How to create a 3D Hivewatchers Logo (playing with the illumination effect) - Autocad 3D Modelling

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Screenshot 218.png


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Hello Hivers!

Let's have another 3D logo remodeling guide today. So far I have made few attempts in creating 3D design logos of some hive communities. I have featured the @build-it logo, the gems community and lotus plant of @natural-medicine. If you want to take a look at them, you can check on those links above.

There are a lot of interesting logos I want to make in 3D form but this time, I am featuring the @hivewatchers logo and will add some illumination effect as a new feature of my design.

The funny thing happened was that my laptop crash during the process of rendering. So the outcome might not be as smooth as you expected on my rendered files below. But anyway, let me discuss the process.


The process is very simply. I just trace the logo of the hivewatchers in half. I do it in half because I can just use the mirror tool after to save some time in tracing.
Screenshot 214.png

Screenshot 215.png

Always, don't forget to apply join tool to close the region bounded by those lines.
Screenshot 216.png

Then extrude the figures into acceptable width.
Screenshot 217.png

Apply colors and materials. And for this design, I added an illumination effect to the eye figure of the logo.
Screenshot 218.png

Then next, create the housing of the logo. As you can observe on the hivewatchers logo, you can see this figure below.
Screenshot 219.png

So to be more creative, I made it as a housing of an owl or the main figure.
Screenshot 220.png

The process is also simply, just create a hollow type cylindrical solid and make a hole similar to the 2 hexagon figures above.
Screenshot 221.png

Then apply materials. I chose the English oak wood material for the housing.
Screenshot 222.png

Then lastly, place the logo inside the housing. Now, you're ready to render the design.
Screenshot 224.png

Rendered files:

Below are my rendered files both in 300 dpi. But as you can see, they don't seemed in 300 DPI format. It's because my laptop crashed. LOL!

Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"