More apps. Splinterlands is a great example of what's possible outside of the social scheme.

From the perspective of potential new users, I think we should work on making the trending page a bit more diverse and interesting. For us, it´s ok to have all the techy stuff up there as they are important posts with relevant info about the development on the chain but for outsiders potentially intersted in using Hive "just" as a place to publish the result of their creative work, the trending page might not look so attractive now...

Coming soon.

More users, it's the most important thing we need right now. It is the root of almost every problem we have.

More users are no good when they can't get an account instantly if they're legit.

Onboarding is a big problem right now. We have no centralized entity like Steemit Inc giving out accounts. Nor do we have a clear signup process or a funnel to send new users to learn about Hive and want to sign up.

It definitely needs to be worked on.

I'd love to see @pharesim's Hive Invite toolset worked into front ends like PeakD and, so that more average users feel comfortable creating accounts.

We should turn our weakness into a strength and actually market Hive as requiring you to be referred/invited by another user. Centralized sites at launch often use that as a hook to build buzz and a sense of exclusivity while controlling their onboarding.

I think I saw @howo mention working on making account creation tokens transferable? This could be a big help as current users ask around for spares to onboard a friend or two.

I'm not working on it right now but it's on my todo list.

Is there any kind of way we can transfer our acct creation tokens or maybe claim them to a shared acct for onboarding in the future? I have been claiming them, but I think expecting individual users to make accounts for all people wanting an account would likely be a very slow and unproductive process.

There are talks of this, but nothing has been decided. There are good and bad reasons to keep things the way they are.

We definitely don't need another situation with that one asshole claiming thousands of accounts to make circle-jerk farms or flag trains... Hopefully we can get it sorted out.

They can create 10,000 accounts with claim tokens but without HP and RCs they are useless. One comment every 5 days isn't much of a farm.

Perhaps allowing folks to supply acct creations to the front ends would enable nominal abuse resistance? At least we know @jarvie and @asgarth aren't @noganoo.

This has been and is being discussed. There are issues with allowing the tokens to be transferable but there are also obvious benefits.

There is a lot of talk about building better ways to onboard right now as we no longer have the Steemit Faucet to provide this feature.

I am immediately struck that we do have the RC's and tokens for that faucet, just through the HPS rather than Stinc. Chin-rubbingly interesting...

One of the problems the community has faced is retention. It takes time to build a network that generates even the small rewards my account is blessed by. All too often grifters and various scum - I don't need to tell you - undertake every trick in the book to siphon rewards into their accounts.

I've in the past recommended a formal newb support committee that provides a time and capital limited curation of accounts, as well as enabling a wider audience to see their content, selected for reasons during the necessary time to build a network, say six weeks or so.

While that doesn't address actually onboarding new users, I note that retaining those that have done so is vastly more economically important than gaining new ones. It's even far more important socially than economically IMHO.

Both onboarding and retention need to be worked on. Retention is largely the community but also education.

We're working very hard on that. :D

Something like what shared2steem used go be for instagram & steem, i use instagram a lot, so i would love that my ig post show up here just by using a tag. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Share to steem was a great tool, it would be great if it was expanded to also things like WordPress, WIX and other popular website CMS’s

For wordpress there is steempress i dont know if they have rebranded that but it exists! A plugging to let you post your blog from WordPress to the chain!

Seems easy enough, right?

Exactly make Hive more easy to use!!!

Also, Markdown is NOT easy! If i didnt had all already type down the code i wouldnt know how to do a good looking post.

have you used it's way easier, no markdown required.

Yes i use peakd, and even tho i love it peakd in itself has so many features that is not easy to explain to new users we need simpler things

It's just a fact of life that more features =/= more ease of use.

Exactly simple is the new black ;)

I loved share2steem, it was a great way to market steem on centralized platforms.

Yes! And also can bring in more people, dont ask them to stop using their social media like fb or ig, but offer them the option to shared their content from that social media to the blockchain in a easy simple way.

I agree with this. And NOT more HIVE memes.

