Weekend-Engagement topics: WEEK 190 - Australia Day edition - 2024

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People who say, 'There's nothing to fear from spiders' have clearly never been to Australia.

- Cate Blanchett -


It's one of my favourite public holidays this weekend, Australia Day - January 26th - (fuck yeah!) and I have all sorts of Australia Day appropriate things planned for today and the weekend in general. Basically it's a day for all Australians to celebrate and appreciate the country and how awesome it is and we do that by going to the beach, having picnics and BBQ's and basically being fucken awesome Australians! You can join in if you like, from wherever you are in the world...just call yourself an Australian for the weekend and it's all good, we don't mind...just have some fun...that's about all there is to it.


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  • If you could be in Australia this weekend what would you like to do? Cuddle a koala, go surfing (with the sharks), pat a kangaroo, visit Sydney, the tropical north, the outback or one of our amazing beaches, rain forests or mountain ranges for instance? What would you do and why? Remember to use your own photos - Get creative, I reward that more highly.

  • If you were pretending to be an Australian for a day and celebrating Australia Day in your own country how would you do it and who would you invite and why? Remember to use your own photos.

  • Do you think you'd like to live in Australia and if so why...if not why not? Remember to use your own photos.

  • What is the craziest, scariest, worst or best thing you've heard about Australia? Remember to use your own photos.

  • Have you met and spent time with an Australian in person or virtually? Explain and remember to use your own photos.


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Great great great great themes!!!! I've made up my mind! I'm calling instantly!

Very happy Australia day, very happy Australia day!!! I wish you a great time, enjoy it very much and have a good rest!!!!

What a wonderful day, what I've seen of Australia is really beautiful, a paradise, enjoy every day Galen!!!


A kangaroo getting funky on the electric guitar; only the real smart kangaroos can do that. 🤣

I put Australia and that image killed me laughing hahaha it's great! But I like the Koalas better.... super sweet! And the beaches of Australia... what a beauty... I'm already imagining being there.... crazy! I have to get back to reality hahaha

Bring your bikini! We have so many amazing beaches.

Yes!!!! I would love to! If I go to those beaches I'm never leaving again!

Amazing, Happy Australia Day! I think I have done all the topics related to going to Australia and else previously, but never on the context of Australia day.

You already know I'd like to live there even with the spiders and other deadly threats! 😂

I wanted to theme this week's topics and make them Australian-related as I thought it would be interesting to see how people responded: Seriously, with humour, creativity and so on...I'm hoping ther s a few really good ones as I've increased the winnings pretty high this weektime will tell.

All in the spirit of Australia Day (I think). Let's see what happens!

Happy Australia Day!
australia is such a nice and beatiful country
my cousin brother doing his master's in australia,
after my graduation ,my plan is to join him 😍

As one who was born here and lived all my life here besides travel overseas I can certainly agree with you, it's a beautiful country and a privilege to live here. I'm proud to be able to say I'm Australian through and through.

happy to hear
i also love travelling
its my dream to explore australia. i watch many vlogs on youtube, australia is my dream destination

Happy Australia Day! Sounds a lot like the 4th of July over here. Do they do fireworks and all of that? If I were over there, I'd be looking for some good BBQ food to eat!

Yep, it's pretty much the same thing as 4th July for Americans. There's all sorts of community events, concerts and things, parties and all. Fireworks too. It's a good day.

Definitely sounds like an awesome day!

My friend, you have outdone yourself. Writing isn't complicated, but taking photos of Australia is very difficult. I will participate, but I look forward to images of Australia from people I know who live or have visited these lands. I will post tomorrow without fail, I won't miss the opportunity to compete with the others.

I hope you're having a great weekend so far, I'll look out for your post if you manage to find time for it.

Enjoy Australia Day @galenkp! You are the only australian I have known (virtually). This week I will read about your country.

Thank you, it is a fun public holiday with lots of activities and events happening, and a really good excuse for a BBQ with friends...although we never need much of a reason to do one of those. 😁

Well, I read about your country, but I couldn't write about that, I had no internet connection over the weekend. I read about Australia in the old encyclopedia at home!!! I'm sorry.

