My Introduction

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Hallo Hive!

Thank you for Having me here on this platform as a new subscriber.

l believe it's important to make myself known to this great and amazing community and on that note am compelled to formally introduce myself and l also believe this will register my entry to #intrducemyself On hive platform.

I am #ekeminiemy, a native of ikot akpatek ( Oniong East) ONNA, AKS, south south Nigeria, Africa. By God's grace am a trained telecommunication Engineer but l practice more of power ( Electrical installations, domestic & industrial ). Am also into basic computer networking, computer hardware engineering ( repairs and maintenance), Am an ardent lover of my faith ( i.e, the birth, death, burial, resurrection and the second coming of my lord and saviour, Jesus Christ). I love to Talk, Read and Write, putting smiles on the face is depressed people is my hubby, solving problems is what keeps me going, l love to teach, pray and sing infact l feel at home when ever am engaging them with the younger generation (youth).

It's been my desire to belong to a community of this kind so as to share my passion, help solve some problems and also meet with like minds for effective capacity building. On several occasions, have had privilege of meeting with different platforms but fortunately for me, l failed and l could not share my thaught and my passion could not be driven as expected, l felt like giving up on my dreams with regards to connectivity on platforms like this. But just few months back l was privilege to meet a God sent brother and friend @uyobong. and by the privilege of association, he marketed this idea to me but l did not give response as expected because of my past experiences but through his consistency in marketing the platform to me, l decided to come on board to see for myself and am glad to say thank you for not relenting effort in bringing me here.

I believe that challenges or hindrance are possible gate ways to greatness, knowing how to address a particular challenge or developing problem solving ability is key in attending to the possible challenges around an individual. l will be glad to meet with like minds, share challenges and possible solutions that arcords such challenges on our different field of practice in contemporary days.

I am passionate in sharing my convictions about life in season and out of season, my experience, my failures and successes and strength, and also receive from like minds thereby building capacity and deliberately engaging my mind for maximum productivity.

I have heard and seen on this platform that consistency is key to good success, am glad to be associated with this community, am already excited about my tomorrow more so that of this platform, l have no doubt that it will only get better, my expectations is to add value to life, add virtue to myself and grow to a more better me.

I've got so much to say, l can go on and on without end but l want you to remember that you are the best and ofcos you do not have any better opportunity to do it more better than to do it now. (Stay off procrastination)
Am your new friend, soon would be brother #Ekeminiemy
Signing in.


Welcome to hive! The community grows!

Great man, l celebrate you

Welcome to Hive! 😊

Thanks so much for having me, am glad to be here

Welcome to hive

Wow, Pastor welcome on board. I assured you will not regret joining this platform. Stay active.

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