I've just posted a few :)

More positivity.

And funny stuff. The only thing I read left and right since the price pump is normalization of rewards. We need to give people reasons to post more. And they'll do so if we allow them to also have fun instead of trying to persuade them that in order to earn anything at all they need to produce top notch posts.

So I'd go with funny stuff yeah, quality funny stuff tho. Damn, I miss the comedyopenmic days.

So why don't you restart it? Or something similar? I was always a supporter of comedyopenmic.

I wasn't participating. Just curating with the tiny stake I had back in the day.

But I remember it was a good reason to visit Steem day after day...

I am trying to find something clever and funny at the same time, that would trigger people to participate...

I mean...who's having fun reading a 1500 word text wall?

I used to write philosophical shit during my early days. Those boring long texts, ya chance hehe.

If I come up with an idea I'll hit you in discord.

Hopefully someone will start something like that up again. I myself am not a fan of everyones multi-paragraph stories about their life, etc etc etc but for some reason that was always the content that got rewarded.

We need to start rewarding people based on engagement and their ability to attract new users with their content.

I am with you on this. I sometimes like posting dumb creative stuff but they rarely get the right eyeballs.

A bit of banter goes a long way. You should have fun to the point rewards start looking secondary to the friendships that you make on Hive.

Easier mobile accessibility, easier key management (even with hivesigner and things password management, can be too much of a reoccuring time-suck), in addition to that I think further support of platforms that help increase engagement and time spent on the blockchain are all good things. I have an idea for a vanilla condensor that would potentially help develop more curators that enjoy the kind of content we have here.

I think easier key management and onboarding would do wonders for Hive.

I find when people say "onboarding" a lot of times they mean more of a "soft landing" for new users to educate them and keep them around and not just bringing more people in.

I'm more concerned about converting people that find the content, sites, etc. to actual users with the ability to easily obtain accounts and manage them.

How about a post that's only visible to logged out users, at the top, titled 'How a HIVE account is different from an average social media account'?

In that, we can mention 3 points:

  • About difference between keys and typical social-media passwords (emphasis on storing them safely)
  • What each key does with a single line explanation
  • "Ready to start commenting? Sign up here"

All this info already exists, but it's not in the right place. It's buried somewhere along the sign-up process. Information at the right time, in the right place makes a huge difference.

More advanced tutorials about Wallet etc. can be made after the account is created. This will make it like a game tutorial: not burdening with too much info. All the while keeping it simple & relevant for absolute beginners to blockchain.

Improving retention is the key. Recent pump is working wonders, and people will break all their personal bests for money, but I don't expect that to continue indefinitely.

There were folks that stealthily encouraged the new cohort that jumped into Steem back in summer '17, and perhaps a more formalized mechanism would be beneficial on Hive today.

The reason I suggest something less covert is that many folks being encouraged then later were shocked when that support was revealed to be temporary. Something that overtly stated newbs were being encouraged as they revealed ability in order to give them time to create a network would help prevent the shock when the support moves on to new newbs.

Let's hope there will be new newbs, too. Insofar as an influx is beginning due to the pump, that is unrealistic. Retention of newbs that come because of the pump will be limited when it returns to normal pricing. Certainly I hope this isn't merely a pump, but is a recognition by the market of value.

Experience limits my expectations in this regard, however.

Honestly, more diverse topics and more people interacting on those posts. I would love if I could come on here right now and shoot the shit about the NFL draft, but there just isn’t enough post about things other then crypto and Hive. Overall, it is too small of a community. I think we will get there, it has just been slower than I expected.

Isn't it strange how topics on most other sites are vastly different than what we have here?

Better content and better content management.
I'm sick of seeing junk in my feeds or crossposts and the original posts right below it.
We also need an option to verify individuals like what civic uses (i dont care if you have 20 accounts, but you are still 1 person). There are too many garbage authors making way too much money and it is discouraging to those who want to put in efforts.

A way to let your Instagram posts be posted in the Blockchain!

