Join My Listnerds Team To Win A Free Hive Punk!

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Join my listnerds team to win a free hive punk.png

Passive Income from e-mail marketing

In case you missed it, e-mail marketing on the blockchain has been launched on our Hive blockchain and is going to change the industry forever. Earning a passive income either by reading e-mails, sending e-mails and/or staking tokens was never easier.


Over the years, I've tried out several ways to earn a passive income. In the far past, I even remember finding something a bit similar to Listnerd's e-mail box and some affiliate links to discount deals, but that's as far as the comparison goes. Listnerds is so much more! Where I could earn maybe $10 in a year of clicking on e-mails back then at the other platform, I can already see huge potential to earn (much much) more when utilizing Listnerds in the right way. And to get it right, I personally will have to do a few trial and errors before I get how this stuff really pays off. Which is fine, as I'm dedicated to doing so.

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Team building

The great thing about this is, that I want YOU to join me on this journey and build a passive income that's worth mentioning. I'm dedicating several blogs a week to share my personal journey with you, explain to you what worked out, what not, why this was the case etc. This way, you can save yourself a lot of time by just following my lead and getting it right from the start. If you're in my team, you can also request me to highlight certain topics in the blogs I'm going to write in the next week. Just leave a comment under one of my Listnerds blogs, and I will see how I can help you.

Of course, you are also always welcome to contact me on Discord for any help you may need. My Discord ID can be found in the footer of this post.

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Upcoming content

I'm very excited to write easy step by step tutorials to collect these in one bundle in case you ever wonder how to do something on Listnerds, I got you covered as I'm going to create all these tutorials for you. This means that YOU don't have to create them yourself, and can focus on building your own team as I will have the tutorials available for you to share within your network.

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Hive Punk Raffle

If you sign up using my referral link and you are part of the first 25 people that joined my team, I will do a raffle and give away a Hive Punk to one of you. That's right! I will give you a Hive Punk for free, so if you didn't own a Hive Punk yet, that will be your first one. If you did, well, you can't have enough Hive Punks!

I'm not going to disclose which #hivepunk I will give away just yet, but I will pick a nice one for you. All you have to do is join my team by using my referral link and leaving a comment below so that I can verify that you joined my team. Once I hit the 25 team members, I will do the raffle.

I'm going to support my team members in any way that I can as well as do some fun stuff to keep you guys motivated to build a nice team yourself. This is my first token of appreciation.

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More Listnerds Content

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Let's Connect

If you want to connect, you can give me a follow on my socials. For inquiries, you can send me a direct message on Discord.

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Very interesting contest. Of course, the key is to get people from outside Hive to join. But that is a challenge.

I am optimistic about Listnerds. Hopefully the power of the community can help to spread the advantages of the system.

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It's not a contest but a raffle. And I'm well aware of that, I'm just starting here as it makes the most sense because we all know how hive works :)

I'm working on documentation to explain signing up, wallet, keys, tokens etc so I can use that for recruitment outside of Hive and I also have a domain ready for that.

I see huge potential already, and I'm willing to put a lot of effort into it to make it work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Looks like an interesting idea. I just signed up with your link and connected it to my otherbrandt account. Now gimme a punk 🙃

Thanks for that and you are on the list for the raffle as soon as your username pops up in the list. Which one did you sign up with? :)

The Hive username should be otherbrandt, and the ListNerds username is yadgifavo.

I read in the comments somewhere that other people were having some issues with it, so if it's not showing up let me know!

Hey, that's why I asked because it didn't match this name :) I saw a few that I didn't recognize so at least one of them is clear now haha. It takes some time to show up on the list, so I gave it some time.

I will publish "Start earning in a few simple steps" later. I should have started with that one actually, but will set that straight :)

Now let's build!

Awesome Contest, I cannot wait to read about your journey!! I'd join under you but, well, you know... lol

Lol, yeah, I know!

I hope it triggers some more people to check it out, for those wondering if I reached 25 yet, nope, there's still room to join and have a shot!

The punk isn't going anywhere so people can take their time :)

Hello @thisismylife ! Thanks for the guides (I have found some other articles by you about ListNerds too via a google search)! I used your referral and hope you can see me (I can see only my downline, not my referrer)! My username is christina-madart , like here! I will read all the guides more thoroughly during next days and try to make the most of it!

Hey there, you're very welcome, I'm glad you find them useful. I had no idea that they were showing up on Google, that's good to know, thanks for sharing that with me!

I just checked and you are in my downline, so welcome to the team! I will add another guide tomorrow, they aren't published daily but as often as I can. Please do check the guides, I'm linking them all in the last post every time. If you have questions let me know. They may not be writing in a logical order btw, I'm writing them as I go but eventually I aim to have it all covered.

Ps you are going to be included in a raffle for a free hive punk soon.

Have a great evening!

Thank you so much @thisismylife ! Yes, an article by you on Leo is on the first three results for ListNerds search on Google!


Yes, I'll read thoroughly all of them during next days, just have to take care of some things first because my head is spinning from the many tasks these days! 😸

I started reading mails and getting the MAIL token and just started understanding how to help verify mails and start earning CTP as well, I might have to buy some in hive-engine too in order to have more voting power and start staking it!

Thanks also for including me on the Hive Punk raffle! Do you know if they have a roadmap or any plans for the future? I have bought a few too during HiveFest and I'd love to see the project evolve! 😺

hey @christina-madart, I'm sorry that I didn't finish this comment when I read it. I had it open here on my laptop, but then worked on another device, therefore I noticed it just now. I was already answering but was called away from the laptop that moment.

It's really cool to see them appear in Google, thanks for mentioning it!

The process of buying and then staking is super simple, can be done either in Hive engine (the buying) and then moved into Listnerds (on the site) or buy on Listnerds directly and continue from there. If you haven't done so, I wrote a guide with screenshots. Same process for Listnerds btw.

4 more people to go for the Raffle, maybe this week will be the week :)
There's no roadmap or anything yet, but I bet the dev will come up with something you can follow for updates :)

Hey @thisismylife , no worries, I am also "guilty" of not answering swiftly these days myself, as this month is really critical for my development! I'm in search of fiat jobs apart from my crypto adventures in order to be able to live on my own during this year and the multitasking & load of information/ intel to process sometimes makes my head spin! 😸

Thanks a ton for the info, I have already bought a small amount of the CTP token on hive-engine and staked it, claiming my daily amount and staking it too and whenever I am able to buy more I will do so! I'm also giving the thumbs up to your mails on ListNerds every time I have voting power or saving them to do it later!

Thanks too for the info for Punks on Hive, I am looking forward to see good news from their side! 🌞

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Are you keen to CTP? Think they build funnels.

So much more than funnels! They teach, maintain multiple projects on Hive, and so much more!! But I'm biased...

Hello there, I have joined your list. I can't wait to find out more

Edit: I signed up with my email though, how do I use my hive username to login, I got an error message when I tried after verifying my mail.

Or do I need to start afresh and register with my hive username?

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Hey, I also joined with my email, and later connected my keychain, so that should be possible for you too.

If you get an error message, you can shoot a support ticket on the website, they will help you further as soon as they can.

I used my hive username for easy reference...
and thanks for using my ref I saw your name in the list just now!

Oh cool. I am going to do that soon, If I encounter any more difficult, I'll hit you up or use the support as you adviced. Thanks alot. ❤️