3 things Newbies should do in their first week on Hive

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Last week I did a survey about what 3 things newbies should do during their first week on Hive. 115 Hivers responded with their suggestions. I have grouped all the suggestions into similar categories. This post will talk about the top 12 suggestions for newbies to do in their first week on Hive, and I will also share some of the invaluable comments from the respondents.
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The top 3 suggestions are as follows. Out of the 115 people that responded, 71 people mentioned the importance of engaging with people. 59 people suggested newbies should join communities. The third most suggested thing for newbies to do is to make a self introduction post. 50 people suggested this.

The rest of the top 12 suggestions include Read and Learn, Follow people, Power up, Ask, Tags, Create good content, Create your profile, Secure your keys and Learn formatting.


This is without a doubt the most important thing for longevity on Hive. Many newbies fail to recognise this, and just post without engaging. Some don't even bother responding to comments on their own post. Engagement is important, but meaningful and genuine engagement is what we really like. Try to avoid two word spammy comments like "Nice photo", "That's beautiful", "Looks yummy"

Plenty of outbound engagement on other people's posts with more than two words@galenkp
Find authors that are interesting to you and engage with them by commenting on their posts in a meaningful way@nikv
Read members posts and if they trigger something in you, respond. Be sure you respond to every single comment on your posts.@bigtom13
Read lots. Comment insightfully or not at all.@mattclarke
Engaging means voting and commenting on other peoples posts. This spreads your name around and will show people that you want to be part of the community and again not just reap the benefits and rewards. Meaningful comments go a long way, don't just comment to comment.@Pusen
Dont get desperate and leave what are almost spam comments everywhere, when I see comment slike follow me I follow you or the like I generally just ignore tham as I am sure most do, and they may have a negative impact on your experience, be real in your comments and interactions@Tattoodjay
Network like this is real life. Genuinely comment about people’s posts, ask people questions, and you will quickly grow while also making friends. People will naturally check out who you are and what you post, so don’t go asking everyone to do so. That just ruins the experience.@Howweroll
socialize learn that this is not only a bank ... It is also a social network!@oscurity


Communities are where people with common interest and hobbies post and engage. Choose communities that align with your interest, and not because all the posts get high payout out there. For example, don't post about your pet in the travel community.

You don't have to post in the community, you can just engage if you want. For example, if you like art, but can't draw or paint, you can still join the art communities and engage with the artists on Hive. As @enforcer48 says, Don’t force themselves into “content creators”

Explore Hive Communities - Hive is more about power to the people than writing a blog post. The crypto is made from the connections you make.@raymondspeaks
Find and join at least 5 communities@asgarth
Participate in various challenges and initiatives that communities have and get involved with these groups before you start blogging regularlyAnon
Know the communities where you create content and read their rules.@elizabeths14


Never underestimate the importance of a good self introduction post. The self introduction is about you, who you are, where you're from, your hobbies and interest, what type of content can people expect from you, what value you can bring to Hive. If you want to stay anonymous that's fine, but tell people something about yourself. @Hivewatchers suggested newbies to Verify identity.

Let us know how you found out about Hive, and if a friend referred you, mention them in your post. That helps to add credibility. We're not interested in your parent's name and occupation and how many uncles and aunties and cousins you have. The post is about you, not your family.

Check the #introduceyourself catagory to see examples of a good Introductory post and a poor introductory post. Make it good because there are some orcas and porposes that are more than willing to upvote and help launch a fresh new face@kerrislravenhill
Introduce themselves and disclose if they already share content elsewhere that they might share on Hive as well, to avoid plagiarism accusations and gain trust@minismallholding
intro post for sure and don't make it short put some effort in@scubahead
Create decent introduction post with photos to illustrate the best aspects of who you are. Use the #introduceyourself tag@samstonehill
Make a good introduction. It is something that not everyone does (including myself) and it is necessary. Many newbies do their introduction in a mediocre way looking for votes and I think that should not be the idea. The idea would be to let others users know "This is me, I'm here and I really hope to be welcome".@perceval
Respond to all comments on your intro post and "do" the recommendations@fionasfavourites


Hive and the blockchain can be very daunting for newbies and there is a lot to learn. Spend time learning about the different aspects of Hive, even if it's fifteen minutes a day. @orestistrips three suggestions for newbies is "Read Read Read". There are many tutorials and guides, and the best place to start is @newbies-guide.

