Weekend Ranked Rundown: Greed is Good (Control Nature)

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Last week, I tried my hand at playing Control Nature after the Sage of Renewal rework and got a pretty good result of 19/25. However, I theorized that the strength of Control Nature was artificially higher last week than what it actually is due to people not knowing how to play against it since it only gained popularity recently. After all, it isn't that strong of a control deck when compared to alternatives like Board Wipe Death or Control War. That being said, the meta still contains many mid-range decks, and I managed to score a cool 19/25 this week as well! Follow me as I talk you through my Weekend Ranked experience.

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Deck Overview


Deck Link: GUDecks

I made two small changes from my first iteration of the deck, but otherwise, the rest of the deck has remained the same. The theme of the deck remains unchanged - survive the early and mid-game and crush the opponent with unprecedented amounts of value in the late game.


I swapped 2x Low-Hanging Fruit for 2x Athenian Archer. In this deck, the Vibrant Fruit hardly ever gets to buff anything in the early game where Low-Hanging Fruit has arguably the most impact. Unlike in Aggro/Midrange Nature, it is essentially a 1-damage ping to a semi-targeted enemy with a 1/1 body in this deck. Athenian Archer is a 1-damage targeted ping and a 1/2 body, being able to remove Ward and Protected with much more ease. The choice is obvious!

image (1).png

This may be a more experimental swap, but I swapped out both my Skeleton Heavys for Vow of Champions. I found that the Skeleton Heavys were often simply killed off as soon as they touch the board - Light's Levy, Canopy Barrage, Starshard Bolt, etc. Since this deck has very few early-game creatures, I figured that the Skeleton Heavy just wasn't good enough. In place of it, Vow of Champions served as a Swiss-army knife by being able to draw, heal, or deal extra damage.

Performance and Matchmaking Breakdown

Starting Rank: Mythic
Wins: 19/25
Reward Packs: 2x Core Rare, 2x Core Epic, 1x Core Legendary, 2x DO Rare, 2x DO Epic, 1x DO Legendary
Theoretical pack value based on current pack prices: $43.95

Opponent DeckScore (Wins / Total Games)
Nature5 / 6
War4 / 6
Magic3 / 3
Death3 / 4
Deception3 / 4
Light1 / 2
Total19 / 25

Since this is most likely going to be the last Control Nature run before the Core Set Refresh (and thus a new meta), here are some of my thoughts on Control Nature's match-ups.

Favored Match-ups

Midrange War/Nature, Tempo Magic/Aggro Magic

Midrange decks don't have enough firepower at the start of the game and don't have enough value in the late game. These match-ups should be the easiest to win with Control Nature as long as you don't have too many dead cards in the early game.

Zombie Death

If you manage to draw Iron-tooth Goblin to remove their Necroscepter early and/or equip a Blazing Talisman early, it's almost a guaranteed win. The goal of this match is to survive until turn 7 (6-mana) when you have access to The Hunt and Enchanted Vines, both of which should wreck any remaining winning chances for the opponent. Of course, always be wary of Corpse Explosion if your opponent's deck contains it, which can deal 15 or more damage in a turn.

Order Deception (without Cutthroat Insight)

Order Deception is annoying with how many cards they can steal from your deck, but thankfully most of them are useless against you since Control Nature is full of removal but hardly any creatures. It also isn't fast enough to kill you off before The Hunt and Enchanted Vines come into play. Winning is almost guaranteed - that, is if they don't have Cutthroat Insight, which can ruin your day easily if they play it at the right moment.

Ramp/Structure Magic

This is honestly more of a toss-up depending on whether they have something like Trial of the False Reflection for their Polyhymnia since you often need 2 turns to clear it. If their sole threat is a big 9-drop, it's favored for Control Nature. If they have multiple threats, it depends on how well your Sage of Renewal rolls go.


Board Wipe Death

Almost a guaranteed loss. There really isn't any strategy you can employ with this deck that can give you a fighting chance against BWD. Perhaps if you manage to remove Neferu's Khopesh, you might be able to fend off everything, although that is pretty unlikely.

Aggro Light/War

Simply put, with a control deck, you have a higher chance of bricking your hand in the early game. Aggro decks have tremendous firepower early, and losses can come swiftly without something like a Blazing Talisman.