Ahh I want to be Australian and live in Australia for a day hahaha, the best, I like the idea of hugging a koala, but sharks nooo thanks.😄
One question, regarding pictures, I like to design, can I post pictures designed by me, does that count as my own, if not, I understand, I see I make it up.
Happy day and happy weekend, greetings. 😍

Hugging sharks is not recommended. 😉

As long as the image is yours it will be ok, no stock images at all, not even from Canva. If you took the photo yourself then that means it is yours, if not, then not.

I understand, own photo then, thanks, greetings...and no sharks hahaha.

Lol...there's plenty here, sharks I mean, and it's one of the reasons I don't go out into the ocean too far. Having said that, there's plenty of other things that are risks; Australia is known for it I suppose.

Well I tell you that I am doing some research, and what most mentions is the subject of animals, is it true that they eat kangaroo meat? it is well known for that, and its variety of vegetation and animals, impressive.

It's available yes, most supermarkets carry it. It's not all that popular though, beef, lamb, chicken and pork are far more popular. The supermarkets carry a small range of kangaroo, crocodile, rabbit and so on, and specialist butchers carry other lines again, wild game.

this weekend we will talk about Australia, Australia is a beautiful country, many Indonesian people have migrated there, I also really want to go to Australia one day, I will soon participate in this contest

No worries, I'll look out for your post.

Maybe you'll come to Australia someday, it's not beyond the realms of possiblity.

I hope we can meet in Australia, my brother

Happy Australian day.
Okay let me go summit my fiction prompt on this topic.
Writing it feels as if I am there. Just a wish that can't be possible as at this time.
But whatever way I can imagine the adventure.
Awesome topic👌👌

Have a nice weekend, we are doing the same here. 😁

😜 happy weekend too❤️

As a geography teacher, this country caught my attention and has charms that make it special. It is an island that is a continent, with a unique fauna and an incredible flora.
From the climatic point of view it has a particular charm and its level of development places it among the highest in the world.
Visiting it is one of my greatest desires and I wish I could fulfill it. Congratulations to all the inhabitants of this great country. Happy weekend. Cheers and greetings.

It's a good place to live and I'm pleased to have been born here and to have enjoyed a lifetime of benefits rather than having been a visitor or immigrant.

Thanks for your message, I hope you're having a good weekend.

You can tell by the way he speaks that he is proud to be Australian and that is important because the worst thing that can happen to us is to feel like immigrants in our own country. The weekend was good, on a birthday. Happy weekend. Cheers and best regards.

Happy Australia Day Enjoy!


Thanks Joan, the second best public holiday of the Australian year.

I'm not sure if I will be able to join the celebration, so Happy Australia Day :) hope you are going to have a wonderful day!

No worries, have a good weekend.

Happy Australia Day dammit! Lol, one of these days my own photos will match up with your prompts again. All my Aussie connections date to my 'photos are evidence' phase.

I knew most would not have photos that aligned with the topics but did them anyway; for me it's about the text not the photo so a photo of a carrot on the kitchen bench would work just as well as a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Opera House. I'd probably get a laugh out if the carrot photo if used actually.

It's nice to have such a wonderful celebration in January. I wish I am an Australian.

Yep, a pretty great place to be born and raised. I feel so grateful.

Happy Australia Day! Australia sounds like an epic place which I would like to visit some day or even emigrate to Australia! Enjoy celebrating your country! 🍻

I think you're the tulype of person who would truly appreciate and respect Australia in every way; I hope you make it out here someday.

Hi Galen, it's my turn to put my adventurous soul into action with your beautiful country. Happy day


Get on it! You can be Australian for the day! 😆

Woo-hoo , thank you, Galen.

First of all I would like to say you are very lucky that you are in Australia and enjoying your weekend.
Because Australia is peaceful country and very low crime rate.
It provides high wages to the workers.
Many places to visit and thousands of beaches.
That's why Australia is always been my dream country and I m trying to move Australia after my graduation.
Really nice topics.

