes such as Leofinance and Proof-of-Brain put together some excitement. Here, too, we see a number of whales produced.

Things pulled back a bit for these two projects, something we might see happen to Splinterlands. However, all these projects are still developing and looking to improve. Over time, this could result in more financial abundance within each project.

A few years ago, the only way towards abundance was through the core token. It was Hive and that was it. Sure Splinterlands was around but it was just forming. Again, at that time, it took some foresight to see where things were going. Fortunately for those involved, it rewarded that confidence.

Now we see a number of different projects that are rewarded people on Hive daily. Many people have very little stake via HP yet accumulated a tidy sum in other areas. The addition of Hive-Engine provided the ability for other tokens to be offered.

Many now view this as just the beginning stages. We know that the #SpkNetwork is rolling out at the end of this year or the beginning of next. That is going to directly reward Hive holders with mining tokens as well as providing individuals with an opportunity to really get involved with something early. Naturally, those that do, if the protocol takes off, will also be in terrific financial position.

The Monaco Of Blockchain

Monaco is recognized as one of the wealthiest countries based upon GDP per capita. So while it is not one of the largest countries, it does have a lot of wealth.

There are many that feel Hive will eventually grow a great deal in size. The situation with Splinterlands shows what is possible. However, even if that doesn't happen, Hive certainly can be the Monaco of Blockchain.

It is true other blockchains have a lot of money. Ethereum is a prime example. This has the ability to attract a lot of outside financing. At the same time, the wealth generated on there is enormous. Hence, developers can flock there and have an instant financial success for their application.

The problem with that is how many benefit? We know that, for the most part, Ethereum based applications had short lived success. They came on strong until people realized the transaction fees really hindered them.

Hive has the advantage that all transactions are fee-less. Yes this is something that we keep touting but it is truly a massive advantage. Consider the fact that Splinterlands delivered over 2 million transactions in a day for a total cost of ZERO. What would that have cost on Ethereum? Heck, could that blockchain even handle it?

As shown, the number of people who are getting financially rewarded on Hive through the different applications is growing. It is easy to surmise there is a decent percentage who are starting to make some fantastic money. In other words, we could see thousands starting to enter the world of life changing money.

It is one thing for developers to make a ton of money yet what about everyone else? If the users are not financially benefitting, what have we really created? We are essentially stuck with a Web 2.0 situation. The idea behind Web 3.0 (or the Metaverse) is that people who interact with the application also benefit.

There is no doubt about the wealth that is presently being created is enormous. Globally, we are at the richest point we ever saw. It is also evident this is just the beginning.

Unfortunately, we also have a system where the distribution sucks completely. This is where a change is required. We are now developing a system that does that.

Hive might not be the best known or the biggest. It does, however, reward people in all kinds of ways. This is a huge advantage over what else is out there. If we look at this from the per capita view, we can see how it is going up for each person on average. More importantly, the medium holding is following the same path.

We are not seeing a tremendous inflow of capital to Hive. There are not billionaires flocking to the blockchain. Hence, we are in a position where the wealth that is here has to be generated from within. It is a slow process yet can be extremely successful over time. The plight of Splinterlands shows exactly how it is done.

It was a number of years of development and slowing growing the user base. Nevertheless, the fruits are starting to be distributed. The value of that is jumping to levels unimagined by many a few years ago.

For those who were involved in the game to any great degree, it is a tremendous windfall. The value of their holdings are increasing at a fantastic rate.

Hopefully we will see a lot more of this over the coming years.

This is how Hive will asserts itself as the blockchain of abundance.

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When I was in one of my chats the other day and people were talking about Splinterlands someone mentioned it was on Hive and that brought about all of the haters. Comments like "oh, old technology then", and stuff like that were common. I tried to explain how much it has improved, but some people just want to be haters. I think they need to work on getting RC renting up and running. It will be really important for stuff like Splinterlands. I had to delegate some HP to a couple people so they could keep playing. Being able to rent RC's would be awesome versus delegating or loaning out HP.

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Hive is actually the future of Blockchains in terms of the diversity of types of opportunities tokenized social media, tokenized games, tokenized video blogs and other realms like NFTs and fin tech represent the Tokenization of art and finance as well. This is the future and it is on Hive.

A virtual one stop shop!

Exactly! Thats a good way of describing it.

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Haters gonna hate...

RC delegation would really help the @splinterlands account. Then it could delegate 10 HP or whatever is needed to keep playing.

But you are right, Hive is laughed at by many yet they simply do not know. Either way, Blocktrades will keep scaling the thing and we keep pushing more transactions through.

That will get people's attention.

Just wait until SpkNetwork gets going.

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I saw a post the other day where Splinterlands ran out of account creation tokens because so many people were creating new accounts. I've got a stack I have been collecting over the years. Our time will come. I have faith in that.