Deception with Cutthroat Insight

Unless you get lucky with your draws, Cutthroat Insight on a 7-mana turn can easily snipe Dionysus, Guerilla Gardener, or Sage of Renewal from your hand. Not very fun when that happens.

Highlights and Game Footage

vs Order Deception

Against Order Deception, it's sometimes necessary to remove their creatures that steal cards from you, like Patient Pickpocket and Vault Vagabond. After all, you don't want them to be playing your big cards against you.

image (2).png

In this match, you can see that I "wasted" a Frenzied Ritual against a Vault Vagabond on turn 4, but I think it's well worth it to ensure that my opponent doesn't get something like a Sage of Renewal to ruin my day.

In general, even though I got somewhat lucky with my draws to clear my opponent's board, I felt that my opponent didn't stand much of a chance once I got out my Blazing Talisman.

Historical Performance

While I'm really satisfied with the performance of Control Nature, I'm also looking forward to switch up my deck after the upcoming Core Set Refresh, which should be pushed to the live server after the weekend event. Even though I enjoy playing greedy decks, it takes a lot of time to play 25 matches during the weekend! GUDecks states that my average number of rounds in the Weekend Event is 15, so... make do with that what you will.

I'm excited to try out new decks and explore the new meta when the Core Set Refresh drops! Hoping that it'll bring about fresh deck archetypes to the meta and more exciting gameplay. Personally, I'll most likely shift to a more aggressive deck archetype in the next week, but we'll see!

Last 10 Weekend Ranked posts and performance in order of recency:

Time PeriodDeckScore (Wins / Total Games)Starting Rank
Mar 2022 W1 (Current)Control Nature19 / 25Mythic
Feb 2022 W4Control Nature19 / 25Mythic
Feb 2022 W3Tempo Magic18 / 25Mythic
Feb 2022 W2Tempo Magic19 / 25Mythic
Feb 2022 W1Tempo Magic18 / 25Mythic
Jan 2022 W5Tempo Magic19 / 25Mythic
Jan 2022 W4Mid-range Nature17 / 25Mythic
Jan 2022 W3Mid-range Nature15 / 25Mythic
Jan 2022 W2Mid-range Nature11 / 25Mythic
Jan 2022 W1Aggro War18 / 25Mythic
Dec 2021 W4Aggro War19 / 25Mythic

Concluding Thoughts

This wraps up my last Weekend Ranked event before the Core Set Refresh! I'm sorry to all the opponents who've wasted lots of time playing against this deck, but I'll try my best to change things up next week 😆 Catch you next week!

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Thank you for the prize!


Great result!

If you manage to draw Iron-tooth Goblin to remove their Necroscepter

So true. I have returned Counterfeit to my main deck for that reason. To beat Zombie decks much oftener.

Order Deception is annoying with how many cards they can steal

Patient Pickpocket is especially great because it steals from the opponent's hand. If played late, it might copy a big card.


The guy couldn't damage your god when it was their part of the game so they were doomed. Still, it is pity you haven't shown the end.

Patient Pickpocket always makes me nervous when I have an important card in my hand... it's the reason why I try to remove it whenever possible!

Haha yeah, sometimes the match just goes your way and your opponent doesn't have any chance to execute his game plan.

Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it! 😄

Another solid breakdown and analysis of this deck. I plan to play my games tomorrow and see how my first week back goes. I definitely need to start to think about spending some of my $GODS and getting a new deck going. It really pains me as I wanted to save more $GODS for when staking happens. But unless I missed an announcement who knows when that is going to go down. Keep up the great work brother!!!

Thanks, always appreciate it! The weekend matches are definitely getting harder but I think the CSR should shake things up a little to make cheaper decks more viable. Honestly, I don't think staking will be coming anytime soon, the team seems to be more focused on stuff like set balance and the P2E side of things for now. I'd wager it'll be another 1 or 2 months before staking is even in the works tbh.

Yea I was told last month by a team member that they aimed to have staking by the end of Q1. And here we are no staking. So I would say your time frame is right on.

I really dig those changes! Will be making the same changes in my decks as well!

Thanks! Means a lot coming from the OG 😆

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