Read (or if you prefer videos, watch) everything you can find on how the Hive ecosystem works.@traciyork
Learn about Resource Credits and how it will affect your interaction in Hive@ybanezkim26
Learn about keys and permission and safety@simplymike
Look into how things work on the platform. Understand some stuff like: curation, communities, power up, bandwith, deligation, witness, reward@trangbaby
Understand the "basic etiquette rules" of the Hive blockchain, to avoid (as much as possible) "unpleasant" exchanges, downvotes, etc., which would quickly discourage them, if they don't know "how it works."Anon
Learn about Hive rules and blog etiquette ideally through a mentor or fellow Hiver@discoveringarni


The mistakes newbies make here are at two extremes. Some don't follow anyone at all because they're only interested to dump their post and hope for a big upvote. They're not interested in anything else. Others follow too many people including whales that never post. On Hive, you should follow people because you want to read their content, engage with them and grow your network. Following too many people can make your account look spammy.

Follow like-minded people and not those with high reputation and big wallets@erikah
Follow only those who have similar interests you yourself, don't use stake size as a factor in who you follow@slobberchops
be selective about who you follow, do not fall into the trap of following because someone's followed you or your blog feed will eventually be filled with content of no interest to you@lizelle
follow 10 other accounts (min) and leave them a comment on their latest publication@french-tech


There are many advantages of powering up on Hive, and people will be more willing to support you if they see you're here for the long term, and not just to make a quick buck. You can take part in #hivepud that happens on the first day of each month to power up. That's another great way for newbies to engage with other people.

Set post rewards to 100% Hive power because of resource credits@starstrings01
Power up hive. A great way to get recognized is by showing you're interested in investing in the platform and not only reap the benefits and rewards.@Pusen
Set their rewards on 100% power up - that should be the case for the first 100 weeks if you ask me.@crazy-andy
set it to 100% Hive power as you'll need the juice to react, comment and keep posting@scubahead


If you can't find the information you need or are unsure about anything, just ask people. 99% of the people will be more than happy to help you out. The 1% who don't respond is when you send them a Hello message, and don't follow up with your question. Personally I always ignore those messages on Discord. If you have a question, just ask it, you don't need permission. It's better to not get a response, than to get it wrong and receive a downvote or be banned from a community.

Ask questions. It takes some time to find out how certain things works@Digi-me
If after reading you have many doubts, do not be shy and ask on the servers, it is better to ask than to do something that will make you make a mistake. Don't be afraid to ask to clarify your doubts.Anon
Don't be afraid if you don't understand everything straight away, take your time on hive@chris-uk


Most of the suggestions about tags is to use the #introduceyourself tag when you make your self introduction post. Other than that, tags are a good way for people to find your posts when your content doesn't fit into a community. Use them wisely.

Post your own content using tags relevant to the content in your post so it is easily found@c0ff33a
Look at what others are using for tags and how they format their posts@Solominer


Not many people suggested this - maybe it's so obvious and expected.

If you look at many well supported posts on Hive, you will see they either have good upvotes because curation guilds value the quality, or there are many comments and interaction because people find the content interesting. @gems.and.cookies suggested "Never do a post less than 100 words and 3 photos." Whilst there is no hard and fast rule regarding word or image count for a post, you'll see that single image post or post with little or no words rarely get much support.

Create content that is enjoyable and adds value to the platform@Warpedpoetic
Write a solid introduction post and follow up with several good posts for people to view.@galenkp
Create an interesting content@damm-steemit
Produce good content@Yanipetkov
Write in your own words@coolguy123


Your blog header is the first thing people see when they check out your blog. Creating your profile will give a more professional image and helps to show people you care about your blog. Many spammers don't bother with it, don't put yourself in the same category.

