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The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.

- Plato -

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The weekend is finally here after a pretty productive working week and hopefully you've got something great planned for the to day break. I'm going on a big hike on Saturday, at a place called Anstey Hill Recreation Park, and resting my feet which will be very sore on Sunday after several hours of hiking - It's all good though, being out amongst it in nature is worth it.

I'm here now with some writing suggestions in case you are looking for something to post about over the weekend. I'll wrap up the weekend on Monday with my favourites post so please follow the guidelines below to be eligible. Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES Community and follow the guidelines to be eligible for curation and the favourites post.

The inflexible guidelines

🔰 🔰 🔰

☑️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag so I can find your entry
☑️ Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posting)
☑️ Use photos you took where possible (it shows character and personality)
☑️ Follow all the community rules - Post in ENGLISH only (not multi-language)
☑️ Entries close at 06:30 UTC Monday 06 March (Link to UTC converter)

The (hopefully) interesting prompts

Don't write lengthy summaries of my questions just to use up the word count - just write your post in answer to the question you choose - and use the word count as part of your answer.

🔰 🔰 🔰

Lost in a foreign country

Have you ever been lost in a foreign country? Tell us the story in a post of at least 300 words and use your own images where possible. No fictional stories, this must be factual and your own story.


Most of us have regifted to someone else a gift we have received. Tell us your regift story. What was it, who gave it to you, who did you give it to and why? A post of 300 words or more is required.

Life and death situations

Have you, or someone close to you, been in a life and death situation? Explain it in a post of at least 300 words.

Future concerns

What concerns do you have for your personal future? They could be financial, relationships, emotional, physical or anything else about your own personal future. How are you addressing those concerns and how do you see it playing out? Write a post of at least 300 words.

Déjà vu

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? (If you don't know what it is google it) Tell us the story and make sure it is something that happened to you, not a fictional story. Do a post of at least 300 words.

The best excuse

What's the best excuse you've ever used to get out of doing something or going somewhere? Tell us what the excuse was, what it got you out of and why you didn't want to do that thing. Also explain if there was any fallout over it. A post of 300 words or more is required.

If you haven't read and complied with the guidelines I suggest you do.

🔰 🔰 🔰

Curation may happen on posts that comply with the guidelines but only on quality original content. This is a chance to showcase yourself to the community and to find and build new relationships. It's about engagement with others as much as it's about posting content.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default, tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

The image in this post is my own and is not for your use - Lochiel, South Australia

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This is going to be a tough one for me. But Im certain there will be very interesting stories this weekend.

Probably will be some good ones.

I'm looking forward to those who are scared of relationships

I have 2 categories...I wonder if I made it blend...I have a gift I bought for someone who made me start worrying about the future...or was all that a deja Vu 😕😕⁉️

Interesting topics, I think I will go with life and death situation I experienced.

Life and death situation not an easy situation at all, my entry loading.

Ok then, good plan.

I hope it's not too bloody 😨😨

Hmm.. it's been really long since I had such a blast of ideas. Now I am spoilt for choice as I have really good stories to tell from each of those prompts.

There's a few to choose from huh?

I want to read ones about a fear of relationships in the future.

Someone might be writing on that topic too...not saying it's me

I am sure you will read a good one soon.

Yeah... I'll keep my eyes open.

Excellent suggestions, my entry is on its way greetings to all.

Ok, good. Have a happy weekend.

Greetings to you too

Good Friday, Galen, excellent proposals all turn out to be real to build a better life from these experiences. Happy weekend🍀🌴

Happy weekend to you too! 😊

Thank you a lot, Galen 🌞

Future concerns and Life and death situations...Interesting ones

I will pick either of those two.

I hope you have a great weekend.

I'm glad you found something you like. Have a good weekend too.

I'd love to write from there too. Hope you are having an amazing weekend too

In a few occasions, I have seen scenes that looked as though I had experienced them in real life before and this week gives me an opportunity to talk about these.
Happy weekend friends.

Happy weekend to you also.

Thanks for keeping us engaged every weekend.

You're welcome.

What a selection!
I'll be putting out my entry soon.

Excellent, I'll look out for it.

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All of the topics are very interesting. I am confused now which one I should choose 😅..

Life can be confusing but most of us have to ability to find a path forward.

Ohooo, nice set of topic again. I already found my desired topic for this weekend But I still have to choose to 3,4 and 5. Let see, let see 🤩

It's often a difficult choice huh.

Then came a different and shocking Friday, full of diversity, and thought-provoking topics, but the results are going to be very pleasant, some memoirs will have originality and some will have the impression of fiction, but it will be fun.
looking forward to a great week

I hope you manage to find something you like. Have a great weekend.

I'm loving this community. No, let me rephrase. I love this community. The thought provoking questions every weekend is great. Thanks to the moderator or moderators. I better get to writing.

