PSA! Curation rewards post Hardfork and how you can help stabilize them!

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Some of you may have noticed that posts have been paying out a lot less in curation returns than you were expecting, no this is not the linear curve in effect but instead a reset of the curve causing the blockchain to ignore curation on posts posted before the hardfork if a vote is cast on those posts now after the hardfork.

What this means is that, all posts that are still active and have been posted before the hardfork occurred at block 55235767 (hiveblocks for reference on what block we're on now (3sec per block)) will give new voters the majority of the curation rewards if you were to vote on them now.

An easy example:

Your post with $99 pending is due in 12 hours, it was posted before the hardfork. A single curators vote cast on it valued $99. Now someone swoops in right at the 12 hour before payout mark and votes it with another $1 totalling $100 post rewards. 50% will go to curators while 50% goes to you as HBD + HP, the author rewards remain unaffected, but for the curation split, the person who voted with $1 after the hardfork will be receiving 90%+ of the curation rewards.

What you can do now is look for posts that are close to payout, talk to your friends and followers if they have some old posts you haven't voted for yet that are close to payout - remember linear curve is in effect now so you most likely won't lose out on the previous penalty tax by voting on low reward posts.

Some tools you can look at to see if people have voted past the hardfork and how your vote affected a certain post and your potential upcoming curation rewards: by @penguinpablo

Just add in the link to your post after the address above, replacing the front-end'd such as or, example:

Here's another example of a paid out post: remember that the 12 hour before payout penalty window is still in effect, meaning that the later you vote the less your vote will be worth and smaller the returns.


@engrave for instance had the biggest vote in value here, but since it voted only 7 minutes before payout he received very little returns, while @deathwing had the second biggest vote but voted a full hour before payout and the 3rd account had the smallest vote by far but voted many more hours before the rest to receive a decent return. Hope this gives you an idea of how to vote.

The main difference you can do right now is if you notice votes that have landed on certain posts that are standalone, if you don't know them or prefer they wouldn't get all the rewards themselves while looking at hiveblockexplorer, tell a friend to add their vote as well as they'll most likely be sharing almost the total of curation rewards of the post.

The more people are aware of this and start voting on older posts they haven't voted on yet that are close to payout over this week the more balanced it will get for everyone.

Think of it as the opposite of front-running as @marky put it, rear-running!

Try and have some fun with it, it'll be more balanced very soon and after a week it'll be over. Some of you oldtimer's who've been around may remember when something similar happened on a hardfork a long time ago where all active posts before the HF were zero'd out, this time it's the curators turn to sweat a little!

@jarvie brought up the idea for some accounts to try and scoop up some rewards from old posts and send part of the returns to I've been doing that a little with this account - mainly following someone who I wouldn't want to get the whole pie of curation rewards, as for ocd and ocdb who will be receiving a fraction of the returns they would get this week I'm not sure what I'm going to do since curation is still ongoing and there's many posts waiting to be curated today and the following days of the week. I think it's better to focus on that and I hope the delegators will understand the circumstances.

Feel free to ask away in the comments if there are any questions. I'll try and answer them in between curating. Have fun!


Excellent advice bro. Thanks a lot for this. I would have had no idea otherwise.

Delegators are going to have to accept this fact. It's just part of the hardfork, much better than the chain halting.

Thanks. What’s going on with other witnesses? They have no time for official statement but some of them already running upvote bots and upvoting 6 days old posts?

Maybe vote our witness then? ;P

acid was one of the first people to notice it (I think he's more aware of curation rewards than most because he runs a curation service), and after an internal discussion about how to handle it, we figured it made sense to only have a few well known people make clear posts on the topic, rather than a separate statement from every witness, then have to worry about a telephone-game on the resulting noise in the signal.

Think peakd were about to release something as well and even an official hiveio statement was on its way out.

Can you clarify what you are going to do with the HIVE rewards of your bot that is voting all old posts at 1%?

Thank you for the info! I found it very useful.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken.

What you can do now is look for posts that are close to payout, talk to your friends and followers if they have some old posts you haven't voted for yet that are close to payout

Imagine this was reason for downvotes...not so long ago...

Or were the self voters that were getting the hammer?

Me, silly thinking we would have a perfect hardfork with no issues at all hahaha

Well, this is kind of like a fun issue, even as someone running a curation project that maybe earned a whole 1 HP today for it's 7m HP. :D

It is fun if you have posted a lot recently! Hahahaha

I bet we all will receive many likes, in the next 5 days, from bots “farming” posts that still did not get the rewards distributed.

I suppose author rewards will skyrocket to some (those who get the new votes) but decrease to others (those that do not get lucky with the bots hahaha)

Things are always fun with HFs. This one is different. Everyone can join in on the high curation. Congrats on being one of the first ones to notice this.