Make sure blog header and info is filled up and external blog or social media (if any) is linked to their Hive account@discoveringarni
Create decent profile description, banner & avatar@samstonehill


The five long string of keys is probably one of the most confusing things for newbies. They will become valuable in the long run when you build up your account. If you lose them, you will lose everything you have earned. No one can reset your account.

Get a good understanding of what keys do and have them securely backed up and preferably handwritten down somewhere for safe keeping@Castleberry
Back up your keys!! All of them. Write your master on a paper wallet RIGHT NOW. Save it as many ways as you're comfortable with—back up your keys!!@dandays


A well formatted post makes it easier for people to read, and shows your effort and professionalism. Curators read many many posts each day, if yours is difficult to read, they may pass over it for curation.

learn a bit of formatting/markdowns to prep for first postAnoynmous
Learn all about formatting posts with markdown@guiltyparties


Finally, here is a selection of wise words from people who know what they're doing on Hive. You will learn a thing or two from reading this.

Don't post anything. Explore the place, spend your time finding interesting content creators to follow, communities you like, comment on content, vote, and try to get a feel for the place. A week exploring is enough time to help you get inspiration on what you may bring to this blockchain @justinparke

Temper expectations. Don't come in thinking that every post you make is going to be worth $20-60. Understand that it takes time to build a following. It should not be just about the rewards. If that is the case for you, then you probably won't be successful @Leaky20

Be curious. Look for content that interests you and keep communicating with the people who create or engage with it. Huge potential for gaining useful knowledge around here and that's a valuable capital even without the monetization @manoldonchev

Do not plagiarize, spam, or beg for votes. slavekitty69

Expect nothing until you have at least 200 followers. You'll get them from your insightful comments on others' posts.. @mattclarke

Don't run away if the reality doesn't match your expectations in the first instance. Everything needs a bit of time. @mipiano

Enjoy reading the content that other hiveans are sharing in your community, engage with them, share your stuff, get some rewards... and the most important, have fun! @jotakrevs

Don't think about how to earn a lot of HIVE or HBD - just enjoy! @damm-steemit

Have fun! Don't be a stranger. @dandays - The Luckiest Guy I Know

Most of all have fun and don't focus on the rewards or you will miss out on all the other awesome aspects of Hive @melbourneswest

Thanks to everyone who took part in this survey and provided your invaluable input.

All rewards for this post is set to @newbies-guide to tip authors who produce useful Hive posts

 3 months ago  

This entire post is invaluable. It’s another jewel that will go a long way in helping those that land here on this platform. This was a wonderful idea and you did such a good job getting those responses and I love the way you are sharing the results.

Even though I got so tied up and forgot to respond it was nice seeing the three things I was going to say!

Great effort from everyone ~

No worries @crosheille I know many of us have a real life as well, you're even so helpful with @newbies-guide already. Everyone has been incredibly helpful with this and I think the comments from everyone makes the messages to newbies so much more powerful, and hopefully they will take the advice on board.

 3 months ago  

Thanks so much for understanding :)

I too hope they will take this advice and put them all to good use!

You put this together very well. I appreciate the way you added a piece of your own advice to each topic, too. Bravo. I'm surprised only 7 of us mentioned securing your keys, seems low.

Linking this article is my new favorite piece of advice.

My pleasure to be part of this. Thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks as always for your help "the luckiest guy I know".

Have to do what you preach, so have to add in a bit more effort to make this more useful. It would be so lame to just slap in everybody's comments without any of my own input.

As to keys, two great minds made the same comment here..

Hi @livinguktaiwan,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

Thank you so much for this intensively-prepared educative posts. I am happy to read this as a newbie. The information I have gotten here combined with that of my coach @bhoa will help me a lot. Thank you so much!

Nicely summed up and it's like a small encyclopedia for the new joiners.

Thanks for reaching me and publishing a suggestion suggested :)

It's always a pleasure talking to you, have a good day :)

Thank you @coolguy123, appreciate you helping out. Building something like an encyclopedia is what @newbies-guide is trying to now, hopefully it will help newbies, amd perhaps those who have been around for a while

Great post!
Definitely a good way engage with people, while also talking about things that can help us all grow Hive together. I think having a constant narrative about what Hive is, and why it is important, is really key to helping people realize that this is more than just your average social media.