More non crypto users so to increase content variety. A better search to find the articles you want and a easier way to filter/add friends and favourite feed. Support the people that are making those dapps the will actually make this possible.

Less posts about Hive and crypto in general and less regurgitated shit.
Hope you're staying safe fella :-)

lol I’m all for less about hive but I like some of the crypto stuff I learn a fair bit! I would like all TA and chart posts to fuck off though

Having a slave employee that would do my work around the farm so I could spend my time online?

Not quite old enough to do the heavy lifting yet. They are trying but little hard for a 50 pound 6 year old or 30 pound 3 year old to do much helping in moving stuff that weighs as much or more than they do.

This is why the lever was invented. And the whip. Srsly, sounds like a management issue to me.

It's a fine line between breaking the spirit and compliance with these two. A touch too much of the whip and they turn to mush.

Lucky you. Mine turned to traitorous rebels. Really lucked out when I realized if I just paid them $10/hr to work with me, everybody was happy. Of course, they were ~10 by then, so it's too early for you yet.

Fortunately, no one ever slit my throat in my sleep. Yet.

Getting more users on-boarded here, and for that to happen, all the whales / dolphins rewarding their content to attract more traffic. We can grow organically only after that.

I think we need to give people a reason to be here even WITHOUT the rewards. Then the reward is just icing on the cake, eh?

Yes, definitely but that is not the responsibility of users, its responsibility for the dapp developers. And I think, we have got quite excellent devs on hive, to come up with all those ideas. Personally, I think, about many ideas. Citing one of them : Develop something like And back up the votes by the whales asking Providers to pay to get their consumer reviews on block chain. Its a perfect use case of hive blockchain.

Eventually I thing our brilliant dev would come up with such implementation. And even we can also do some fund raising to do such kind of app. The real use case of block chain is to tamper less proof of all conversations, and those kind of apps would take hive to the next level. Of course, there would be improvement needed for easy user sign up, but I hope they will get sorted out.

Agree ?

Whales have been voting content for years.. why aren't we mooned yet if that's the fix all?

Perhaps a bit of analysis of where that curation went would provide insight. Even @johalfiles eventually just funded the bots back in the day. $20/day is just too high a motivation to be surpassed by altruisism. I sought from time to time to point out that retaining users pushed price, but suspect the facts that cash is king and hearts are fickle generally promoted circle jerks and bot funding more than user retention.

We need focused content. Imagine, if we create a dapp to write reviews for amazon buys and reward them , what would happen ?

People will start writing reviews here instead of amazon and more traffic would come here, and even Jeff will think to outsource his reviews to hive ? 😁

If I could integrate hive features on my website like share bottons for fb, api so the curent feed is shown on my website. I am not a pro dough so could be that it is possible awrlready :) greez

Are you using wordpress? I think there's a wordpress solution out there from @fredrikaa.

Yes I am and wohooo I will look into that! Thank you sooo much!

I haven't looked around enough yet but, is it being practiced yet that, the devs post at least once in 2 weeks about progress & plans for the future of HIVE?

If not, that'd be my recommendation. I think [Sun has claimed copyright for the website mentioned] lacked this greatly and was made fun of for that reason by its own users. There, it steemed (geddit) like the devs were talking to a wall whenever the official account made a post. Minimal (and non-human-like) interaction with the community too.

Let's not have that here.

Yep, there have been a few great posts about progress and plans! I'm sure there will be more to come!

Hive the blockchain or Hive the token?

Damn, I spend a lot of time on the blockchain. Maybe too much; I gotta get a life.

But I always had a hard time parting with Steem tokens: same with Hive. I just want to power up. I’ve used some for donations, but only very rarely to buy something.

Either and both!

I don't think I have to be encouraged to use Hive more. But I'll try and answer this on behalf of the average social media user to the best of my ability.

I think the critical element is ease of use and great UX (User Experience, there's a difference between that and UI). If that means third party custody of private keys, then so be it.

Using Hive has to be ADDICTIVE and FUN. Monetary rewards will by necessity be a distant secondary concern. The UX of the major apps has to be designed by serious professionals and it has to involve a lot of testing and community feedback. Everything has to be as SMOOTH as possible. The learning curve has to be as flat as possible.

