My 2020 summer in pictures. Spoiler alert...many pictures.

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Where it all started...A Friday evening during a walk at the marina.

We weren't supposed to go on holidays this year. This whole COVID-19 mess and the lock down was a big blow to our finances. The coffee shop remained closed for nearly 4 months aka almost the entire summer so no income from there...

Now try to imagine me working double shifts at my day job the coffee shop used to be a part time thing just so we won't have to hire an extra waiter and be able to be OK with all the expenses a new business has...

...without a day off for almost 2 full months and also having to cheer her up after 13 - 15 hours of work.

She was devastated...and locked inside the house way too long for the kind of life we used to have...She thought that every single day that passed by and the coffee shop remained closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, was a gravestone to our dreams.



Of course she was wrong. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, right? And that's taking care of everything, especially when it seems like there's no hope...Shit like that is what forges ones will and often they may even discover unseen aspects of themselves. That's what happened with me anyway...



Happy yacht owner...don't be jealous

Long story short, I had no choice but to work double shifts without a day off, limit all unnecessary expenses as much as I could and thanks to crypto...yeah you heard me, some of my crypto investments other than HIVE performed pretty well and allowed me to cash out some of my earnings and pay all the bills. 4 rents...electricity for 4 months...Internet connection...suppliers that used to credit security name it, and even save some money for a possibly quick trip.




1.5 month after lock down ended and clients started visiting the coffee shop again, our lives went almost normal mode again and this walk was what she needed most. Same goes for me...


And as we were watching the sun going down she said:
-"I really need to escape from Athens, even if it's for a day only."
-"Let's do it babe. Let's visit your sister for a couple of days at Nayplio and we can stay for a couple more days at our friends house at Kiato on our way home. I'll just ask 3-4 days off and Jenny and Mike can definitely run the coffee shop for a few days without us being present."


And so we did...the very next day. All we wanted was to feel relaxed and distressed and the view from our balcony at Nayplio offered exactly what we needed...



We took a ride in a carriage...


and had dinner to a really cool traditional restaurant literally a step away from the sea...


We stayed there for two days only but trust me when I say that it was a great experience.


This little island over there is called Bourtzi and it used to be a prison during the Greek rebellion in 1821






Now our stay in Kiato was a bit more adventurous. We spent the first day hiking in the woods just outside of the mainland...







She's too damn pretty and be sad. Fuck off COVID-19


The forest was full of these little guys called cicada. You should listen to their song..Nature at its finest


And the day after we visited the monastery of Panagia Korfiotissa, a place so beautiful on the top of the mountain. The view was stunning and the nuns (yeah only nuns are allowed here) who maintain the buildings and grow their food and fruits are doing an amazing job. So I'll just let the pictures do the talking in this case.


















Cats...they are...everywhere...









Those pictures pretty much summarize how I spent this summer.

Bad luck I guess...i know who should I put the blame on...its name is COVID-19. I know many of you feel the very same way but it is what it is I guess...

I hope you made it to the end and enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed the trip.

Have a good one people. And stay safe.



Many beautiful photos :)

I feel with you and am happy that you came through it stronger, congrats!

@tipu curate

Thanks a lot my friend. It was a short break but I guess we are from the lucky ones. Others didn't have the chance to go anywhere at all.

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Espectacular pics but... where are you? you have to include one of yourself ;-)

Thanks bud! Trying to avoid self promotion lately...::P

The pictures are really dreamlike beautiful.
If you have to be at home because of Covid-19 and the café is locked, you can do many things at home and most of all relax so that your body is healthy and fit.

Oh no, thankfully the coffee shop is open again almost 2 months now. But during the lock down he was home all alone while I was working like a maniac.

Kinda shitty situation...Glad that you liked the pics @suntree and I hope that Covid had very little impact regarding your activities and your daily routine

I already know that you have to work like crazy. Would you be happy if you had to stay home because of Covid-19?

Nope. If I stay indoors I do crazy things. I just can't stay home.

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

What a bunch of great pictures, @mindtrap!

Ha! Thanks mate. I could make 2 or even 3 posts with all those pics but...what the heck. All in one feels better!

Cool picturea thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping by

Damn! Those areas looks so smazing!
Sorry about Covid closing your shop for so lang :/
But amazing you made it through! :D

Thanks! It only lasted for 4 days but was pretty exciting actually.

Sorry about Covid closing your shop for so lang :/
But amazing you made it through! :D

For a moment I thought that this is it. We won’t recover from the financial blow. But for a moment only...

4 days is better than nothing! :D

Seems like you have a lot of security invested which is amazing!
Thats what I am working towards :D

Focus on that and you'll get there sooner than later

I have only been focusing on that for 3 years now! I am looking at least 20 years down the line with HODL :D

But my focus on crypto keeps increasing day after day! :D

Wow! It's inspiring how you conquered your situation. Your story really exemplifies how important good investments are. Congrats!

Actually my overall investing performance sucks bad. 2 crypto projects tho saved the day

That's what I call a successful summer, especially during this stupid pandemic

I could get used to it ya know...:D

wow this is really great you have given a really amazing tour of the places you visit.
Although the photographs are really amazing.

Thanks a lot my friend!

My pleasure

Awesome shots you have my friend 😊what camera you using?

It's a Canon...dammit a have to find the box to see what model it is. Coming back to you asap with more details

Nice, im still working with my phone, thinking of getting a real decent camera

Those are some incredible pictures @mindtrap, they make me want to travel there even more! This kind of feels like the summer that never happened due to all of the restrictions. It's been challenging on so many levels. You aren't the first I've heard of that was able to use their crypto to help get them through a rough spot. I'm glad you're pulling through this horrific time, this kind of resilience gives me hope!

Thanks so much Eric. You are more than know that.

This kind of feels like the summer that never happened

Wouldn't that be a great title for a story?

The last few months have been a struggle more or less but things get better by the day. I hope you and your family are well.

We will take you up on that invite soon. Hopefully European countries will accept us Americans in 2021.

That would be a great title for a short story! After I get this next book done I may get to work on that.

I’m glad to hear things are steadily improving. You have an amazing work-ethic, man! Continued good health to you and yours!

It's almost as if we came with you and visited a small part of these amazing places!
Thanks for sharing!

So glad you liked the pics Katerina.

Beautiful photos! I want to set some of them on my desktop as main background theme. My eyes are relax on your nature landscapes.