POSH: A Great Way To Earn HIVE

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There is a lot happening within the Hive ecosystem. One of the things that is most interesting is the concept of convergence. This is a powerful force that is often overlook in the technology world.

For example, take the smartphone. That hit at a time when a number of technologies aligned. Without advancement in each area, we would not have seen the explosive growth. Many feel it was simply ideal timing when, in reality, it was a technological convergence which made it possible.

Consider the different elements of the smartphone. Basically, we are dealing with mobile, personal computing, and the Internet. When the smartphone hit, mobile phones were 25 years old. Personal computing was entering its 4th decade while the Internet had 20 years under its belt.

Over that time, massive advancement was made in each area. When brought together, we saw how powerful the results were.

On a smaller scale, we are seeing some of this start to take place on Hive. Before getting into the convergence, let us look at one project that every one should support.

POSH - Paying For Sharing

Many mention the idea that not everyone is cut out to put together 1,000 work articles. This is true. In fact, it was one of the drawbacks to Hive over the years. We certainly are dealing with a small segment of the Internet population that is concerned with long-form serious content.

Obviously, one of the most utilized aspects of the Web 2.0 is microblogging. We see how popular Twitter is. For this reason, the POSH token was created. Here one does not have to be able to put together masterful articles. In fact, the only skill necessary is copy/paste.

How does POSH work?

Simply, one takes a Hive based post, copies the URL and sends it out as a Tweet. That is all needed from the individual. Once that done, a comment is posted to that article. Here is what it looks like:


Here we see the Twitter URL along with who the payouts go to. In this one, the accounts are different, even though it is the same owner. The key is that anyone can do this with a Hive based post and become the possible recipient of any upvotes the comment gets.

Fortunately, there is voting out of the POSH account that helps to distribute HIVE.

Here is a snap shot of some payouts that came a week after sending out 5 posts on Twitter.


There are a few things to highlight. The first is that each of this is different articles sent out and none are mine. They are what others wrote. Essentially they did the work and I handled some of the marketing. For the effort, a bit of HIVE was received.

Obviously, the first payout standouts. Someone obviously hit that with a decent upvote. However, even excluding, the other 4 amount to over .50 HIVE. This is not retirement money but it is not a bad return for sending out 4 Tweets. What would this look like if there were 10 Tweets sent out on that day?

The point being, this project rewards people for sharing Hive content on Twitter. It is evident HIVE is ending up in accounts as a result of this project.

There is another aspect to this. We only discussed the HIVE, there is also a POSH token. Since this project started, my approach was to simply accumulate. Over time, some of these projects can develop into something powerful. For that reason, my bags keep growing.

Here is a snapshot of what it looks like now.


As we can see, there are over 1900 POSH garnered simply by sending out links on Twitter to articles already read. The extra effort was minimal.

Reverting back to those 5 posts, in addition to what was shown, there were some POSH tokens that were also paid out. To me, this is an added bonus.

Twitter On The Blockchain

Over the last few weeks we discussed the introduction of LeoThreads and what is happening there. So far, there were a few upgrades to the latest feature on Leofinance. However, this is not exclusive to that single application.

The technology related to Threads is at the blockchain level. It is simply a different way of gathering the data. Any front end on Hive is able to add this to its application. This could go on Ecency or PeaksD. If desired, the 3Speak team could integrate it into its website. The point being is that microblogging is now on Hive. It is only a question of how many applications offer the feature.

Here we see the foundation starting to form. It is also where we begin to see the convergence discussed earlier. POSH is running for well over a year now. There were upgrades and different things done to enhance the user experience. Now, we could see expansion again.

This was sent out by @acidyo.


Most would say this is a logical move. If microblogging does become a success on Hive, it only makes sense for POSH to be involved. Certainly, based upon this information, it is on its way. We can expect some time delay since development is required but those working on this project seem to have their pieces in place. It is only a matter of time before those sharing Hive content on Threads is earning them POSH and HIVE rewards.

Content Discovery

What we are engaging in is content discovery. This happens at a few different levels.

By going outside the ecosystem, taking to Twitter, there is a chance the article posted gets some attention from people not on Hive. This is one of the keys to the future: bringing more people to Hive content.

