"The Nebulous Nine" — more adventures in lighting faces

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"The Nebulous Nine"

(more adventures in lighting)

the nebulous nine v5.png

Hi everyone! I am @sketching still and bring to you the "Nebulous Nine." I enjoyed so much my last experiment with painting rough sketches I decided to do it again. I plan to focus on drawing faces for quite a while as I find them so fun to work on. The approach of doing many different characters in rapid succession is good for a beginner like me to get lots of practice in and experiment with different lighting angles.

I am going to show some of the steps like I did last time and also include a couple of variations for the background gradient. Which do you like better? Let me know in a comment! I also want to say thank you so much to the Sketchbook community for showing me love — a special shoutout to @steemed-proxy, @curie and @mineopoly for supporting my work. It really means a lot to me and adds fuel to the fire of my motivation to improve at digital sketching and painting.

Step one — sketch the characters

the nebulous nine sketches.png

Step two — add a paint layer underneath sketches

the nebulous nine color.png

Step three — add background gradients underneath

Version 1

the nebulous nine v1.png

Version 2

the nebulous nine v2.png

Version 3

the nebulous nine v3.png

Thank you again for supporting my work!
Have an awesome day and keep @sketching :-)
All words and images are my own original creative work
specifically formatted to be published on HIVE

May 10, 2020

Version 4

the nebulous nine v4.png

Version 5

the nebulous nine v5.png


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Glad to see you here @sketching. I have a few questions like:
What draw program do you use?
Did you paint the lighting variances manually?

Additional comment @sketching. Thank you for the mention here in this post. I'm so grateful to support your posts in any way that I can. I don't have a large vote power but I reblog this or send a tip at times because your posts can be helpful for me and others learning to draw. I usually sketch on Windows 10 3D paint because it is super simple to use.

I liked this post in that you took the time to explain step by step your drawing progress. As a beginner you got the concept of spacial relationships and control down well.

I really want to conquer basic steps of sketching. My only experience in sketching is a book about drawing cartoons I read in elementary school second grade and a drafting class in high school. I have little experience with digital sketching but I have a desire to learn.

Digital sketching is a craft that expresses creativity and personalization and can be applied to almost any field.

Feel free to share any tutorials you used in completing your sketch work as a reference. That would be helpful too.

I hope many people here on hive can join you in the art of sketch.

Yes I really appreciated you reblogging my post. =) I am using Mac with the free Krita program. Thanks for your complimentary words. I liked to doodle a lot when I was younger but I would like to understand anatomy, perspective, and proportion a lot better.

Sketching is a fundamental skill for all drawing, at least for 99% of artists, not counting people that have reached crazy levels of skill like Kim Jung Gi who have such good visual imagination they don't need to use any reference lines. (

Even he used it I am sure when he was younger and learning to draw.

There are many good tutorials on YouTube for sketching, it just depends whose approach and personality you like. I have been watching Sycra videos recently. Here is a playlist of all his how to draw and paint tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0373FA2B3CD4C899

Anyone can get better and better at drawing if they enjoy it and keep practicing daily. It doesn't matter the age, drawing is a basic life skill that is extremely fun! Thank you again for your support and keep on @sketching =)

I use a free program called Krita right now. And yes, all the lighting and shading was done manually. I zoomed in quite a lot on each face while doing it. It took about 4 or 5 hours to do the color part of it. I would imagine that would be a lot faster if I had more practice. =)

Thank you for starting this blog and sharing your progress. I have used Krita and liked the option of layers. But for some reason I was frustrated with the program. There were too many options at the time and it seemed overwhelming.

I enjoyed watching the video about Kim Jung Gi. I have heard his name and seen his drawings on display but this is the first time I heard his story.

His visual library is something I can relate to as a child and see in my son as he remembers maps. What Jung Gi did was put his visual library on paper. This took years of practice and plenty of criticism and misunderstandings. This drawing grew into a living art crossing over from a reflection of this world into a reflection of the imagination. He said in the video,

"Once you understand the mechanics of an object you can manipulate them any way you want."

I have a tendancy to think about the finished product and try to skip the steps in between. This has gotten me into trouble before.

I thought about your picture and how you put in the work to complete the shading. It took hours but you now you have a skill you won't forget.

It seems like drawing is similar to music. If you want to learn the piano you had better listen well and then master listening to a simple sond and then find the notes and chords. Then variations are possible.

Thank you for teaching me so much.

I got you...thank you for useful tips, looking forward to more 😁🤗