There's just me, the founder of this community, I run it myself. I'm glad you like it.

You're doing great.

This week topic will draw so many people to the community. It is all about you, your real life story

We'll see who turns up this week, there's already a few good entries though, maybe there'll be more too.

Sure more will flow tomorrow Saturday and Sunday. Mine will drop soon

Very interesting topics Mr @galenkp , thank you very much. I wish you all a happy weekend!👐🙏

Thank you, I hope you also have a good weekend.

I can't believe it's Friday again and here you are, with another edition of your weekend engagement post. Today I can see two topics that I could write about, but will only choose one. The most interesting for me 😃

Hmm, I wonder which it is. I guess I'll find out soon enough though. Happy weekend Erikah.

Very good topics this week, I identified with one, thanks friend for this space, happy weekend, greetings.

 last year (edited) 

I'm glad there's something you like and I hope you enjoy the writing process.

I wish you to do super well on the hike. Sore and happy, what more could you ask for from the lovely nature.

A good rest, feet in warm water with vinegar and salt and Monday ready to start the week.

It should be a good hike, it's a nice day today, sunny and 28. I hope you have a good weekend.

These topics are very interesting and lovely. I am planning to select my prompt for this weekends. Thanks very much @galenkp!

I'm glad you like them, good luck with your writing. Have a good weekend as well

Hello friend @galenkp 👋🏻 Glad your week was productive and the park is waiting for you. I was googling that park you will be going to and it says it is eight steps of hiking and/or biking, and there are also animals that live there 😀 How interesting 😃 I'm sure you'll get some great pictures from that ride. My husband likes to ride his bike.

Thanks for the suggestions this weekend 🌟

It's been a tough week at work, but that's nothing unusual I guess. There's loads of walking trails at Anstey Hill, and the old ruins if a plant nursery also, just a few foundations and crumbled walls. It's pretty cool. I'm looking forward to it.

Hi @galenkp, it is possible that some weekend I will make a publication that combines all the topics you expose. If we think about it, they can all be related. I choose life and death situations this weekend:

Best regards and happy weekend!

That would be an epic post! Maybe someday huh?

Beautiful weekend with amazing topics to get us engaged. Greetings great Hivians and happy weekend to you all.

Happy weekend to you too!

Thank you so much for the wish.

Waooo this week proposal will be wonderful all thanks @galenkp

No worries, and I hope you have a good weekend.

This week's prompts are powerful. It's nice to catch up. Here are my Future Concerns.

Thanks for your post, it's a good read.

Hey there @galenkp
You did great on this selection as always.

Here's my participation;

Thanks, and have a good weekend.

Great topics, let's go write.

Write on.

I've got a really good “Lost in a foreign country” story, but for now, too embarrassing to share. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Good topic though!

Teasing us with your lost story huh? 🤪

I get it though, not everything is for the blockchain. Have a good weekend.

Awesome, I already have an idea of what I want. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

You're welcome, I hope you have a good weekend also.

Yet another set of inspiring topics.

I do have concerns about my future. Let's see how that goes.

Thank you, and do have a great weekend, sir.

Thanks for supporting the concept. Have a good weekend too.

Dejavu is interesting one i guess, thanks @galenkp happy weekend!

Happy weekend to you too.

Interesting topics. I think I have an experience to share. Let me get to work 🥱

Ok, work it.

These prompts are amazing. Funny how I have an experience to share for all the prompt except the first. Haven't exactly been to another country yet.

I will be dropping my entry soon☺️

Ok, no worries, I'm glad you relate to the topics.


These topics are all nice and i will do my best to come up with a good read

No worries, have a good weekend.

May the weekend be going great, here I am to share my entry. Blessings 🙏🏽🤗💖

Thank you, I hope you have a nice weekend.

My entry

i was thinking if its right to answer two to three prompt in a single post, because that's what i wanted to do. or create another post for it during the week if i remember.

Ok, thanks.

Tomorrow I will post it!
It will be about a "lost-in-a-country" article :D

Nice one, I'll look out for it.

As always you leave us with a list of very interesting topics. Here I share my participation. Thank you so much, dear @galenkp .

👍 Have a good weekend.

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Hi @titisnariyah these week theme is suit to you. You could re call your memory. there.

Hello there, here is my entry on regifted. Thank you for reading and have an amazing weekend.

Have a good weekend yourself. ✅

My work the weekend-engagement.

Pardon me i bridged the rule last week as my entry came late. But i have to make amends for this week.

Thanks as you go through it.

You made it on time this week.

Hi #galenkp how are doing good to hear from you again this week. Happy weekend.
Here is my entry


Cheers too. Happy weekend

happy evening friends, I share with you my experience with deja vu.

Good evening and a happy weekend to you..I hope the weekend has been great and that you're doing fine?

This is my contribution for this week

Thanks for being involved.

You're welcome. A happy Sunday to you

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