Upvote Shares Level 25 Curation Dividend Payouts & Progress

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Level 26 is about to open up but there is first another round of Curation Reward Dividends being paid out to Shareholders with 11 or more shares!

I intendeded to do this sooner but things keep getting in the way, The Curation Dividends are doubled again similar to last payout (See Post) as part of the Blurt Airdrop is being redistributed to shareholders (See Post). The table below shows where we are right now in the progression of this project and the current plan remains to work things up toward 2000 shares after which they only can be bought from other shareholders. I'll discuss all the details once we are there hopefully somewhere in 2022

I added some more CTP to the tribe tokens and continue to look to increase them depending on how much the voting powers are being drained.

-TribeCurrently StakedMultiplier
Hive8700 HP1x
Leofinance650 LEO10x
Palnet2481 PAL2x
Sportstalk321000 SPORTS10x
Neoxian10400 NEOXAG5x
ClickTrackProfit250 CTP10x

Level 25 Curation Dividends

As always, all shareholders that have at least 11 shares are getting curation dividend payouts with a small multiplier based on their shares. They will be paid out right after this post is published.

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The Voting power continues to hold up relatively well but I will decrease the voting power for each share from 2.8% currently to 2.5% when Level 26 opens up to hopefully be able to keep it there for a while. This is still far bigger compared to the minimum promised 0.74% which it would be at level 26 with 1350 Shares in circulation. I won't wait too long to open up the next level and it will likely be closed down within 2 weeks regardless of shares sell out or not as there is enough HP in the account to burn unsold shares which would increase the returns for existing shareholders.

Thanks everyone and as always let me know if I made any mistakes. Also, feel free to leave questions, feedback, suggestions in the comments below as always!

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Doesn't look like @pifc is getting votes unless I am missing something.

Hey @pifc,

I manually have put the upvotes on hold and worte about it some posts back. With the price of Hive increasing, I noticed many returning making cheap post2mine content which isn't what this project wants to be about as stated in the Terms & Conditions

The current "Daily Pimp Your Post" don't meet the minimum requirements (feel free to bring valid arguments why they should). I'll be happy to turn the votes back on when things change and the program always allows you to sell the shares you own at any given time. I'm sure you can understand this point of view, I really liked what the pifc offered in the past and I also totally get that the big guaranteed sbi votes are being collected.

Thank you very much, I confirm the reception of the dividend. Ready for the next round :)


Great to see that the system works smoothly 👍

Hey @upvoteshares, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for the hive man. B

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@upvoteshares, am I eligible for this program? I've read the terms, just now 100% how to apply correctly :)

hey @michelmake,

I'm not checking this account daily, so thanks on the patience for a reply.
For as far al being eligible for the program, there is no issue with Actifit posts as long as at least some effort is put into them. This basically comes down to having a custom image and title just to make it more unique (Posts like these #1 #2) don't really meet the bare minimum quality requirements. So if you are willing to do that, you are certainly welcome to join. I will open the next level normally tomorrow

@upvoteshares, am I eligible for this program? I've read the terms, just now 100% how to apply correctly :)