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Version en español abajo


Image by @user21852064 on Freepik

Welcome to my Bookstore!

Feel free to come and take a look at the collection of short stories I have posted on #hive.

This is the place where I shelve all my work for those who wish to read them, at the only cost of their time.
This is a small collection, but I will be putting more stories on the shelves.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Welcome! Come in...



Click on the #image of the #story you want to read

📚 The Red Forest


Illustration by @berlissanoja who got inspired by the story and created an Art collection entitled The Red Forest which you can find in the NFT Showroom

📚 The Sniper


📚 Pictures to My Dear


📚 Carson's Murder


This story was selected for quality by @theinkwell and upvoted by the @ocd. Translation to Spanish coming soon.

ZapFic Club

📚 Things Happen

shappens 2.png

📚 Kinship


📚 Buzz's Flight

Buzz's Flight.png

📚 Ferris Wheel


📚 Trip to the Moon


📚 Warrior



📚 Bricks in the Walls


Collaboration Work

📚 Ten Years of Darkness


Story written by myself and illustrated/edited by @soyrosa as an entry for the We Event by @mariannewest and #thefreewritehouse

Cuentos en español

Screenshot 2023-03-07 111519.png


Siéntete libre de pasar por aquí y echar un vistazo a la colección de cuentos que he publicado en Hive.
Este es el lugar donde estaré almacenando mi trabajo para aquellos que quieran pasar a leer, al único costo de su tiempo.
Su feedback es bienvenido.

Haz click en la #imagen del #cuento que quieras leer.

📚 Fotos para mí querida

lyon at night.png

#Micro relato

📚 Ladrillos en las paredes

Leer aquí

📚 El Bosque Rojo

PD: Sources of the images included here can be found in the posts of each of the stories


Lovely idea! Perhaps some other Inkwellians will share their book store :)

Thank you hehe.

That would be so cool, @shanibeer 💡

If they do, maybe in the future we can even make actual online shops from Inkwellians to the world, so our community can hopefully be known as an attractive spot for readers, who may be willing to compensate our work.

Yes, that is our plan :)
I wrote a bit about it in the last Newsletter.

Reading it now...

I see you, @shanibeer and @lacrucita ... working on my store for an October launch...

I'll be happy to 👩‍🔧😎

You may want to check My Hive Bookstore again. I've learned a few things since I posted it a while back lol. After learning about @theinkwell Newsletter, I came right away to remodel the store 😂

Hey, @deeanndmathews I gotta say I really like how you tell stories, how do you feel about making audiobooks in collaboration with other writers? I know many would love that, I know I would 😉

Btw, I managed to get my copy of Black, White and RED All Over, so as soon as I'm done, I would definitely dive into discussing the interesting issues arising in the novel: Concepts of heroism and terrorism

Thank you!

First of all, thank you for your purchase, and I have people on Hive asking for audiobooks (@mariannewest, I didn't forget), so YES, and YES, I am open for discussion about the different concepts in the book, and YES, I will head back to your Hive Book Store at once ... lovely new photographs! If there is any feature I might have missed that I should see, point it out!

That's great news!

Please, include me in your list of writers 🤭

You know, I'm already looking for people with beautiful voices, I got a cousin who is an actor, he will help me out, but only in Spanish.

There are so many things we can do here if we all work together. I'm also connecting with fellow artists who have incredible artwork. I'm having the Warrior story illustrated. And the main project I have is to have my favorite story, the Red Forest, illustrated as well, which is why I'm holding a contest to invite other hive members to collaborate with me. I have already got one of my characters 👇🏼


Unfortunately, though, I got only three entries. They were all beautiful, so we are extending the deadline

Yes. Besides the pictures, the only new feature is that you can click on the image and it will lead you to the post of the story. I did this with the idea of using the images as if they were the covers of the books. I think it better invites the readers, who would take a "fresh" look at the store.

So just let me know what you have in mind for your own store, and we'll start working on that 😉💚

Thank you!

A re-modelled bookstore? That will be interesting to see 😍
@barge has a BLOGmap which is another way of doing it - he's added the link in his profile, too.
So many exciting ideas! Are you thinking about applying as a Community Builder @lacrucita?


Oh I gotta check that out.

I wish there was a way to have a portafolio but for stories. Do you think we request this sort of things to Peakd? 😂🤭

Community Builder? Sure! 🥰👩‍🔧
I'll work on my application.

I think I already have a job to do 😂 once @deeanndmathews tells me about her plans hehe. And I think you were also invited @shanibeer 😉😉

I'm not an expert though, I'm still learning about markdown but there are always ways to improve our presentations, so I'll keep diving into that 🤓

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Como diría Wachu: Éeexitoo!👽 El camino literario es un camino muy bonito,bohemio e inspirador🔥...

Gracias, @medussart!

Así es 👽

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