At the same time, especially with the use of Threads, one can send out the work of others, possibly bringing exposure to them. After all, if one has a rather large Hive following and sends out an unknown author, that person could receive an extra follower or two from that Thread alone. Think of the potential if we have microblogging on Hive on a number of different front ends.

We have thousands of articles being posted on Hive each day. Sadly, only a miniscule amount receive any attention. For this reason, it is helpful to send out a few links each day. It 200 of us take this to both Twitter and Threads, we are looking at around 500 Hive articles being spread around. How long does it take to send a Tweet? A few seconds?

The total time invested by each individual would be less than a minute. Yet the benefits to the individual authors along with Hive in general could be much greater.

As we see, when Hive grows and adds more, other projects are able to access it. POSH is now expanding to include Threads. That only provides further incentive to people to get busy sharing the links of Hive articles.

My suggestion to anyone new is to get involved with this project. It is a great way to earn in the short term and help make a name for yourself.

Also, keep in mind the roadmap for POSH. There are plans for the future with this project. Right now, the token is being distributed which is vital for long term success of any Web 3.0 venture. A key point to this is wide distribution, with many accounts holding the token. That is what the proof-of-sharing mechanism offers.

It will not take a lot to get more than a thousand articles that were created on Hive shared each day. This is simply a matter of a large number of people sending a few out daily on Twitter and Threads.

Soon, there will be rewards for both.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @taskmaster4450le, @ksam, @tommyl33, @johndieo, @jloberiza, @apoklipsix, @funshee, @idksamad78699, @behiver, @hafiz34, @ctrpch, @palomap3 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

This sure opens a new way of earning for newbies.
Excited to see posh gaining more ground. It's only a matter of soon before threads compete with other short-form apps.
It'll be a move forward when dapps like ecency integrate leothreads into their system.

Not only for newbies but also people who are around a while.

No reason we cannot grow the sharing into the thousands. We have enough people here and sending out a few each day takes no time.

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Another thing that people may not think of is that it opens up the possibility for people who aren't on hive who have a large following on twitter to create a hive account to link to their twitter on the website and then earn posh for sharing relevant posts. This would also make earning the daily posh harder for the rest of us thus more competition ensues and people try harder to get their shares on twitter to reach a bigger audience which just means more traffic to hive. and of course if the newly joined influencers run out of posts from other hivers to share they may even consider posting on hive themselves to then share those. ;)

I am of course biased as this is my first and only token so far but I think it has greater potential for the ecosystem than most realize.

Going to be interesting in the road map and what else unfolds.

I agree. You never can tell who sees something on social media. The fact that we are out there means one with a huge following could really be enticed by Hive.

Many benefits to sending out Hive articles.

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It's a great little incentive for people to do what they already should be doing with their articles and posts. No reason not to be sharing your works.

People should be doing it with the articles and posts of others.

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Exactly, though everyone can still earn POSH for sharing their own articles we purposefully implemented that if they upvote their own shares through the comments they shouldn't receive the hive rewards which instead go to the DHF. So if you want to earn both posh and Hive you have a better chance at sharing articles of others who may reward you with an upvote.

Another way of thinking, though, is that you can incentivize others to share your post by voting up the comments. Say for instance the poshtoken comment in this post which you may have started by sharing your post, you could give it a big vote knowing that you forfeit the hive rewards for yourself but open them up for others to share it on their twitter and depending on how well the tweets perform the other hivers will share the rewards the comment earned.

It gives another layer of demand for staked Hive as you can now reward others to market your post for you which may bring it more attention, views, follows, reblogs, etc. At some point we could even have the comments accept tips that would go to the sharers for smaller stakeholders who want their posts shared on twitter by others but don't have the stake to give it a big vote.

Say for instance the poshtoken comment in this post which you may have started by sharing your post, you give it a big vote knowing that you forfeit the hive rewards for yourself but open them up for others to share it on their twitter and depending on how well the tweets perform the other hivers will share the rewards the comment earned.

This is a great idea. Incentivize the people to come in behind and share it.

Now that the mechanism is becoming clearer, I am seeing the potential.

Time to kick it up another notch.

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I love the idea behing Proof of Sharing and how it works! The only drawback is that often I can't get it to work... I'm surely missing something, but I have no idea what.