Memes! Somebody bring Dmania Back!!

I think @memehub has taken over there

@elsiekjay I am currently coding a meme platform for Hive; just a matter of time. Until it goes live, I am curating in the Memehub Community with 93k in HP. So feel free to join and meme there until I am done coding.

Actually one small thing I would love to see is an easy tool for recurring payments. That way dapps can (more easily) charge for a subscription!

someway to get recognized, like a people directory where you can select personal tags on your profile along with communities and badges to help find like-minded individuals. Not for dating (although that could be done too) but to make it easier to search, and I think the keyword there is the search.

i think engagement and a little bit of more diversified posts. For instance if let's say you are a new user and get to the trending page most likely you gonna see posts regarding hive rewards/technical hive stuff etc etc which not even members here care to see that often :P

I think the most crucial is engagement though. i don't know if we need to create something to measure and reward in a way those who engage but as an author i like to see comments and for sure it gives me motivation to write more. Or maybe more curation trails that are tied with engagement at the same time i don't know

To give you an example. Some of my posts are funny some are scientific and a lot are movies/series/anime reviews. It all depends on luck though of whos gonna see it. the same posts could earn let's say 20-40$ and have more than 10 comment or 0,30$ without a single one :P It's not just the content though it's the ways of visibility as well

I love the ease of uploading with Appics. Some type of 'instgram, tictok, appics type of Dapp would make it really nice.

For me, if my personal friends and family members were using. Man I’ve tried and tried to make this happen. My buddy is a good poet and would be successful here, I know it.

What is preventing them from joining?

He's concerned about possible tax implications (or he's just lazy). Had another friend try and sign up to Steem in the past, they just gave up when they did not receive a reply back. I'm going to start from scratch with my efforts with Hive, once I'm back in the workplace.

Taxes are a real bitch, my accountant loves how much he can charge me for dealing with the Hive/Steem nonsense. 😂

More niche communities. For example, I recently posted a story to the Ultralight Subreddit where there were 49 comments all discussing the nuances of two water filters. Reddit has amazing communities where you can find others with specific interests. However, the underlying system is prone to censorship and centralization and lacks incentives.

How do we get more community? I think growing the userbase, and doing so with focus on specific areas. Games like Splinterlands can grow niche communities and Hive can takeover Medium as the de facto place for long-form crypto insights.

In general, we need more people, and to get more people we need to make it easier for those that want accounts to get them. Once we have the people, the communities will form themselves.

That's my take too. I've been trying to sign up all my friends and regularly create accounts for people. But most of the accounts I've created for friends remain unused. Perhaps the recent price activity will catch their attention again.

Also Hive hopefully gives off less of a spammy vibe, which was responsible for some user attrition on Steem.

Define "use", as in leave more comments ? If so, more interesting, shorter form and more new related content.

Basically the only social media I use a ton is reddit, and it has all that. I never take the time to read super long form content. But a small 6-7 liner, or an interesting short story on askreddit is always fun to read.

I'm not even talking specifically about the social aspects of the chain. Naturally that's what most would be thinking about, but, there are many out there like yourself thinking beyond that.

Well then, an engaging game that is not pay to win would be my answer. I am not a fan of games where you can buy you way in. And too often games on crypto projects are focused on making a profit over making a fun game.

Kinda hard to envision anyone working day and night to make a game, an act of devotion and inspiration, without some profit motive.

What motivation would you suggest besides profit and love? Note: love is not requited in code.

  • More contests and games, or gamification features.
  • A better mobile app
  • If my friends were all using Hive (better UE to attract more average users)

Having active communities for the things I am really interested in. Sadly there is almost no activity on here for college sports and very little for basketball/football/baseball in general. Outside of that I'd love to have somewhere to regularly talk about the fantasy books I enjoy but a search of communities turns up 1 that is even remotely on topic and I'm already subscribed to it and it has 1 active user.