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My understanding is RC delegation/renting and selling of creation tokens to other accounts are on the roadmap.

This surge in Splinterlands shows the need we all knew was coming for these features.

I hope this moves it up the list.

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Yes, I believe the idea has been tossed about for a while now. The funny thing is it takes so little RC or stake to do a lot on something like Splinterlands. It might not be lucrative enough unless you are doing it on a mass scale. I hope they figure out something soon.

A whale of a post here and it all sounds so positive.
Even the little guys like me can build up over time.

Even the little guys like me can build up over time.

Yep and you wont stay little forever. There are a lot of opportunities. The key is focus and activity. If one is active, in any of the things @bitcoinflood mentioned, he or she will tend to be successful over time.

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Totally agreed and I will have to learn these skills. For a start I will have a closer look at @bitcoinflood.
Thank you for mentiong this.

With the excitement generated, people are passing around tutorials. This is only going to make it easier for people to adapt to the game.

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Right and thank you again, I hope that I can find those tutorials, but I will keep an eye out for them.

You're right about Ethereum based applications, the buzz is there but then sustainability is always the problem, the huge transaction fees is always a turnoff, will affects it's popularity amongst average users who of course brings more traction to a blockchain. Hive is king in this aspect and that's why we should be rated more. Generally, I'll be waiting for the SPK token. It's going to be exciting.

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I find it very difficult to see how an application can succeed with transaction fees. While many are not as high as ethereum even the BSC pricing does not work for social media. In fact, I dont think it will work for most gaming features.

Hive being fee-less is something that is really going to work wonders for us in the future.

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Not just transaction fee alone huge transaction fees,* they're not making it unnoticeable at all at sincerly it's made me avoided all sort of the Ethereum based applications.

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Hive is everything you cannot do elsewhere
and with hard work and long term goals
you can achieve your inner whale attitudes.
So long 13 cents for Hive.


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Hive is not a lot more than just the price of the HIVE token. There are so many other things worth millions of dollars, and growing.

We will not have to wait long before everything built on Hive is worth more than the total value of Hive.

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I love it,

…you can build your inner whale attitude.

So true, we are all whales inside, just filled to the brim with our particular talents and yet uncreated content trying to get out. Hive sets our inner whale free.

There's actually A LOT of moving parts now on hive

  • Blogging
  • You could somewhat put DeFi in there because of bleo and being able to covert it back to LEO
  • Gaming
  • Tribes

All of these things contribute to time but also each one of these things if you go in hard on any of them can turn you into a whale on them.

Coolest part is honestly it's all just getting started! SPKNetwork should have a rather decent take off, ProjectBlank should also have a ton of hype around it and some of the new games in beta look promising. Super happy to see HIVE and big props to the teams building these apps on top of Hive. It's really going to spread the wings of what this platform is capable of and show us real use cases now.

I agree. We have come a long way from a blogging platform. In fact, that is just a minor part of the transactions when you think about it.

Blockchain Gaming has the potential to be huge. EXIDE is release an update today which should be another step forward for that project. It is not as advanced as @splinterlands but it does hold some potential.

It is great to see. Like you said, go hard in on something and watch it grow.

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Hive has a fantastic incentive structure that seems to lead to lots of interesting, fun, and productive projects. It is very weird to compare my experience here (with low fees and a generally good technological experience) compared to the big dog of Ethereum, where I can barely mint a damn NFT without going broke.

Hoping for more Hive adoption if only so the utility of dApps is better for me personally, I'll take a Hive dapp over an ETH dapp any day. Splinterlands is a great example... so much easier to do things there than on any Ethereum game.

There is no doubt that Ethereum is a play where the big dogs play. The rest of us simply cannot operate there.

However, for applications, to succeed they need the numbers and if most are financially kept out, what is the chance of success of the application.

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I like hive because it's fast free and connects with web 3.0 which is easier to use and stake etc

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I agree with you. I fail to see how many other blockchains are going to be a serious part of Web 3.0 with the transaction fees. That works for DeFi but I am not sure for many other areas.

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I too am unsure but do try to hunt some crypto that is low but has high potential

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Hive is surely indispensable, it becoming part of our everday life, creating wealth for a greater generation.

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With all the different tribes, games, and whatever else is being planned, anyone who is here is in fantastic position to benefit financially.

That is not something we see in the rest of the online world.

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I was never bullish on ETH due to the gas fees and I was kind of bullish a bit on WAX before they showed that they couldn't scale properly. I have seen that Splinterlands has probably increased the traffic on HIVE and I think there were also a few issues. If we can fix this and expand things then I think HIVE will prove itself.

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I have seen that Splinterlands has probably increased the traffic on HIVE and I think there were also a few issues.