Like with this tweet: I shared this post putting the #hive tag both in the post and in the tweet... but I didn't get any answer from the poshtoken bot!

I've also shared this article with this tweet... now I'll see if it works, but for now I didn't see any mentions by poshtoken :/

There have been some weird inconsistencies with the twitter api that we've been working on fixing and figuring out what it is. All I can say is that we're moving over to another version now but it's annoying when it seems to be stemming from the twitter side.

If it can help, today I went to https://hiveposh.com/home before sharing the post on Twitter to see if I was logged correctly... and this way it worked fine: I got the response from the bot after sharing the post!

I came across this piece on Twitter and it directed me to this post.

That is a perfect example of what you pointed out in this piece.

Twitter and other Web 2.0 Social media can aid in spreading the word about Hive, and to bring more people to this beautiful Web 3.0 world.

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I also find myself curating posts every now and then that I see in my twitter feed.

That's so thoughtful of you, and it is truly a great work.

From the moment I realised that Hive reward was part of the incentives received alongside poshtokens, I always try to "mini curate" 😅 the Posh comments I find on other people's post.

I wonder how you're able to reach "almost all the Posh comments." Not just that, I also remember that you said you do this manually.

This is just WOW!
Thank you!

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I know what you are saying. I get that even on #threads also.

It is great when people are sharing a lot of content. Hopefully we can push people to do more of it.

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Without a doubt. We might be in our own bubble especially with the Twitter shadow bans. However, if more people keep pushing out #hive content, we could find some others gravitating towards us.

After all, the incentive is in place.

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💯 True!

Twitter's shadow ban on #Hive and other projects, as well as their imposition of suspension and termination on people's accounts should necessarily demarket Twitter and other Web 2.0 media.

But this is not the case. Web 2.0 still continues to have a better grip of almost 80-90% of social media users in the world.

There are numerous opportunities and possibilities on Hive (Web 3.0) that the world is missing out in. When they come to be fully aware of the opportunities here, i hope it won't be too late.

Well, it can't be too late, there's space for everyone 😁

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We have a lot of opportunities. It is going to be fun to see how this all unfolds. We are now at the point of massive innovation. For now, development is the key.

In the meantime, we all have to keep doing our part. Something like #POSH can really help things along.

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It's absolutely exceptional what Posh is doing... It's just a great way to earn Hive, just by promoting each post...

I agree. It would be wise for everyone to send out a few links each day on Twitter relating to the content they find on here.

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It's really a great idea making hive while even sharing on tweeter and also earning posh as well..
I ll also encourage sharing on Facebook as well..

I love finding out leothreads can be included as well.

I havent heard of any discussion about the sharing on FB.

However, adding #threads is important since we believe it will grow over time. This is going to be a great help.

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The number of daily tweets eligible for the tokens is more than before. I think, after this post, the number will be very high.

I think @acidyo should increase the daily #airdrop amount from 400 to a higher number! 😀😁


@taskmaster4450! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @hafiz34. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Never really a good idea to change the token distribution midstream if it is strong.

The response below is valid. Hard to screw over the early supporters in that way.

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That wouldn't really reward the early posh'ers and holders & buyers of the token now would it. :p

I was using Twitter to promote my posts for a while, but I have kind of fallen out of the habit. I didn't really feel like it was making that much of a difference. I think I'd much rather promote them with threads if that becomes an option. I just don't have the followers on Twitter really, plus I am not religious about interacting on there.

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Simply take the link and drop it in #threads.

It is available now.

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I found out about POSH rewards by sharing and/or promoting others' content on Twitter just a few days ago and that translated into a new revenue stream. Up until now, I was sharing on Twitter just my content, but probably moving further I will promote others' content as well and this one is a good one to do that even if it already has a ton of supporters on it.


Still need to put some hearth to send a smart tweet and message, not just copy/paste ;)

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It is true that we can put some creativity into the Tweet. We also can do the same thing on #threads.

That said, if someone is lazy, dropping the link in a tweet still is helpful.

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Posh is an excellent project. I'm not a big fan of twitter, I made one just for the purpose of checking nfts projects and it's a bit abandoned. I need to pay more attention there and be part of POSH.
Thanks for sharing.