Girls in bikinis jumping on trampolines

Support the LGBTQ+ community during pride with special reward posts to earn hive besides the pink washing happening at other companies like you mentioned above 😉

I am pretty sure I was making a joke. Gay people, woman, bi, straight, male, whatever anyone can be part of a joke.

The "joke" was a reference to the The Man Show. I am sure the mere existence of that show may also offend you, but I assure you I am fully supportive of most all sexual practices.

Also, for arguments sake, consider that always supporting only LGBTQ+ is pretty exclusive. I support many groups and ideals, not just a single one.

Wtf is pink washing? From a quick google of the definition, it seems that it is not fitting for this discussion?

besides the pink washing happening at other companies like you mentioned above

Where did I ever talk about anything "happening at other companies"?

Thanks for your re-contextualizing 😉
I'm not that fast in getting offended, not by the "mere existence" like the Man Show 🤣 being "fully supportive of most all sexual practices" makes you even more attractive and is indeed the confirmation for my right choice voting you as witness 😘

The companies are coming from my contextualization, when there are companies like these there are "other companies" with "Girls in bikinis jumping on trampolines" I'm so damn sure! At least what I experienced so far is that trampoline girls inside those companies are misused as the "diversity factor" during pride time ---->another form of pink washing practiced by those companies in question (apart from their logo changes in rainbow colors 😉)

Ah I see! Thank you for the explanation. :)

You forgot the Jello

More??? Damn. Ive been using it too much as is. 😂

Education is a huge area in many social networks. Any kind of educational material as tutorials, DIY or streaming would be great and a nice area to grow the community.

i will to see like quora on hive

I love this idea!

I'm pretty shocked we still don't have anyone making a reddit-like front end that utilizes communities and easy onboarding (thinking like 3speak). I would definitely be using it and it would be a great gateway to get new users in with something that feels familiar to them and once they realize they can potentially earn from their content, they could convert their "easy accounts" into full accounts. If I had the skills to code it, it would be my number one priority for sure.

Oh lordy I don't need excuses to use it more. I'd never get anything done. It's about finding people who inspire you and not worrying too much about the money. With what I make it has to be fun. That said, I want to see the community grow. I want my favourite indie bands on here so I can support them.

A complete rebrand of Esteem app. The name can stay the same, but the logo color, plus the design could be way more integrated with Hive. A friend who was about to download Esteem app, decided against it due to the fact that it didn't look related at all to Hive, and there's no mention of Hive on their intro page (when you first make an account). This is a big problem for new users.

Exactly and simple design is bliss

yeah, i want to see if we can inspire the esteem team to redesign and make it more user friendly, in the beginning stages.

I don't think we'll be successful @esteem, all my bets on @dapplr

My answer is comments and crypto games. The more people write comments for me, the more I respond to them. Any game (the example of the Splinterlands) significantly increases blockchain usage. I am glad that on April 30, the first crypto-game (EXODE) on the HIVE blockchain will start.

A more fair reward curve. The current curve as you know rewards posts better with earnings that are NOT ACHIEVABLE for newbies.
We need to do everything to nourish newcomers, so that it is an inspiring environment for them. And that for curators it is not a loss to upvote posts with small rewards. The difference is quite significant.
At the long run Hive will survive and thrive only if we are able to attract AND keep new users.
Currently we are mostly in a bubble and providing tons of content which is not really interesting in the outside world.

I note that reversing the incentives would provide those accounts least likely to be upvoted with upvote incentives, and reward the smallest votes with the greatest impact.

Ha! I love it.

Maybe an on-chain app that would help me customize my page/banner/profile pic or just a means to make my page more customizable in general, i think it would allow it to feel more personal.

More rewaaa..... I mean like some sort of secret organization built into it, where we try and take over the world. With cool Merch, hats, etc. Something to show those #NoCoiners who's boss... or at least an agent of HIVE.
Long live HIVE!

I'm deeply offend.. I mean, I like the way you think.