Thank you very much for the information, it is good to keep us abreast of what happens in each update

..and I thought you were losing it earlier.. when I saw the big vote on that expiring post of mine.

ping mate! added you on Discord, and you approve pls!

amazing 😍 great opportunity for sp turbo holders and I have content entering the payment period for the next 22 hours,

That's awesome. A lot of light brought into the minds of curators. Or at least I am one of them because I never understood how these things actually work 😀 Thanks for that!

It's back to normal now and what I wrote above doesn't apply anymore just in case you misunderstood. :D

Damn late me! Haha. Thanks for clarifying that again. 😃

The day one of my posts makes $99, I'll dance naked in the streets.

This explains why I am getting tiny upvotes just before payout. I'm glad someone is making money on my posts, I just wish it were me.

Perhaps it would be okay for you to upvote your own votes, just for this week! 🤔😅

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was my own other account 😅

This is very interesting when it comes to rewards in the Hive, but if the account has a lot of other coins in the power of the vote, then there is a risk that the account will be blocked by the owners of those coins who do not welcome the vote on the sixth day, or, you mean that does this change apply to the entire Hive Engine?

This has nothing to do with hive-engine, it's just for this first week after the hardfork related to Hive rewards pool.

Yes @acidyo, thanks, I figured it out, but I want to draw your attention to certain risks of such a race for high awards, as I said, sometimes you can see restrictions on the voting time and get banned for a late vote, as a result. lose coins that a person has accumulated for a long time. I thought that this point was taken into account in the fork. I may be wrong, I am not an expert, but my intuition tells me that some pitfalls may appear). I really hope that they will not be. Have a great day!

Do you mean when you unvote and then vote again? Yeah you get no curation if you do that. Not sure if I understand what you mean by "banned".

Thanks, likewise!

I mean that coins, for example, bilpcoin, if a person votes on the sixth day for a post in which this tag is indicated, they can lose all their rewards in this coin, they will be blocked, like his entire bilpcoin account (or another coin ), this example, for a general understanding of my thought.
A long time ago, in the steem-engine, once, I was blocked by ZZAN coins, for voting on the fourth day, since then, I began to vote, at most, in the first, three days.

Gracias por publicar sobre cómo votar en las publicaciones,no sabia nada al respecto del hardford, ahora daré un vistazo a las publicaciones que estén próximas al pago y no hayan recibido voto aún, buen dato,saludos

That explains the vote on an old post :-)
Good to know and I'm voting a couple of older posts. Overall, I guess this is just a minor issue for a big change!

really great advice! Thanks

Thank You for inforamation!

Ok curation changed, but why pool for liquid hbd holding payout get removed, before payment?

My guess is you'll get it on the next window along with the savings pool that peakd displays. So you'll most likely get both then at the same time.

It won't be paid.

oh, wasn't aware of that thanks for clearing it up.

@atnazo ^

Thanks for answer I will be patient about that.

@acidyo @blocktrades my content is entering the payment period tomorrow..
but I don't have any upvote.

what do i want to claim? it's my 3rd content, I'm still new here.

I've been aware of it from the beginning there has been a hardfork but we also have the initiative, even the hive will stabilize again over time.

That fork was so smooth I'm still cautiously saying how smooth it was.

thanks a lot for this post and for the advice.
I had noticed votes on my posts close to being paid and didn't understand why. Reason I realized after reading your post! Thanks again



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Interesting information to take into account. It is the first Hardfork and I have not stopped learning so many things.
Thank you very much for sharing @acidyo!

I ve noticed yesterday early!

I think about spreading the word, but first i tought it was just a bug on the interfaces, then i saw my HP high growing!

I felt like a whale for a few hours!


I wonder who is...

hive.curation, he was selling votes to delegators and maximize front-running the past year so didn't feel like he deserved those curation rewards this week either.

I was going to upvote this but my HP is totally wasted haha

Get a !PIZZA instead

I think i missed that past bug



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I noticed it from your curation rewards of the lovesniper post. xD

Busted! haha! I imagine it wont last long! I wonder how many people noticed! To lazy to investigate

Thanks for the info, maybe patipats will still have some upvote :)

I noticed the opposite, some curators were getting inflated rewards, maybe it's va timing thing.

All I have to say is that the never ending complicated rules like these are the reason people sign up and never come back. Instead of making Hive as simple as possible, we do the opposite.

It did pretty much get easier with the linear curve, this is just temporary for another 5 days due to the hardfork.

So the early voters now don't have the biggest reward curation, the late voter now? I mean, why is there something like that, ah perhaps they discouraged the auto-voters? I'm not sure if I'm correct.

I don't think I understood all these technicalities because I think they're too much for me. But I hope that everything maybe stabilized.

Thanks, very interesting!

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