You can earn passive income by delegation of tribe tokens to "The Cartel".

Click this banner to join "The Cartel" discord server to know more.

I only Tweet to help Hive. Outside of that, I dont have much desire to be a Tweetster.

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I love POSH. That is the kind of project Hive needs if we want to make it on Web2. Just imagine thousands of users posting their content on Twitter. Bound to get some outside attention. At least we are getting a ton of social signals which is great for SEO.

Glad to know LeoThreads will be supported by POSH.

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The fact that it is coming to #LeoThreads is terrific. It will only further the incentive to share more articles around.

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This one helped me a lot to understand and clearing the concept of Posh!

To be honest, I believe this is something great when even 10,000 hive users start sharing their post on Twitter using #Hive hashtag and start seen in the trending that would be something huge bringing in a lot of people to hive from web 2.0!

Tho, what about other web 2.0 social platforms? Twitter is a Good option but Reddit is full of Crypto too, I guess it would be Great to see Posh working beyond Twitter.

I Guess it's quite hard to implement on other platforms But that's going to be something Good!

I have no idea about the technical needs in terms of development. Doing every social media platform might be hard.

However, hopefully we start to see #threads take. With more development and integration, we could be one something.

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Posh is great, I have been using it for quite sometimes now, apart from the rewards, it creates more audience to your post and expand hive growth in general, it really a cool way of making cash.

It is a wonderful incentive mechanism.

Glad to see it is expanding and the response of people in here.

It is something that everyone can do.

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This piece is definitely worth seeing by lots of Twitter users.

Thank you for spreading the word.

Will sharing other people's posts on twitter earn me hive or posh or i can share only my posts?

You can earn both Hive and Posh by sharing any posts, the only difference is that if you upvote the comment that tags you because one of your own shares is included, it will not reward you hive in that case and it will be sent to the DAO. So basically if others upvote the comment with your share you can earn Hive as well on top of Posh.

Very interesting and smart to support the DAO when one self shares. I think it is great concept.

Time to kick things up.

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This is a great opportunity to earn hive by sharing content on Twitter.

You guys have been working so hard for this! Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I wish participare soon

I am not one of the ones involved in the development of this. Cant take any credit for POSH of what they are doing. I am just here spreading the word.

Seems like they are on track with their thinking and I like the future add to threads.

That could help to kickstart microblogging on Hive.

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Oh, but thank you for shanri g anyway.

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oh so that's what the posh tag is for .... I thought it had something to do with ocd . Mixing up projects like a pro :P

Similar to the ocd tag the posh tag never did anything nor do we actively look for them, dunno why people insist on adding it when the post has nothing with the posh project to do.

because the plebs are too lazy to look too hard into it ( myself included :P ). Also there are few useful tags so #whynotuseallthetags

We need a damn roster of all these projects and what they do.

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This just hit my wallet. 3 tweet and almost .5 HIVE.

Easy money folks. Get out there and start hitting up Twitter with the #hive or #posh tag. Send out a few articles each.


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Looks cool, thanks for the heads up.

Over the years, technology is advancing to try to make our lives easier, the #Hive family does not escape this and every day we are working hard to continue improving


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Shared on Twitter, let more people know to support our blockchain

Thanks for sharing, I tried to link my account with posh but it's not going through.

The idea of posh is wonderful I see it as a great way to promote a good content and a good author and by extension opening hive to wider audience. Though I haven't done a single posh, I read and comment on great post and a times reblog , these are simple task for me when it comes to making comments and obviously I still earn from it and my time never waste . Upgrading is constant and collaboration is worthwhile .

Everyday, everything gets clearer and better on the Hive blockchain. $POSH is another great definition of layered earnings. Giving value to everyone that is giving exposures to Hive is a great deal. The collaboration that would bring $POSH rewards to #threads would be another massive one on Hive.

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Just tweeted my post.

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Honestly, the help of technology and the internet has really brought hope for people like us to excel in the future. At least we're close to the use of the fifth generation of computers. Technology has really paved the way through a blockchain of #Hive for contributors of knowledge to earn a living and also to help document such knowledge into the blockchain. I'm overwhelmed with how to share a link through Twitter and earn a #Posh.

upvoted reblogged and tweeted yo