Thank you @howweroll, definitely with you with regard to engaging with people. This exercise has been great for me to meet new people and engage more with those that I don't normally engage much with (I suck at engagement).

I think there are a lot of people who keep others up to date with everything on Hive, its just a matter of finding those content which quickly get buried in people's blog.

Yeah posts getting buried is both a con, and a pro. Normally it’s about taking advantage of the trending algorithms, which feeds on people’s desires. With Hive you have to be consistent, patient, and you have to connect with others to get noticed. It’s definitely harder, but it brings out the best in those that stick through it. That’s not to say we couldn’t all work on finding ways to make it more understandable, and hopefully easier as Hive develops.

I am honored to be considered as "knowing what I'm doing on Hive." This was a great idea for a post, and I'm sure it will be referenced long after post payout.

You're too humble @justinparke! Hive is not the easiest place to survive in the long run, so to make it for so many years, and run and support communities, and guiding your family with their blogs is no easy task.

I plan to include this in @newbies-guide later, hopefully that will prolong its life

What a wonderful post and you've done alot of engagement and consultation in developing this post.

Great work!

I couldn't have done it without everyone's help, great team work from everyone!

Beautifully complied. Wish I had this when I was a newbie. Had to learn it the hard way, I observed other people blog how they do this. Hahah but that way taught me a lot as well.

Many of us had to learn it the hard way when we started and muddle thru. But we made it! Let's hope we can make os easier for newbies now!

Great job collecting feedback from everyone. I am really impressed. Reblogged to help others have some guidance as they get to know Hive.

It was very interesting reading all the responses from everyone, and it's really was a collective effort. I just did the data crunching😉

Kinda sad to see "secure your keys" so far behind "power up". xD

I wonder why... Maybe everyone is so exciting that they're finally on Hive and forgot aabout - 1 day when the opened up the account 🤔

Omg! I had three invites who totally forgot to copy or downstairs the keys! Tsktsk so they had to start the whole sign up process 👀 sometimes I put a big question mark but I total understand coz some of them thinks it's the same as signing up on FB or Instagram lol

Sometimes I want to borrow 30% more patience from the universe to add to my 1970% 😂

This is really great feedback and clearly shows a format we should be using for onboarding new people.

Thanks for your comment. Collective wisdom and passing on what we know to newbies certainly makes their life a lot easier

Thanks for this information. If new entry can always read this after 5minutes of joining, it will help.

You're welcome, still not too late if you've joined not long ago. You can also consider following @newbies-guide for all the useful Hive information.

Thanks for your suggestions! Great Job!

It's not too late to start some of these suggestions as many who's been around for a while overlook them as well!

This is fantastic. Thank you so much for the work you put into it. I'd like to pin it in some communities and tag this article to people new to HIVE that I occasionally meet.

Thank you @scholaris for helping to spread the word. The more people, particularly newbies are made aware, the better

No thanks required on my part. The thanks goes to you. I've been searching for something like this ever since I started curating/moderating. I've wanted to link something to the people I either DV (for plg) or mentioned their difficulties. Between your welcome guide and markymark's markdown guide I think some of these guys will be set. I believe, and hope, its availability will change some paths.

What I'm surprised about is the lack of presentations of HIVE standards. Plenty of articles, but no concrete repository for them. I'm hoping to have some available in the community I've recently joined.

That's exactly the reason why I set up @newbies-guide!! It's a depository for all useful Hive posts

It's a good summery and I hope it reaches many of the newbies as this is important. It's like the bible of out blockchain.

Thanks for doing this!

Thanks for your input as well @erikah, I plan to reach out to newbies with this post to create awareness as soon as they hop on board

glad to have read this post. I just joined Hive recently.. Will follow the advice

Welcome @actuarialuk91, hopefully this will give you a good head start on hive. @newbies-guide has a lot more information about Hive, if you follow that account and check out some posts every day, you will learn a lot about Hive making your experience a lot smoother

Glad to see others covering some of the many other things I wanted to say after I answered the questions. 😆

Quite a lot of people had a lot to say, and rolled 5 things in each answer😅

But that's good to hear what people have to say

I can agree with pretty much all of those points. I hope some newbies will see this. It can be hard to get started on Hive as it's different to other platforms. It does take work to achieve success.