For me, more fun communities and lots of comment engagements. I love to see people leave comments for me and not just upvote, i need to know my creativity resonates, not in a 'needing validation' way, but in a "quite relatable and here's what i think" way. I never fail to leave comments too when i see those posts, even when i don't get replies.

I think it becomes more of a community when we communicate in the comments. I made some friends doing that on steemit. Everyone seems invisible when Nobody is saying anything about other people's posts.

As a user, more apps/games. Splinterlands is just one example. I mean look at ETH. There are so many games out there based on eth. With our fast and zero-fee transactions, it would run so much better.

As a developer, better documentation/tutorials. The current documentation is really bad. It's confusing and not well documented and there is a lack of tutorials. At this point the developer page still points to the steem docs.

I'd love a short content platform/Dapp like Twitter. It will also have to be in some parallel space or something that won't be popping up like spam blog posts. I don't know how that will work out tbh, but it is just a thought.

You think we could up the level by adding a feature even Twitter doesn't have?

Yeah that's possible in later iterations. However, it will be better for marketing if people start from the known then transition to the unknown

I was thinking 'random whispers'. I dunno if this is possible, but since it's blockchain I'm guessing there's a way to anonymously send messages?
So what Random Whispers will do is, you can write something and hit send, but both you and the recipient won't know who sent & who received the message.

Productive and effective witnesses..

We have the best community and no place for Justin and co here

Funnier and more impactful comments. I feel like the comment section of YouTube videos contributes 80% of the joy of watching the video. I remember seeing videos on DTube and searching them on YouTube because I'd rather watch the same video on there. On DTube, the whole experience felt more eerie because you didn't see any view count or lively comment section. I enjoy reading the comments while watching the video.

Likewise on hive posts, it's hard to come across comments that actually make me laugh or entertained.

No more jinx of the ninja mined stake really. Building without it has really been good. Hope you're great buddy?

Nothing. I am all in om Hive, powering down and sell steem for hive! :D

Stacking a hunnid million satoshis 😎 here: per year..

Simplified account creation.
BTW, still some free accounts left from me on

If @foxon did an AMA. Oh, wait he did. I guess I'll be using hive more.

More diverse content. Maybe more funny stuff, memes, etc. I would also like to see more engagement in the comment section.


Aww y'all made another Q&A community over mine 😭. Guess it makes sense as mine is called "SteemOverflow" though lol.

Honestly though, I'd like a way to promote my communities to more people as they're pretty much all dead at the moment. 😢

Actually a big thing I've noticed:

No matter what article, when loading large images from, it always breaks half way through the image and goes white/transparent and when I try to download the image, it says It's a HTML file and not an image and when I try to download it goes "Can't download, file corrupted". I don't understand why this is happening. (Firefox 75.0 (64-bit) & Win10)

I don't know if this is something you could look into,

If it were easier to onboard my friends! I do claim tokens when I have RCs to give them accounts though!

Also if we had instant messaging since we all spend so much damn time in discord

Justin Sun doesn't have us hostage here.

Hive-sponsored contests would likely encourage more Hive screen-time and engagement. If the prizes were Hive merch (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) it would be a wonderful way to market the platform as well. Phrases like "Ask me about Hive" with a printed QR code would turn every user into a walking Hive ambassador. That QR code could even be incorporated into the logo in some creative way.

I just need to spend more time blogging. Right now, the majority of my content is Vimm related. Not that that's a bad thing, that's my pet project. But I'm not writing like I used to. And I've noticed that others aren't either.

I have some stuff I can share, I just need to get off my arse and actually do it. I guess laziness and/or distraction is the underlying reason at this point. Maybe I need to take some time and blog some more...

Trivial logins for those who don’t want to understand keys.

One touch sign in on mobile with an app that can authenticate any Hive dapp.

Full key management for those who want it.

One of the things that I see that really get people active is challenges and events hosted by various people. I believe that these are really fun and a good way to engage the community. Some have a monetary reward, some do not, and it is not a must. Most of these are just fun little events.

@timsaid's challenge was actually pretty fun. I spent hours trying to crack the code without even realizing. Would love to see more stuff like that, it doesn't have to be technical too.

