On explaining that perception matters, and that perception does not matter!

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We are using our sight to see different thing, and that is life in a nutshell, and we are using our eyes to perceive and sometimes we do not perceive. And that is the life as it is, and we can do our imaginations as we just can imagine. And we should think in right ways.

What we are as humans are due to our brains, our associations and what we are doing different places. And we should just choose work in accordance to our talents and our abilities. And thank God that you know different things, and life is an event where we are learning different things from time to time, but everything is about seeing and not seeing, and using theories, methods and data to explain what we experience from time to time and from place to place.

To be is to perceive and to be perceived. And knowing the human nature, is just like knowing nothing, knowing something, and knowing everything. And what we are putting into our heads are coming from the schools, the colleges, the universities and the companies. And life is perception and not perception, and anyone of us cannot explain everything for every person since we are different places, and we experience the same things or different things in life.

Sometimes something is good to know, and sometimes it does not matter! So, what definitions do we find for perception? Some people mean that it is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. And it is also the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. So, can any person find the solution or the reality for all things in different societies? Just if there is a precise and correct way of understanding the life and the organizations of everything that is possible to be understood. But knowing all things at all levels is difficult for everyone, and therefore we have study programs to explain how things should be understood, and we can ask all the why-questions as we can. And research is just about understanding something in all its ways, just as it is in reality, and we can do these associations in all conceivable ways with all the relevant literature there, also coming from the USA and Canada, and life is about loving a lady, and organizing the reality in relation to who we are, and what we can do. And research is about asking what, where, when, why, who and how. And we should just try to perceive what is relevant for us during a day, and many people in business life have too many thoughts in their minds after work, and this means that there are enormously large quantities of knowledges and thoughts many places, and we should have enough information to make the relevant choices.

So, there are restrictions in our minds in life, and that means that we are seeing what we like to see. And there are also different knowledges in our heads. And we have different abilities and capabilities of seeing things, and some of cannot see at all, since we are blind and the eyes do not work as they normally do. So, can anybody live a good life? Yes, we can! We can make the life as a knowledge competition, but we can also think of something and of nothing. And nobody can determine how long we will live, and we should be humble to that. And live the life as loving everybody, and we are doing different things in our lives, but we should learn, and try to be constructive at every place that we can be. And try to form life as living for yourself and for other people. And perception is a process from the very start to the very end, but we can act quickly as just using our eyes in the right manners, and every lecture is some thoughts of everything that we are finding in the books different places. The life as a long library is a good metaphor, and we should love the people we are meeting and that are doing different work at different places.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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