Someone said power up 1Mv😁. That's what I call passion!!

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That was really helpful and much needed for me. I put in most of my efforts in creating content with limited time I have. And may be that’s the reason that at times I have to upvote my own post to give it atleast 1 heart 😭.

Great guide for evey newbie, a must read. Rehived. Keep up the amazing work. 👏

Best wishes

If you have limited time, spend it on crafting good comments and engage with people, that's the best way to build up your presence. Only after that, should you focus on creating good content.

Also follow @newbies-guide and read up on all the useful posts about Hive

Only 25 reblogs? Weeeaak.

This post? 37!!! Sometimes it's really difficult to figure out what people value on Hive....

Interesting, maybe the reblog column on my Ecency tops out at 25. 🤔


Well done :) A guide will definitly help newbies to get started. I remember when being new, it took time to really understand how things work. I think this guide will help in engaging people.

I think many of us learnt the difficult way and many more are still learning!!

Fabulous post @livinguktaiwan 😍.
Lovely to have everything in one place.

Thanks @shanibeer, I didn't see you on Discord so didn't spam you, otherwise your input would have been valuable as well

Excellent publication, I have felt very identified with many things, I am in hive for about a month and I have struggled to understand it.

Reading this I see that I have made some mistakes, especially in the part of relating to other creators. I will work to improve that, thank you very much for the advice.

Welcome to Hive @seryi13! I just looked at your account, you really need to follow more people amd engage more!! There is a big gaming community on Hive, I'm sure you will build up your network easily.

I will also suggest you follow @newbies-guide and read some useful posts. We will be posting a Spanish collection of useful posts in the next few days to help the Hispanic community

Thank you very much, I will be attentive.

This is so helpful! I shared it to my new onboarded friends! Thank you so much for writing this!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks @purepinay , its great that you're bringing so many newbies on board 🏅

If you can also point them to follow @newbies-guide that would be much appreciated. We're building a depository of useful posts for Hive, and that will make it much easier for newbies to find information 😊

My pleasure and yes the @newbies-guide is really helpful. I also have some questions from the new boarded members, could it send those questions to you? Maybe you could also add them to you futures posts.

I will have them follow, @newbies-guide. Right now am just letting them take a break coz they're quite overwhelmed!!! Hahaha

Sure, send them over anytime.

Sometimes less is more, don't want to scare people away!!

Could I also use some of the information there for the presentation at the upcoming Seminar for the on boarded members?

Yes of course, feel free. Just make sure you point them to @newbies-guide as well 😊

And one that I learned about onboarding new members, is not send @ybanezkim's introduction post as an example coz they said got a a little stressed! Haha not everyone can write an introvert post like Kim you know! Now most of them are taking forever to write their introduction haha! Kim raised the standard all the way to the moon! Haha

Ha ha! His are big shoes to fill!

Unless one is into writing, 300-400 words should cover everything - where you're from, how you got your username (always a nice ice breaker), your hobbies and interests, likes and dislike (try to make it fun), how you found out about Hive, links to personal websites and social media (if they plan to cross post get them to add a Hive link there so we know they're not an imposter), crypto experience (if any), and what you're hoping to get out from Hive. And if they not anon, a selfie holding a Hive logo and date to verify identity will be ideal. It adds creditability.

Wow! Thanks a lot for this guideline! You're awesome! I'll add this to the intro guideline sheets.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Sorry, in a rush. Will continue reading tomorrow 😘

Super great work @livinguktaiwan. This is a blueprint not only for a newbie but for most to follow to ensure longevity and success in the platform. I am really honored to have been a part of it although I must say I feel that this post is talking to me directly, telling me what I should do and do better in the platform. Great initiative. Great job.