It doesnt seem to be on the blockchain end. I think it was on the application end, that is what I am hearing anyway.

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Well I was also having some issues on the LeoFinance front-end but it could be some random updates to the front-end.

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Interested to learn more about SpkNetwork..

Spinterlands is a great example of what is possible within the metaverse. After being heavily invested in the game early I was just happy that the value of the NFT's held for the most part throughout the last crypto winter. While everything else crashed around us, the value of those cards and all the gaming and economic activity continued.

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And with a growing network in the game, I am going to surmise your cards will increase even more. The game is really disconnected from the overall crypto market at this point.

Interested to learn more about SpkNetwork..

Yes it seems slow going but it is good that Dan and Matt are out there promoting it. They are very willing to discuss the project.

It is a mammoth one, hence while it takes some time.

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Hive speaks abundance. There are good developments going on (games, apps), community is lit and less toxic (as compared to traditional media), and community driven. !PIZZA

We can go through out time of toxicity. However, as things grow, I think the "spreading out" of things will avoid that. Hive is not going to be the main focus but all the other stuff. That will put people in their own niches.

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@taskmaster4450! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @juecoree.

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One of my regrets is going on hiatus from Hive, although there were actually some technical reasons that made me stop for a while, when I came back and saw how things were going on at Hive, it really put me in a FOMO state.

FOMO is real.

One of my regrets is going on hiatus from Hive,

If I had 5 HIVE for each time I read something like that. We see it each time the prize pulls back. At least you had technical reasons, most just get upset that markets will go down and believe Hive is done.

When it springs back up, they come back 6 or 12 months later, having lost all that time.

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I love to read this post, and I really believe it's true.

It just sounds awesome "HIVE: The Monaco of Blockchains"

Wow, this is a slogan to give a few thoughts. Get the word out because is really an eye-opener.

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From a per person wealth perspective, it makes sense. People can come to Hive and get rewarded so many different ways that their accounts will surely increase. What is fantastic is they can do it without having any (or much) money to start.

Try doing that with Ethereum or Bitcoin.

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I know, I started here with no money at all. An every month struggle to make ends meet. And even I have a little invested now. And growing it every month. No, it doesn't come for free, one has to work for it. But so glad, so happy that it is possible. And no I never could have done this with Eth or Bitcoin, simply for the fact that one has to have enough funds for every transaction. That's not possible if you have nothing. So yeah, very grateful for HIVE

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I think what blows my mind the most about Splinterlands is the fact that even with the increase in value, the rewards received are still the same. It's amazing to say the least.

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Probably don't remember me but how've u been man.

I've always liked that everyone has a chance on Hive. You can come in with nothing at all, but if you have good content or can develop a cool app you can start earning. You can also do that in the games and some have no up-front cost. I would hope that people explore more than one aspect of this platform. If you like a particular game then blog about it and consider trading the tokens you earn.

I've been around here a long time and it seems my time investment in games like Splinterlands is paying off. I will use some of the SPS I get to boost my holdings in other tokens, including my HP. I saw they claimed thousands of new players and I hope they look beyond the game. It needs to be more obvious that it is on Hive and that has other dapps.

These are exciting times.




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It’s crazy … so many new Millionaires

When Hive is recognized and everyone wants to be here, then we will be very happy to have believed in this project since its inception and how much it can help us in everyday life.

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People have no clue what we have here and will be shocked when they find out. I find it funny that Splinterlands is opening up so many new accounts and wait until they realise they are part of Hive in an around about way. I think Hive is growing at a decent rate now and hopefully everyone should benefit at some point. We don't need much and 100 000 new accounts is a good starting point as that will generate another 100 000 as that is how things tend to work.

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This is a great look at the present and future of Hive.

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What a wonderful summary of what's going on. I guess a newbie like me should come to your post more often to stay abreast!

Hive has sucg a diversified portfolio not only in apps and games but in the varied type of users I love my time on here and hope we get an influx f new users

This quite enlightening as far as understanding the hive platform is concerned.

What actually stands hive out compared to what we have elsewhere is the different method of earning.

The blockchain has a whole lot of utility.

I have always maintained that with increased in utility comes increase in value. And it becomes even more difficult for such a platform to be distinct. It's a goodnews to us that are here.

I'm glad I found this post thanks to the Dreemport project
It's obvious that you made a decent amount of research for this post.
and putting it this way, you showed me the bigger picture of this metaverse.
I'm proud to say I'm one of those lucky splinterlands players ;)

I agree that Hive is like a fountain of abundance as content creators, developers, gamers, writers and digital artists exploit the underlying architecture to create wealth and prosperity.
Viva Le Hive

When I first started reading about the various options it confused me, but now I see the beauty of it :) Hive will be for people who don't blog as well! I can't wait to see what's next :)