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Warning, lots of F-bombs in this one.

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This is similar to the video I posted a bit earlier.

It is time to take ownership. We all have a role to play here. Some are developers, others content creators, still others commenters.

Either way, it is up to us to push this. People say we need this, we need that. Well, look in the mirror. As a community, each has a role to play and if something needs doing, each has to do it.

Too many want to sit around and wait for others. I can guarantee you Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and Google arent sitting around waiting for people to step up.

By the way, any timing on the release of the new 3Speak paper that was tweeted about earlier in the week?

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Great stuff man as always!

Loved the attitude of being grateful for what we have and sure, it's not perfect...But Hive is getting more and more decentralized every day. The tokens are being distributed and the future is bright.

My attitude is, and this might be the downfall of my life lol, but there is no plan B.

It's Hive and crypto and building on here for the future. As an entrepreneur, if it all goes to hell and a handbasket, I'll figure it out.

But I have never felt more strongly about a project or technology in my life.

So it's all in :)

Just wanted to say that people like yourself, @jongolson and most of our global community members are the reason why I'm more and more enthusiastic about creating more decentralised HIVE Network.

Documenting the journey is a good thing, Hive and block chain technology does provide a good medium for journal entries.

Taking the long view on Hive is good, it is like investing in a nice safe to hold your journal entries. I can look back and know what the winter season was for the last three years via my driveway saga series. It is not always about the money, it is about what it is usable for.

More people need to get up from the table and try to avoid the controlled media. I still need to work on not looking at YT so much, FB and Twitter are 100% dead to me, I need to make YT that way also.

I don't think Hive is going to hit the wall, just my opinion, but the foundation layer after HF 25 will be a very solid foundation, the code has been cleaned and for HF 26 we can work on the reward/economic issues for Hive. So many options and tools for the second layer applications from the games to the browsers to the financial tools. Video, live streaming, and I am sure it will not be long before the storage of video and imagery will be available.

I hope that in the future Hive still maintains its generalization aspect and does not become a specialization tool.

That was a nice chat and view from you appreciated, and in the future of Hive will still be there.

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I love the way you promoted yourself

Gratitude is the most important asset.

I love your positive mindset to towards Hive and life in general. Keep grinding Dan. Cheers 🍻

Let the Hive Bees "fly" & grow...

Always inspiring listening to you Dan, though what I fail to understand is why the likes of Justin Sun remains unbanned on Twitter.

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it is always inspiring listening to you. my take away from this is to keep building. being part of this blockchain is the best thing that has happened to me. and whatever it will take to get it to the point it needs to be I am willing to support it in my own little way.

we keep grinding...

Love the Cartman reference, as I just watched that episode a few days ago!
F web 2!
F Justin Shun!
F walking on egg shells!

P.s, Thank you for your delegation a while back, as you pushed me over 20k HP! It helped a ton to attract new members, and I am currently using it to support a growing community of skaters in the Philippines! which in turn is showing everyone here in North America, that I am legit, and that Hive works like I told them it does! We got some big things coming, and I think it's going to bring a lot of people to Hive real soon!
Also i feel this HP might also have come through @nathanmars support for the work I am doing. Either way, it's helping me a ton, and I'm going to make sure I bring more value back to Hive as a result!

Love your videos.

A potential hive competitor is Koinos, although they are far from launch. I've been listening to Andrew's videos, he really has the right vision for how a blockchain should be.

Smart contracts can hurt scaling though, let's see.

It is awesome listening to the excitement you have for our blockchain. Thanks for all you are doing.


The best is yet to come it is very pleasing to watch your videos maestro @theycallmedan thank you for continuing to motivate us.

You mentioned that you had a whitepaper for your own Quora style app to be built on EOS.

I was a daily user of Quello, but all of a sudden that project just disappeared.

What happened to them and what happened to your idea?

Anyway, keep building mate :)

I know I'm not the only one excited about what's to come from 3speak in the video decentralisation space!

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Always good to have something to listen to in the background.

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Bien dicho

I knew by the time you “killed” it
We’d be more alive and kicking on the Hive :)

Spoke to me in many ways...gracias

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Wery good nice post ;)

That was such an amazing content you put out there,thanks for sharing

Inspiring stuff Dan, a great listen. I'll be sure to keep spreading the word about Hive. Keep up the good work!

I couldn't agree more about these words

The most decentralized project will get the least hype because they don't have a centralized marketing team behind them.

The reason we are here to promote Hive on Twitter using the help you are delegating to us with all the prizes and trust. Really appreciate all of it, sir

Love to see loving people like you being in this wonderful community. Thank you for being you, Dan <3

Love to see loving people like you being in this wonderful community. Thank you for being you, Dan <3

Well thanks to co-found 3speaks. You make that app for yourself but helps a Lot to us the content creator around the Globe for express ourselves in a freedom speach and for people like us (that lives in sh*t countries, with controls media situation (vzla) is a blessing to have this Tool. I love this 3speak app, is a shame that vzla internet is so slow for upload long vídeos (is the Main reason about i don't upload a Lot of vídeos in 3spk) but im really glad each time that i can upload a vídeo here beyond the money or whatever. I can feel 3spk is like My Home too, Youtube don't gives me that kind of vibe or flow.
I only wanna Say that. Continúe develop apps and with your creativity. You really are making a good stuffs for a Lot of people.

So true. The million ants! lol, the collective hive mind! We're everywhere! I think we should build booking systems since forever. p2p-bnb, uber...? erc-20 interoperability via hive engine...? The scalability factor is pretty awesome. Nobody has our kinda history! Hive has the craziest story out there! We all deeply appreciate you! I'm on fire after hearing this! Mad hyped! I like what you said about waking up, checking out this guy's life! Can relate to that. That mind set is great! Presence! Enjoyed this a lot! It's true that we need responsible people to come and build here. I agree that hive can solve a lot of problems. I can name countless people who would say that hive saved their life.

Absolutely loved this. So inspirational. Especially the part about work with what you have. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

Great talk. Just listened to this before I fall asleep.
I fuq wit it! My vision ain’t changed neither.