You're doing great already @gems.and.cookies but I think there are always things we can continue to learn from each other. So hopefully everyone can take away something from this post




@livinguktaiwan! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eii.

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Thank you very much, cause as a newbie myself, i always feel left out to dry with no one to help me.. Its always difficult getting to a new place without any sort of guide or support. But with this, I think i have a guide now. Thank you

Hi @sahmie welcome to Hive. I think after reading this post, you may have figured out what things you can do differently now to make your Hive experience more enjoyable. Help is around in many places, you just need to ask. Also, i would suggest you follow @newbies-guide and spend some time each day to read a little about Hive. It will pay off in the long run

Thank you. But this is actually though in every aspect than I had hoped for.

Great post, @livinguktaiwan.

It's really useful for newbies who want to get started by doing the right thing around here.

Let's hope so @wiseagent, thanks for dropping by!

A good guide. I toke my first steps on HIVE a week ago, I'm lucky to have a friend that is been on on HIVE for many years and he he gave me more or less the same advice.
I think that some points you share in your post are for newbie but are still useful to develop our profiles in the best way.
Thank you for the sharing!

Welcome to Hive @will91! Having a friend guide you is very helpful, so that's a great start. There's so much to learn about Hive, it a continuous process, but worth the effort. Make sure to follow @newbies-guide so you can easily useful Hive posts to read!!

That's a lot of useful information that you compiled right there. Hopefully newbies (and even some long time users) read it and take it to heart. Great project that you created. Well done!

Thanks @leaky20 and your help.

No problem. By the way, I'm using peakd again and it seems to be working fine this go around :)

Oh my gosh! I only realised that I was not following you till just now. I am so embarrassed. Great tips here. Lots of the lessons I learned the hard way so it is great to have them so nicely laid out in one place.

No worries!! I read a lot of people's post all the time via other ways and don't realise I don't follow them either.

This will feed into a new project I've set up called @newbies-guide, it's a depository to hold useful Hive posts so people don't have to search all over the chain for them.

This post is amazing and a big help for every new user. I am glad I had helped.

Thank so much for your input @jeanpi1908!!

Today I celebrate one year in this wonderful blockchain and casually remembering my first steps in it, I attest to what this writing says. Really the commitment with people and communities is something that makes the difference.

Congratulations on your first anniversary on Hive! Hive has developed so much during this year, and I'm sure it will only get better.

Hi there @livinguktaiwan thank you for taking your time out to do this for all us newbies, I have read over this valuable post several times and also re-blogged it so I can keep looking back at it. Thanks to all that took there time out and effort in putting this together for all us newbies definitely very helpful to me and am sure will be to others also great stuff :)

Thanks @tinman88, I'm glad it helped. Maybe you can follow @newbies-guide as well to make it easier to find useful information about Hive in future

Hi there, @livinguktaiwan it really is a big help and I will go follow @newbies-guide now. Thanks again and have a great day nearly bedtime for me :)

Nicely compiled. I am a newbie too and today is my first day using Hive 😀
Looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community.

Welcome to Hive! So glad you found this post already, hopefully it will help you.

By the way, I notice you're running low on RC and that limits your ability to transact on the network. You can get a delegation here to keep you going till you build up your own.


I have a question @livinguktaiwan
You have mentioned " Verify identity."

How does one do that while staying anonymous?

Pl assist . It is my first day using Hive

There's two types of verification. First, most people do a selfie with a sign of their username and date to prove they're a real person. But if you're planning to stay anonymous, which is perfectly fine, that doesn't really help much. Just bear in mind, this is not compulsory, just nice to do in case people think you're a bot or someone who creates a lot of accounts to spam Hive. If you write sincerely, people can tell if you're real or not - 99% of the time.

The other type of verification is when you plan to cross post content from other social media or platforms like Medium or YouTube. In order to prove that you own the content there, you can add you Hive link to those account profile.

There's a lot of posts about Hive because there's quite a lot going on, but it's very difficult to find them. That's why I created @newbies-guide to consolidate useful post to save people looking up and down. My suggestion is to follow the account and check out the content there whenever you have time.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message, or ask people.