TLDR: Overall, better community engagement other than just "upvotes" and "rewards". I believe.

Definitely diversity of content as stated from many people above and of course an easier Sign Up process.

Also a beginners guide once you sign up would be a good idea.
I have onboarded more than 50 skateboarders and most of them gave up cause it was too complicated for them.

I would love to see Hive be able to be posted to remotely using a service like Later or Hootsuite. I use Later to help me manage and post to all of my social accounts simultaneously. For my needs, Hive being on Later would reduce my workload and make posting extremely easy. Sometimes, because I'm making a short post to the other more mainstream social networks, I exclude the post from Hive or post it much later.

A microblogging service like @zappl that doesn't post to all of the other front ends would be fun. Sometimes I don't have more than a dumb thought to share and don't want to see it on PeakD or Busy. :)

A wiki system like Wikia (Fandom) that is powered on Steem. Everpedia is a really great project, but it's a generalized Wiki like WikiPedia. We could tie these Wikis to the Communities so that if I have a @thetearsees wiki it would tie into the Community feed.

A job market like

A way to come in and out of of Hive and Hive Dollars to fiat much more easily.

Stores that accepted Hive in my local area.

More gaming apps. (Not card games)
An easy to use mobile app
A streaming dapp

I know it's still new but Hive should have more cool blockchain games!

More visibility for writers. It's quite hard to be seen. I'm sorry to say it but it's just like steemit in terms of visibility. There should be apps to discover people more in a decentralized way

Better rewards (kidding).

Honestly, better Dapps. Not that they're bad, I'm using HIVE a lot. But if there were more/better games, or even good useful Dapps like a stack overflow with hive upvotes. Long term it's coming.

Also SMTs. If I could create my own coin, I would go mental. Imagine doing a personal ICO.

I am encouraged to use it more over the community and the acceptance my writing has had here. To better the experience though, I would like for any developer, to come up with simplified android apps. This would enable more room for investmests... from online businesses to games to posting apps with the ability to earn hive.

And more chilled out content like memes :D

I'd sleep better knowing that the 96k mvests of sleeping whale stake doesn't belong to Ned, or his cohorts.

And, getting back the ten percent of the reward pool taken by the Devs would be nice.
They do have ~90m hive now.

It's all Sun.

Sleep well.

I made a post to reply your question. Maybe to lengthy for a comment. Let me know your opinion about it.

Quick summary of my reply, Hive is much more than the biased opinion of each individual. Decentralized platforms such as ours needs an integral approach, where all the alternatives can be explored and developed. The core technology, the social media features, the dapps, the blogging platform, the speculation with the token value on exchanges, and any other potential use cae for Hive should be considered for we don't know which of them will grant us the success.

On my post I cover a detailed explanation of how I see each of this features to thrive on its own foot.

Better ways to build an audience and increase engagement. I am pretty fortunate that a lot of my content is geared towards active communities, but for many others who write more generalist content, it's more of a struggle (like my early days on Steem). We have curation efforts like Curie, but I think more ways to build an audience would be a benefit to everyone.

less buggy nodes, right now using peakd 6 out of 10 i have to reload

For me, it is the possibility HIVE can give us as a developer. Like we can build any app whatsoever on HIVE.

The community, I love to interact with users from different countries. One of the best thing hive is really decentralised and we are the owner of our content.

music and art contest who brings more artist, i think that's a good way to make social impact.

that this price pop doesn't totally crash, that would help. but i always liked the steem platform it's just that the steemit airheads ran it into the ground. maybe this is a 2nd chance. see if we get more than a few hundred people to start showing up around here.

More blockchain games to play.

I tried to play something the other day on ETH. I had to wait 20 hours for a single action in a game to be processed since I didn’t want to pay 30 times the standard gas fee. How stupid!

We have fast blocks and no silly gas fee.

It's probably inadvisable for me to use Hive more. Srsly, like 4 out of 5 doctors would recommend some kind of intervention.

