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Hello, Brewmasters!

There were significant mechanics changes last week caused by players creating multiple accounts crashing the game economy...

As we reduced the trade-in price of the Neutral, Good, and Outstanding beers there are some misunderstandings among the community in the game mechanics, we will try to make it more clear, but first things first...

We would like you to understand that @cryptobrewmaster is a game and not an investment. We ask people to play using one single account, if you will be caught using 2 or more accounts all of them will be banned without any additional explanations.

Daily quests going like this at the moment:


So you required to spend 3 days of F2P in the game to brew a beer from the Neutral Grade Ingredients by completing FREE Daily Quests

Lets see the probabilities of brewing beer using F2P Neutral Ingredients


85,76% Neutral
10,72% Good
2.68% Outstanding
0,67% Excellent
0,17 Masterpiece

Investing 0 CBM you still have a small chance of getting Outstanding, Excellent, or even Masterpiece beer.

Lets see the prices of them




As you can see, the prices are pretty nice, during the bad % of pub demand

Checking pub demand is easy, imagine selling Hive for example at a bear market. Will you do that? Not the best idea)) Same when you trade a beer you love to the local pub, which is overstocked... We tried it in a real-world, worst idea...


Let's check the current pub stock...


The best idea, for now, is to sell Masterpiece beer cuz the pub demand parameter is 5%, which means the game will pay you 5% extra. When the stock is empty this parameter goes up to 25% and we have seen that during the weekend when there were lost of Daily Quests, and everybody drank beers to refresh the energy.

In other cases you can brew every day by completing Good Grade Daily Quests - those require burning some CBM but the chances to get better beer getting higher.

Let's see the Tuesday example:

On Tuesday we have

Neutral Brewing Water - cost FREE
Neutral 2 row Barley Malt - cost FREE
Neutral Lager Yeast - cost FREE
Good Local Bittering Hops - 2,7 CBM
Good Local Aroma Hops 3,8 CBM

Lets now take a look at the probabilities of the beer that we could brew completing all the free Daily Quests and paying an extra 6,5 CBM


For 6,5 CBM burned you have next probabilities:

52,01% Neutral
40,33% Good
5.84% Outstanding
1,46% Excellent
0,36 Masterpiece

So we have a coinflip chance here to get 9,3 CBM Beer


and even almost 6% chance of getting 18,59 CBM for an Outstanding one


Still why the prices are so low?

We are in alpha testing mode. There are lots of awesome features to arrive in the future, you can check our roadmap at our Discord channel in the roadmap section. Currently, we are working on a Brewery Upgrading Feature - there will be lots of ITEMS, EQUIPMENT, BREWERY STAFF, BREWERY SKINS, ARTIFACTS that are going to boost the brewing processes, and that are going to be NFT's that would be tradeable on the Market...

You probably noticed that stuff


That's actually a place where all the brewing mechanics and magic gonna take place, and we will do our best to make you'll happy with that!

Cheers and have a Masterpiece Beer finally!

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It never fails to amaze me of the level of readiness that folk expect in an alpha release of something.

By definition, alpha is not ready. It still has things that don't work properly, or at all. It is likely that things will need serious tweaking and balancing. It is possible that something might break - and catastrophically.

And in a crypto game, any of the above could affect your investment and/or earnings.

If you're not happy with that, don't play an alpha release! 😀 Come back when it hits v1.0

Personally, I like being involved in games at this stage. I enjoy seeing how it develops and the way that the devs and designers tackle the really difficult job of balancing the game. I don't invest more than I am OK with losing completely - it goes with the territory.

So - I am still enjoying CBM. And more power to rollie and the cryptobrewmaster team - excited to see where you take it. 👍

 5 months ago 

You awesome!

I would say its a waste of time.
But you guys really really needs to focus on some more content, you fall behind in every category currently x)

What categories are you talking about?) We are Alpha testing now and team working 6 days per week)

lol complaining about a free to play game that gives you money for playing while still in development is...uhhhhh...a waste of time.

All I am saying is that it need more content. This is getting boring.
I am doing one mission a day, because its so boring that I forget about it x)

ok. cool. then go back to splinterlands

Are you ok my dude?
So pressing the devs to create more content is not ok or telling them that their game needs more content?
Maybe let me have a convo with @rollie1212 and just fuck off @nathanpieters :)

We know we need more content, mate, but ga,e development is not a a-b-c-1-2-3. It's a Huge job with a huge budget)

I am not entirely sure where I said it was an easy job :D

You put out updates to the game and the community answer, thats all.
It lacks content and you already know this, good lets move forward :D

Nathan is not good at communication. He's a total jerk wad. Although we have disagreements I'll admit Rollie is better to talk to.

Sounds like it.

Thats why I asked to talk to Rollie and not someone random guy who have nothing to do with the game like Nathan :P

The "you can just leave then" argument. You do know that you end up alone that way. Gonna be you and Rollie... playing CBM all by yourselves.

no bitching from you? sweeeeet

Sure. That's fine. But don't be surprised if Rollie screws you too.