Thank you for these great tips, I will be engaging more, writing quality content and adding the right tags. I have been exploring the communities until now, I think I've found my niche and now I'll post, no running away for me :)

Hey there, hope to see you around Hive more!!!

Thank you for the timely reminder @livinguktaiwan. I will be writing more often.

Wow, It is the very interesting fact how to be a successful blogger not only for what we earn. Thank you for sharing. I am already late but still I am thankful that it reaches to me.

Better late than never!!!

Thank you so much!

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Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie myself; didn't even post a #introduceyourself blogpost yet, because my approach in life is to understand something fully, before engaging and this post (and many other introductory guides) helped a lot. It is reassuring to see, how many veteran users took the same approach or advise to dig deep, before expecting something.
There were many tips, which moved immediately into my Hive folder :o).

Hi there, I see you've written your introduction post now!! There is a big gardening and prepping community on Hive, maybe you want to explore the relevant communities to reach a wider audience, that will help with expanding your network on Hive. Good luck!

Thank you. I will look into that. I've found a lot of gardening posts and prepping would be awesome, if there is a community already.

I think Natural medicine and ecotrain are the more active communities, you can check them out if you haven't yet

This was so helpful, thanks a lottt

You're welcome. Check out @newbies-guide as well, there's more information there

Being new on here, this is helpful. Thanks. Still trying to learn the ropes, but this helps.

You're welcome. This post is part of the @newbies-guide project I started, if you need any other information, that's a good place to start, and perhaps you want to follow the account as well as we're gradually building up the depository there.

And welcome to Hive, by the way!

I find this article very impressive and useful, thank you.😊

You're welcome. Hopefully you will take on board the suggestions, it will help your Hive journey in the long run

Thank you for your post, I have only active on hive for a few months but there are a few things from this article that I need to do. I feel like there is a large learning curve with Hive and finding the right communities. Posting in the right places helps attract like minded people. I am still trying to figure out this part 😃

So glad you found this useful. We have more information at @newbies-guide to help new joiners.

I see you've found a few communities already, and I would highly recommend you branch out to a few more to reach more people. You also don't engage much, so if you have spare time that's another thing you may want to consider doing to extend your network.

And finally, if you're looking to up your post rewards, try doing some longer posts with some good images, Hive is a bit different from traditional social media because of the rewards. Micro blogging is great if you just want to document your daily life, but it doesn't work for getting much support. @vesytz is a great example of how to turn Actifit posts into long quality posts.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you for your pointer I really apricate it.

Wow, this post is really nice and a good guide for newbies on hive. I enjoyed and learnt a lot from it. Thanks.

You're welcome, we have plenty of other useful posts at @newbies-guide, make sure to check it out as well

Thanks for the guide. I'll definitely visit the link so as to learn more and grow in the community.

¡Excelente! Esta noche lanzo mi post de presentación, le puse mucho cariño. Y tome en cuenta varios de sus tips ¡Mil gracias!😉

Eso es genial, estoy muy contento de que esta publicación haya ayudado en su viaje de Hive. También puede seguir @newbies-guide para obtener más información sobre Hive y echar un vistazo a esta publicación muy útil

Tomare en cuenta todas estas sugerencias, me parecen muy útiles, al principio puede ser un poco difícil, pero es importante irse familiarizando.
Me gusta leer y creo que ese es un punto que tengo a mi favor, se que puedo aprender algo de todas las personas aquí.
Gracias por toda la información suministrada.

Si te gusta leer, te recomiendo que dediques un poco de tiempo cada día a leer una publicación útil para no sobrecarparte con demasiada información. Hay mucho que aprender sobre Hive y lleva tiempo. publicaciones. ¡Aquí hay una buena publicación para comenzar!

Una vez más gracias.
Seguiré tus recomendaciones y por supuesto leeré la publicación que sugieres.


That's great, hope you enjoy your time on Hive and grow your account and network

actually very good guide and the recommendations to many old users not for the only newbies :-) 💗💗

There's so much to learn on Hive, I think everyone can pick up new knowledge and tips every day. Thanks for dropping by

my pleasure

That's very helpful post. I will share it to Hive Vietnam community. We have some newbies recently. Thank you very much and have a great week!