It's a glorious place to live and I'm glad to av been born here. For those who work hard and make good decisions there's lots of opportunities.

You are totally right.
I have lot of friends in Australia all of them are studying there, and soon I will move there.

My former colleague/friend is now living in Australia with her family... I once wished to work there too.. I guess it's a great place...

It's a great place. I was born and raised here and I can't think of a better place to live from an all-round perspective.

Hah - these WE suggestions sound like they're made for me, alas, the way I'm going right now, I'm pretty certain I won't be writing a post.

Happy Aussie day, Mr. Aussie! Hope you're having a blast at the beach and at least one barbie (not the doll, but you knew that).

It was a great day indeed and I'm extending the celebrations into the weekend because, it's un-Australian not to! Lol.

As for the BBQ (barbie)...the first weas last night, the second is lunch today and the third dinner Sunday night. I know, only three, but it's better than two. 😁

I hope you're well.

A quick one.... How can one work in Australia!!!!!

I've always wanted to experience Australia Day festivities! Hopefully one day I can make it out there to join in on the fun. Have a great time celebrating!

There's various channels in respect of gaining access to Australia for work, and various Visa's available; I think they're not easy to get and sponsorship is required. Do some googling and you'll find the best sources of information.

Greetings brother! How nice that you have a day in commemoration of your country, here there are many holidays and patriotic dates, but there is no day of Venezuela, that's why I was so surprised by this publication. I am glad to see that it will be a weekend that you will enjoy a lot, Australia calls my attention, I would love to live there or at least know it, but I don't know if I have great pictures to make a great entry, we will see, and if not, I will enjoy some of the people's participation 😉

It's a good holiday and one I like a lot as a patriot.

Have a nice weekend. :)

Happy Australia day!

Thanks mate...it's been going all weekend to be honest but will have to wind down eventually. I have a BBQ happening tonight and then Australia Day will be packed away for another year.

wow that sounds amazing. i love bbqs. get me a good burger or steak haha. Enjoy your weekend and the bbeq!

Burgers tonight actually, and some vegetarian things I'm grilling also for my lady and one of her friends, plus some salad. The lads are all on burgers though, and a beer or two.

sounds good. i love smash burgers if you know how to make that. i havent really seen it here in malaysia tho so i guess i kinda miss that from california.

Congratulations Australia, on your day.
Beautiful country.🦘

Thanksfnir that, it was as a lovely day and the celebrations will continue for the whole weekend. 🤔😊

untitled.gif I would love to visit this beautiful country. Happy day to you.

Thank you, I appreciate it, and we had a lovely day celebrating. 😊

I am very happy about that, there is a need for good days like this. Here in theory it's July 5th, it's a non-working day, but they don't do anything extraordinary.

I think it's the events that make Australia Day so much fun.

Happy Australia day, mate.
Have fun and have a great weekend 😊.

Cheers 🥂

Thanks, it'll be an awesome weekend for sure.

There's everything to be scared about spiders... Australia seems like a great place.

They're everywhere, and some as big as dogs! 😉

Spiders as big as dogs!!?
Is that even real!?
I can't imagine man😅🥲

Sometimes bigger even!

Ok, not really.

I smiled in real life. Cracked me up fr😭😂

This weekend is all about Australia.
Happy Australian day to you and yours.
Have an amazing celebration.


Thanks, it will be a good weekend.

Happy Australia day to all the Australians in the house, especially @galenkp .

Can I use a source photo like the flag?

Hmm, I'd prefer you didn't as I don't like the use of stock photos. Draw one.

Oook. I don't know how to draw

What a nice weekend, I loved learning about this culture, being able to read about it and I definitely loved its gastronomy, I think I would eat all day long

Greetings good friends.

Today I come to congratulate you for celebrating Australia Day on January 26th of this year. In this regard, I present my participation in this weekend's challenge: