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I'm lucky, I don't like sweets, not even chocolate.

- Eva Herzigova -

(No chocolate? Weirdo.)


I've got four days off this weekend and it's fucken awesome! Can you tell I'm a little bit happy about it? This weekend is very special...it's all about chocolate and days off work, enjoying life and eating hot cross buns too - the true meaning of Easter. Legit right? Happy long weekend folks!

If you'd like to get involved with the #weekend-engagement topics as hosted in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community then read below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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I'm sure you are enjoying this long weekend to the fullest, I hope so, greetings 🤗

 2 months ago (edited) 

I am trying yes. I'm balancing it it with a lot of me-time, relaxing and reading and also some activities. It's been enjoyable so far.

I love the last question. I grew up having a sheltered childhood yet having that tough love from my parents which I am very grateful for how they molded me made me the person I am right now.❤️

Yeah, it's good to look back and see the effort parents put into one's upbringing and be grateful for it.

I really don't understand people who don't have a sweet tooth! Such a strange concept to me (coming from a chocolate addict 🤣)

Hope you have a great time off during the holiday and try to finish that Cadbury egg 😅 I'm not celebrating this week but would never say no to chocolate no matter the occasion so rest assured we've stocked on milk chocolate and mini eggs lol

My entry here: @boryanamtl/a-look-back-on-the

If you said no to chocolate I would have to reevaluate our friendship so I'm happy to hear you will never say no. Long live chocolate! 🤪🤣

hahahaha I'll have to get that printed on a t-shirt: Long live chocolate 😆

We'll go 70-30 on the profits. 70 to you and 30 to me for the idea. Sound fair?

Production can't happen without the idea so let's do 50/50. Then we'll watch the profits flow💰🍫

I like your style.

Hello everyone! I thought I could reach you and yes I could.... this is my entry. Thanks for visiting me


Thanks for taking the time, I hope you're having a good weekend.

Hello @galenkp , thank you very much. I hope you had a great weekend as well.

Arriving with many memories for these spaces. Thank you for these suggestions, I was provoked to do them all:


Thanks for entering a post this week. 😉

I am so glad you are able to take a well deserved rest. Very nice themes for the weekend, especially the chocolate. Best regards. 🥰

Rest is best especially after being put to the test and I feel blessed to have a nest in which to rest.

You are so right, our nest is the home we have built.
My regards. 🤗 I wish you many good things. And may you have made the most of your rest.🥰

Happy Easter mate, hope you've been doing well. Nice shot their off the egg by the way capturing all those little chocolate shards perfectly 👍🏻

Yay for Easter and four days off...and for hot cross buns and Easter eggs!

I hope you have a good weekend also. Plans?

Cheers man. Ya, flying over to the UK tonight for 4 nights. Looking forward to it now. It should be good 👍🏻 You?

Flying to the UK, you say it so casually. From here it's an epic flight of 22 or so hours. Lol.

Enjoy your time. ✅

Ha ha, ya it's just a 45 minute flight from Dublin so pretty handy and easy. We go over a few times a year, as my wife's family live in Newcastle. It's been a great weekend and our boys have had a ball.

I'm going to have four days off too! A few hours and I'll be able to start enjoying this extra-long weekend :)


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I hope you have a great four days ahead and are doing something enjoyable.

Thanks! Hope you are having a nice break too :)

Happy Easter! A long weekend full of chocolate (Lindt?) must be wonderful. In Romania religion is Christian Orthodox. This year Easter will be on the 5th of May. I have never reconciled myself to these lags that prolong the passion of Jesus by human will. Glad you will have a sweet and relaxing long weekend...

I'm not religious so don't really understand how it why Easter can be at different times of the year, but it's a moot point, I have four days off and that's what's important.

Have a great weekend.

Thank you!

I'm glad to know you're not religious, but I know you like history. The Great Schism of 1054 was an event that interrupted mutual recognition between the Church of Rome (Western Christianity) and the Greek Church (Christianity of the Byzantine tradition). wikipedia

The Easter you have now is after the Church of Rome and the one that will be in Eastern Europe and Greece is after the Byzantine tradition. The date of Easter differs every year and is calculated according to the phases of the moon but also according to different calendars. (so I remember from older information and I'm not sure if I'm not wrong)

 2 months ago (edited) 

Yeah, they tended to make up a lot of things to suit whatever ends that each had in mind I guess, fair enough too considering the lack of any real facts to draw on.

Yes, I think so.

Have a great Easter. Enjoy those extra days off. It's ok if you don't like sweets you can give them to me 😂. I like sweets but I eat in moderation.

Yep, looking forward to the time off for sure, a few things planned, some sleeping too. Have a good weekend yourself.

Sleep sounds great. I might watch Kong this weekend so I'll have an alright weekend I think.

Kong it mate, enjoy!

ya gonna go tmr haha. i had hotpot today with friends

I don't mind me a but of hotpot. ✅

U like hotpot? Maybe you can have it this weekend haha

Enjoy these 4 free days and may your Easter chocolates this Sunday be without sugar, take care,Galen

No chocolate for me this weekend...well, ok maybe just one.

