Weekend Ranking Learnings

This week I decided to try something new for the Weekend Ranking after reading @copperpitch 's post on How to Excel at Weekend Ranked, and I had some surprises along the way.

Firstly, let me say that before this weekend I was deranking in order to face a worst opposition and have more wins. But that leaves me with no opportunity to reach the Legendary Divine Order Pack that is given in higher ranks for certain amount of victories.

My goal for this week was to start at Mythic and reach the 17 out of 25 victories in order to reach the Legendary pack.

Let's see the deck I used first.

Deck : Ramp Magic

This deck relies on very tank and costly units to win, and all the other cards are meant to accelerate your mana progression and keeping your board clean or strengthening your defenses with some walls to buy time.

Here's the GU [Link]

Here I didn't follow copperpitch's rule of following the Meta, and I got punished all weekend for it, but I didn't had enough time to build a deck that I was fully comfortable playing with, and with lots of games played with this one I felt comfortable enough. I knew my strengths and weaknesses so the result was not very surprising.

I ended up making 14 out of 25 victories and not reaching the dream of the 17, but I wasn't far off and I had never played the whole weekend event in the Mythic ranks, so I felt pretty good about the overall result.

Learnings for the Next Week

I felt very strongly the difference of using GUDECKS to see my opponent's deck as mentioned by copperpitch, and that changed a lot the way I played some games. For instance, I played versus a Nature guy that had no Canopy Barrages in his deck. As consequence I played some cards very loosely because I knew he didn't had the spells to deal with it. If I hadn't known that during the game, I would have set it up some monster to die before, in order to bait the spell and playing the intended card after that. This can work, but it can cost you a very dear turn as well, so knowing your opponent is something that I believe everybody should do it more consistently.

The limitations of my Magic Deck was the other thing that was very clear to me. I have to transition to a Nature or War deck next weekend, most probably, and I think I have better chances of making the 17 victories that way. Most of my games were lost against Death Zombies, which I could never deal with the Necroscepter, and very fast War and Nature decks. The rest of it was a piece of cake in general and I didn't felt pressure too much by Light Decks or Deception, although I have played some crazy Deception decks in Normal Ranked.

This is pretty much it, and I'm trying to improve my earnings on weekend ranked one step at the time, improving in what I can. Hope to see you around Hive and the server!

Thanks for Reading!

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The good news: there is a ton of room for easy/cheap improvement in your deck! The fact that you are already getting 14 wins with this deck is impressive.

  • you need some 1 drops. I almost don't care what they are (2x axewomen is good though)
  • Drop Modified Schematic, Magnetic Blast, Pillar of Lightning, and Time Bomb to fit them in.
  • Your deck is currently very "greedy" meaning that you have a ton of 6+ mana cards. Probably look to cut 1 (maybe 2). The problem with greedy decks is that you draw all your high-cost cards early and auto-lose.

I think those simple changes will help a lot.

Yeap, I agree 100% with dropping Modified Schematic and Magnetic Blast. You're probably right about Pillar of Lightning as well. Time Bomb is one that I'm not 100% sure. I added him not expecting much out of him, but as you said my deck is very greedy, and those Protect they provide made the difference between Losing and Winning more than 1 time this weekend. But then again, maybe if I take them out and put some lower mana cards, there's not even need for my hero to be saved in the first place.

I'll make sure to try everything this week, before the weekend ranking event again. Those are very appreciate tips you gave me, thanks a lot!


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This week was my first week breaking the magic 16 wins in Mythic, but the past few weeks i have been right with you at 14 or so wins. Each week i have made small tweaks, and studied every other god to really get a idea of what the next move might be.

This weekend i got 18/25 wins, and since then i had a streak where i won 22/25 games. Today i actually ended up as the 11th highest rank player for a short while. The more i learn about my opponent the better i become.

I played copperpitch on a random stream he did last week and lost. He has a lot of knowledge about the game and what cards other players could use next.

Congrats, dude. Hard work paying off huge dividends for you, and I'm trying to go in the same direction. Improving week by week and learning a little bit every time, and eventually we get there.

Copperpitch has been playing for a lonnnnnnng time and the dude is smart, so it's very hard to beat him indeed. Skill and time is a hard combo.


Very impressive considering your deck is a bit wonky, yet you did better than I did:) Have you checked out structure-magic decks? They are quite similar to your in their 'vibe'. I also added some weapon removal, due to the warrior matchup.

I haven't really check a Structure Magic deck, although I thought of doing one of that kind myself. But I felt that Monolith of Storms was a integral part of a deck like that, and I don't have one right now. But it is surely a deck I wanna try in the future.

And I got kind of curious, what do you guys use as Relic Removal? Because I can't find anything that I truly like to use in a deck.

Monolith is great, you often find it with the delving architects in the structure decks. It is a bit slow though, and is not necessary for the matchups which are actually hard imo (war lol). As I have been seeing mostly war at low mythic, I play some wep removal. Iron-tooth is prolly the best fit for removal in these types of decks, but as it is expensive AF, I play 1x svart-basilisk. Wish I had something better, but it is useful against war, zombies, occasionally nature. Not the worst.

Seems like a good fit for a Deck trial this week before the weekend.


I have not played this game yet but it looks real interesting.

It really is man. If you have played some Magic or Hearthstone, I think you'll like Gods Unchained. And it's free to play, so whenever you have some time, just download the client and try the game!


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That is really good to know thank you 😀

zombie deck if well played can last long in battle especially with those leeches creature. you said checking out our opponent checking out opponent deck, how can we do that during a battle

With this current version of the deck, and even if I changed a little I still can't deal with it unless I add two creatures with Relic Removal. Necroscepter just destroys my overall game, not only because of the fact that it creates a lot of Zombies, but because every single resource I spend killing those Zombies receive almost no reward in terms of Favor. And if your opponent has infinite resources and you have finite resources, eventually you'll be in a drought, and he will still have a lot to play with.

Additionally, to answer your other question: you can check gudecks and then look up their profile, and the decks they have been playing.