Thanks for helping to spread the message to newbies @dodovietnam!

I find this very helpful and certainly easy to understand. I'm sure going to do everything it says a newbie should do. I hope to sincerely enjoy my stay here.

Welcome to Hive, I hope you make good progress here starting with a strong self introduction post soon

I've done just that. Thanks.

Great work. Now start getting active, post and engage and start following people so you have something to read on your feed. All the tips in this post will see you through your first few weeks, as well as the information from @newbies-guide

Wow. Thank you for these wonderful tips , however I have few questions to ask.

I would love to know about the #Hivepub you mentioned and how to leverage on it .

Most times newbies without delegated give power easily ran out of resource credit , how can they overcome this ?

Final , does your level determine what your earn

I love questions from newbies!!

The Hive PUD is a movement to encourage people to power up on the first day of each month, and eligible participants can win prizes. You can find more information here

If you run out of HP you can get short term delegation from hivegifter.com till you build up your own.

As to what you earn, ie post payout, that has nothing to do with your level. It's all down to who upvotes you and how much HP they have. Building your network, active engagement, quality content, good use of tags and posting from the right community all helps.

Specifically for your account, you may want to consider
1 write a self introduction post,
2 comment more, you hardly do it
3 follow people who's content you find interesting. Check their blog, not their wallet. Be aware of anybody with a reputation of less than 25 or even negative. Your reputation grows as you get more upvotes and support, and vice versa.

Let me know if you have any more questions

Thank you very much for the feedback . I really appreciate the details. As for the comment aspect , I do reply comments on my post and also to post that I find interesting. But yeah , I do comment less and I will work towards improving that.

A self introduction post will go a long way to help yourself. You can remain anonymous if you want but a little information to let people know who they are dealing with won't hurt, for example why you have a female profile picture but have a male name, or if you are a female, why you have a male name, or maybe talk about your roles, you have a lot of experience according to your profile. We don't want to dig into your private life but we also like to know we're not dealing with imposters or abuse on Hive as we get a lot of them. Integrity and transparency is your friend on Hive

Secondly , can I also get useful link that can help me In formatting my post

You'll find a lot of useful posts about formatting and writing good posts here

This has been a great work. I have also as a newbie learnt a lesson from your work and this will enable me to be actively participated

I hope you will follow through with some of the advice, such as writing a proper self introduction post and being more active in engaging with people. Good luck

Can you please give me hint about the introductory post. Thanks

A good introduction post should tell people who you are, what type of content you will be writing about, and the value you can bring to Hive. This is a very good introduction post


We don't need to know the full details of your family, what your parents do, unless it's a very interesting job and you may blog about it in future, or how many siblings and cousins you have and the best names of your friends. The post is about yourself.

Well, I am a newbie and this has definitely helped. It was a timely read. Thanks again

Once you have read all the information, try to start posting yourself, starting with a good self introduction post. Also, don't forget to set up your profile on your account

Sure. I read every bit of the post. Thanks

Great stuff, I see you've done your self introduction post!!!

Thank you for this, i am new here and i have decided that this article of yours will be my guideline in hiving.

Great to hear that, and hope to see you posting sometimes as well.

Absolutely, this is simple, smart and interesting. thank you

This is one of the most inspiring post I ve come by so far as a newbie
I m a lover of research too and it is beautiful to see research practically used here.
I ll love to learn how you went about it.
Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for this post, it was really insightful. As a newbie, I am really trying to pick up knowledge about what to do and the steps to follow.

I see you return to Hive after being away for a long time, so welcome back. Hopefully this time you will be motivated to stay around. The best thing to do is to expand your network and engage with more people. @newbies-guide have more tips and information on the eco-system, so check it out sometime

Thank you so much.

I am reblogging it because this is really useful. I just came back from a hiatus so this would be helpful also hehe and im inviting some friends and workmates to join our platform, all their questions would be answered by this entire post alone. Thank you @livinguktaiwan for this very useful blogpost.