Or two.


Where did you get this video of me taken only last week!

Oop we are two chocolate lovers, i saw You I saw You... G'day Galen almost Esster time 🐇

Great weekend it ought to be, folks. I'd just take leap back into the past to let y'all know how I got punished by my parents later.

No worries, have a good weekend ahead.

My weekend is a bit different, my uncle is going back to Argentina... I am helping him with a lot of things, packing, and everything that means leaving a flat and also accompanying him in what he is going through.

Different weekend ....

As for the themes, I chose two hahaha and there will be two hahaha I'm going to love it! Thanks Galen!

Bon voyage uncle, enjoy Argentina!

Hopefully you get it all sorted.

Yes, he is sad because my aunt is no longer here and he travels alone. But I'll help him and I'll go with him tomorrow to the airport to see him off.

All the paperwork went well. In that sense I am calm and well... go ahead.

All the best to him, I hope things work out.

I hope so, that he arrives well and then... he's grown up and has health problems... I'll accompany him this afternoon and tomorrow. Thanks

You get four days off? I had the whole past week as a weekend because I was on holidays from university 🥲. Cr is my friend so no worries about short attendance.

I turned 20 last December so I don't think if I can write on the third one. Haha, will submit my entry soon.

Yeah, university...when you get into the real world you'll probably not get as many days off.

Well, yes. That's why I might not be ready for that life yet.

Maybe when you grow up.

Nine out of ten people love chocolate. The tenth always lies.

Long Easter weekend and lots of chocolate eggs to eat 😀


Yay for a four day weekend and chocolate!

I'm not celebrating this weekend, but I've extended it.
Non-working Thursday and Friday go well with Saturday and Sunday 🙂

Four days...live it up!


I finaly did it :-)
My entry for week 199

About time! 😉 Just kidding.

Always amazed at the wonderful topics every weekend. It's going to be a great weekend again at these topics. Kudos to @galenkp and I wish us all a blessed weekend.

I hope you have yourself a good weekend.

Hmmm, chocolates and a long weekend, sounds exciting.
Happy Easter celebration to you Galen.

All the best for the weekend, I hope you have an enjoyable one.

Hi @galenkp, enjoy these days your chocolate. Difficult to choose just one proposal, I go by the way of what goes through my mind not only right now, but every moment:


Happy weekend.

Seems like you chose well, cheers.

Hahaha, that's super interesting. Happy long week and a happy weekend to you.

I'll be writing soon on one of the topics.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you 😊

Chocolate and jelly beeeeeans and marshmallow bunnies and chicks..... and maybe some spring colored Smarties.....yum yum... yeah.... that's it. I'm wanting an entire Easter basket with all those things.

That'd kill me most probably but fuck it, I'd have a crack! Have a good weekend.

Chocolate is one of my vices for sure, but I probably won't have too much of it this weekend. We only get three days off here. I spent most of the morning going to the meat market and processing everything I bought. I did pick up some 60% dark chocolate that is pretty good.

Meat and chocolate...a match made in heaven...The only thing better is meat and chocolate and four days off.

Tha ks for your entry. Have a good weekend.

Cheers! Have a nice weekend.

Cheers! Thank you 🙏
Happy weekend.

Seems like you enjoy sweets escpecially chocolate. Happy Easter and interesting topics again. Kudos to you for that.

Nah, not really, I rarely have sweets.

But dare I say it...you're sweet all the same.

Aww, so kind thank you; I'm glad you dared.

Have a nice weekend. 😉

Interesting questions this week! here is my participation:


Thank you.

Happy Easter everyone 🎊, @galenkp I love chocolate so much and I really wonder why you don’t like them though?

Here is my entry


Happy Saturday dearest!

Here's my entry for this Weekend Engagement ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks, have a nice weekend.

You too 🙏🏻

I’m not really a fun of sweets but I love chocolates.😅

This weeks topics got me thinking so hard. Hell, I’ve changed so much .😅

I don't like eating much sweets either, it's not good for my health.

Sorry about that.

Hello guys,

I had so much fun taking part in this weekend contest. This is my entry.


I hope you like it.❤️

Nice shot of those chocolate 🍫

Cool huh?

Ok then, thanks.

Happy long weekend bro. Enjoy it to the fullest!!

Cheers, you too.

Greetings from here. Big hugs, I'm happy to be back in the community. Here my participation.


I like hugs.

Good afternoon my friend, I almost missed your weekly challenge. Here's my participation post: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@josiva/the-punishment-of-the-century

I hope it meets your expectations!

No worries, thanks for taking the time.

Warm greetings to all.

Allow me to present my participation:

I've not seen you around for a while.

Hi @galenkp, I hope you are feeling well.
For some time now I've been working weekends and that involves exhausting trips, but I've set myself the goal of being more consistent, bringing more stories from weekends.
Greetings from Caracas.

All good here, I hope you have a good week.


Sooner than later


You arrived! 😉