What is really the time duration and the time as we perceive it from time to time?

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Sometimes, the time is going in fast ways, and sometimes it is going in slowly ways. Why do humans have the perception as they have, and is anything correct in relation to other things when coming to time and time duration?

Have you thought about the clock? When it is going in fast ways, one is feeling well in life, and we can think about how fast a holiday in the South can be! When the time is going too slowly, we are feeling bad and things are boring, and we can think about being in prison, or being a bad and demanding pupil in the schools. We are feeling the same and the different experiences when the time is going, and we can be in different mood if we are feeling well ways in life, or we are feeling badly in life.

We can use the time as it is possible to use it. We should perceive the reality in relation to our bodies, our eyes and the personalities that we are born with and with how we have learned and experienced through the life to this day! You and me cannot expect to see the same in life, and we cannot dictate each other to do such or such, because there needs to be differences in life, and with freedom it is better to be different than to be similar. If all people are just similar, we need just one person in the whole world. And we can govern ourselves in life!

We should be engaged with quality in life, and using the time as we can defend it. The time is coming and going, and when there is time, there is a definition of time, for example how a second is defined. And therefore, this will imply time duration different places at the earth with the 24 time periods as we have. The sun is shining in 15 degrees when going from the east to the west, and this implies that we have the definition of time as we really have.

Children perceive and lay down more memory frames or mental images per unit of time than adults, so when they remember events—that is, the passage of time—they recall more visual data. This is what causes the perception of time passing more rapidly as we age. Therefore, people from different ages perceive the time differently, and with the same and the different details. And this has implications about how the life is as it is, and it also have something to do with the sensory images that we have in the different cycles of life.

To some extent also, the perception of time is associated with other cognitive processes such as attention. Time is perceived in relation to our knowledges and our ways of being, and time is perceived differently by the people, as for instance how much interests and exciting manners that the reality with definition of time really has.

We can do all things that are conceivable in life, and people are either stable or dynamic in their views and their ways of saying and of writing things. We have different abilities and different capacity, and our creativity senses and analytic senses are different, and therefore we perceive time and the life just in some same ways, and in some different ways. But the precision, diversity and freedom should do things and persons with the same and with the different views of giving an explanation of reality.

So, why are you as you are? Because, we have different knowledges and skills and abilities about how we are as humans, and how we are treating the reality to determine what the perception and the explanations and the functions should be. And therefore, we are living and operating in the time as it is, and time is just a condition we are using our human body within!

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