I just used categories as a generel term for not a lot of content :D

Take risingstargame, there is a lot of changes all the time and thats a one man coder x)

 5 months ago 

we take different strategies %)

Apparently. Is that working for ya or?

Apparently. Is that working for ya or?

Something I could see when I made the withdrawal of my money is that nowhere, at least publicly, are Withdraw's operations recorded or perpetuated, as they should be in everything on the blockchain, I suppose the creators will have access to that but it should be public. Personally, nobody has stolen from me, I have withdrawn my money and I have it in CBM waiting for some changes that can make the game dynamic, because I understand, and I make the exception that I am a neophyte in this games, that when a currency is commercialized and this has a value that serves for the designers, in some way to charge for their work, then we are not talking about a ludic experience but something that has both the ludic and the economic. Another thing that has seemed out of place to me is the fact that they talk about free and do not value the time that players invest in the game, because without them it would not exist. I believe that there are mistaken concepts that are being handled and that should be modified. I like the game and I'm still in it but I think it's monotonous and the perspectives need to change.

@cryptobrewmaster is a game and not an investment.

I would guess that most players disagree with that statement. Many certainly see Splinterlands and other Hive games as investable, why not this game? Upgrading one’s brewing capacity certainly will be seen as an investment opportunity.

This really. Also, at this point there just isn't that much game to it and while I usually defend early stage launches, calling it alpha to justify the lack of game play is very weak a defense.

It doesn't seem to break either, so it feels very little alpha to me. Just released too early, but there's an argument for that altho that would have been better without any actual tradable token. Because right now tokens is all there is to the game.

Should just have been virtual points while in alpha.

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Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @stranger27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

keep the good work! Dont hear those who just want to ad negativity for the project.

Hear only good positive feedback, it comes from the people you want to listen.


Working on this week post! i´ll add some updates from this post!

Don't cover your ears to the warnings. Warning lights are flashing bright... alarms are going off loud and you shouldn't ignore it.

Dude its a game. Grown up.

Ok. Learn the hard way. Don't say I didn't warn you though.

pfff you dont even know what a scam is, you cant teach anything.

I'm all ears if you would be so kind as to enlighten me to my misunderstandings.


A dishonest proyect designed for fraud, with a cover of a "real proyect".

I earn money at CBM without investing, with multi accs, how a public proyect vulnerable to get stealed, and FREE is a scam.

How do you manage to elongate reality to fit what you guys believe? Impressed, srs.

Good game project, Cheers 🥃🍻

Good scam project!

It is not a game or an investment, but a gamevestment (game and investment in the same time). If the game economy needs to restrict it to a single account, this is already a hint that is broken and not sustainable (opposite example where you can have as many account as possible, Splintemonster, dCity,...)

The fact that the beer stock is always full, is also an indication of the problem. People do not buy beer, because there's no real use case for it.


Мой вольный и циничный пересказ этого поста по русски, с мобственными мыслишками

Но коменты этого поста доставляют :)

Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @alinalazareva for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I am a game designer and developer over 18 year. And I am also have game company in Hong Kong.

I know someone was complaint on this game. But I like this game very much. The game design team is doing a great job on it. I know the game just a little content, but I am also see the potential on this game.

I hope I will become a good Alpha tester. Grow with this game together.

Work Hard! Play Hard!

@cryptobrewmaster, why are you so strict against playing with more than one account? Isn´t it a win-win siuation, if more accounts play? The game is currently so boring, that it makes no sense to go in every 2 hours to update a task.
Also all other games allow this.

I suppose you also find games with purchasable content to be "scams" as well huh. Let's see you raging against PUBG, WOT, or maybe even WoW.

I know nothing about those games. So maybe, maybe not.

Why is this scammy tho?

Because they will arbitrarily steal the value of your cards in the game. After you invested time and money to get them. And if you don't like getting robbed... you get told to leave and get attacked with downvotes. Talk about quality customer service. lol.

Well. Its in Alpha, so there will be changes x)
Its bad for the game if people just farm the game and sell the tokens devalueing it ):

This guy just doesn't understand that))

I don't appreciate theft. Being in alpha is not a defense of theft.

And I don't want to play any game that I know is designed by people that have no problems with stealing money from their supporters.

If people can just farm the game and sell the tokens devaluing it... it's a severely flawed design and should be called out for the garbage it is. And the creators should be judged by their failure.

Its hard to make a game and make it balance right out of the game, thats why they Alpha test.
I think it depends on how people play the game. I have invested a bit and havn't taken anything out yet, thats not interesting to me

Well. Its in Alpha, so there will be changes x)
Its bad for the game if people just farm the game and sell the tokens devalueing it ):

 5 months ago 

Mention Starcraft and Hearthstone! Please go tell everybody that Blizzard is a SCAM...)))))

I know nothing about those games. Might be scams like yours, might not be. That is not a good defense of your theft.