Still, the assault on comment economics was utterly bass ackwards, and as several have pointed out (I literally read all the comments prior to posting this) engagement is incapable of being over promoted.

I certainly am atypical. I hear at least once a week that some comment I made deserves to be a post. I'm not even seeking to benefit me personally by recommending making commenting the most rewarding part of using Hive (although, I'd get rich if it was).

Economies are inescapable features of societies. Society depends on engagement. Like, critically depend on folks interacting and engaging with each other on topics of interest, and without that you're left with a fractured populace seeking that. This is one of the reasons Steem had such poor user retention. The financial incentives are geared towards legacy economies, rather than fully diving in to the novel potential Hive has to incentivize society as legacy economies die.

You'll note legacy economies are actually, literally dying as you read this.

Break the wall preventing folks from engaging with each other, and most of the hard work of retaining users, ~10 times more financially rewarding than onboarding new users, is done.

God forbid you find some way to do this. I'm pretty sure the captivity we endure today would become habit for some, like me, and sales of clothing would suffer as a result. What? The only clothing I've worn in the last week was socks. Gotta keep my feet warm. Mmmmm toasty toes.

The most important thing Hive can do to increase the momentum it presently can capitalize on is to grow the community of nudists that wear socks, by best rewarding comments of all it's financial mechanisms. Pretty sure the current global lockdown, destruction of legacy economies, and the present pump are a time limited offer that guarantees massive onboarding if better engagement can be encouraged.

Socks or not. Don't care really. I'm not a foot guy.

Edit: Oh, none of this matters unless Hive can be secured from the Sybil attack that took out Steem. It's important to note that Warren Buffet made more by having lunch with Sun Yuchen that it cost Sun Yuchen to take over Steem.

Seriously. It's trivially cheap and easy to destroy the ability of folks to speak forthrightly and honestly here. It's only a matter of time until the funding and the motivation align to do it.

Something besides money needs to mitigate PoS to prevent exactly what happened to Steem from happening to Hive. Honestly reflect for a moment. How much cash would it take to separate you from your accounts and stake?

Was that more or less than Sun Yuchen spent for lunch with Warren Buffet?

Easier key management on mobile. When I'm accessing peakd from mobile I don't even bother logging in due to the risk of copying private keys every time I do so. The existing wallet on mobile isn't good enough for me yet.

not to be threatened
not to be stressed
more trust


Maybe for İPhone/Android Hive Application

Becasuse website, sometimes slow İnterface.

But, Hive Great with all other features !!


I love it when people engage with my posts. It makes me feel appreciated and gives a feeling that you are doing something positive. Sometimes, these feelings transcend the money that comes with the posts.

I believe engagements keep me writing more and that is why I post more on platforms that don't pay a dime for your posts.

I really hope this will improve on hive.

Getting more Hiveians voting for the @stemsocial proposal to get more scientists on board so that we can free ourselves at least for a bit of academic constraints and grow also our financial portfolio (besides the crazy academic one) to gain more independence and not being always forced into the eternal position of a beggar (Please please will you fund my research? "No, because the direction of your research you're suggesting is imprecise and unfocused")

Better rewa-

reads post description


E-engagement. Engagement would be cool.

hot chicks. I am a simple man.

Because we have finally got rid of some sort of centralization like justin

I think, i will love hive more if it could be much more exciting like tiktok and we could be a true social media in a sense that people stick around for just the fun

Some kind of easy to use private messenger that integrates with some of the more mainstream messenger services/apps.

@xxxxxxxxxx new games should be introduced , Example @exodegame which will bring new and active members to the community.

What would really be nice to see is the platform being utilized more like other social media sites where folks can post whatever they want to (given that it is original content) instead of this sort of 'forced' YOU BETTER MAKE GOOD PROFESSIONAL LOOKING CONTENT FOR US TO CURATE AND PROFIT ON OR ELSE mentality that does anything but foster widespread adoption.

This will sound generic.

But when I feel comfortable of showing friends and family of this place.

sexy girls i can stalk 🤦‍♂