OCD Community Boost Contest #9: Highlighting Hive Motors

in OCD6 months ago
Authored by @ybanezkim26

It's time for another contest! You still have a few hours to join the two ongoing contests, but we'll have a new one!

I'm so excited to post the announcement of winners of our 7th contest and 8th contest because we saw another record in terms of number of entries and of course, engagement within NeedleWorkMonday and Shadow Hunters communities. Because of that, let's have the 9th contest right away. The winners of the 7th contest will be announced a day from now, which means I'll post tomorrow. The winners of the 8th contest will be announced two (2) days from now which means I'll post on Sunday (PST). This will give the moderators ample time to decide whose entries stood out.

OCD has been at the forefront of supporting different niche communities in Hive. Under the Community Incubation Program, OCD has been helping community leaders and moderators grow their genre-specific communities through focused curation. As observed in the latest update, communities under the program have grown both in number of subscriptions and in engagements within their members. By highlighting great posts by users in a particular community, they are encouraged to level up their game or maintain the quality of their posts.

To further help communities, OCD is now conducting weekly contests! The aim is to increase subscriptions and engagements by highlighting a particular community for a week. All other communities within the incubation program will carry on with the usual curation activities. With the help of community leaders and moderators, we at OCD will incentivize more those posts within that highlighted community for a week.

Community of the Week

Hive Motors Community

About the Community

About: Motors - General Mechanics - Engineering - Disel - Refining - Parts Manufacturing - Motorcycles - Household Appliances
Description: In this community you can write everything related to engines and mechanics in general: Automobiles, Machinery and Heavy Vehicles, Motorcycles, Mechanical Engineering, cooling and electrical system of vehicles and even engines of household appliances.

You can also publish about welding, latoria and painting of vehicles.

All original and quality content is welcome.

Rules: (1) Original Content. (2) No Plagiarism. (3) Processes with own photos. (4) Reference images with corresponding source are acceptable. (5) English / native language. (6) No discrimination or hate speech.

Contest Rules

1. Subscribe to Hive Motors Community.
2. Post in Hive Motors Community. Be creative in your post(s).
Details: Story time!

(Theme) Tell us about YOUR BAD EXPERIENCE involving mechanics.

Either in your years of study, as a master mechanic, an accident with a machine or tool, or as a dissatisfied customer with the work done by a mechanic on your vehicle, any story that involves a mechanic is welcome.

The post must have a minimum of 300 words and at least 2 of your own photos.

3. Reply the link of your entry(s) in this contest post for easier curation.
4. Make your title unique and descriptive of your article. This is an added rule after observing that majority of the titles are the same as the title of this contest. DO NOT make this "OCD Community Boost Contest #9: Highlighting Hive Motors" as your title. It's so cringing. We can still observe titles like that in the 8th contest.
5. Engage within the community. This will be given consideration during the evaluation of your post(s).
6. Quality content is still given much premium and that's subject to the current set of standards of Hive Motors Community.
7. All posts in the community within the week will be curated by OCD. However, plagiarism attempts and other forms of abuse will also be reported and dealt with accordingly.
8. At the end of the week, OCD will highlight top five (5) posts within the week. These posts are the ones that truly shine within the community.
9. While not mandatory, retweeting this contest post will be very much appreciated.

Contest Rewards

All the rewards (100%) of this post will be used in the prize pool which means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post

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hahahaha the funny thing is that now cars come with an arrow that says just where to put the jack

ha! did those two folks want to earn some extra cash working as an Atlanys?..


Here is my entry post.
Hope you all like it.

I am glad that your Optimus is already well and helping you with the tasks @farmlife, It is always good to have help like this.

Yeah my boy is back

Thank you and Welcome to Hive Motors community

Too bad you had to get out of your truck, I like that kind of car. Thanks for sharing your experience @rosauradels

Que lástima que tuvieras que salir de tu camioneta, a mi me gusta ese tipo de carros. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia @rosauradels

Si fue una lastima! pero vendrán cosas mejores, saludos

Friend @evegrace, I would not put all the blame on the mechanic, the driver also has some responsibility since he must be there when the repairs are made. Greetings.

Yeah, well I wasn't blaming all the mechanics, I was just saying doing the right thing by them will help us stay out of danger. Anyway, you are right about that but not all drivers know so many things about cars and their parts.

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

Thank you bro

great was just waiting for this, am in. i got a lot to say😂

Está buenísimo, sin duda me unire

I would like to participate in the contest but I don't have a photo with my former car, so many experiences I had with that chevette... I miss it. 😢

Me encanta la ideaa, muy buena iniciativa:)

I have only been in this community for one post and less than a week, but I really like it.
Just last night I was thinking that this community needs a boost from OCD to fill it with followers.
thanks for your support and this week for sure I will participate.

This is my post, thank you and have a happy Sunday.


Excelente iniciativa, aqui les comparto mi entrada:
Excellent initiative, here I share my entry:

Thank you lady

Very good morning excellent topic

good afternoon dear community here is the link of my participation in #hivemotors regarding the bad experience with the mechanics.
greetings and continue with your great work


¡Welcome! Thank you.

Good luck everyone!

aquí dejo mi participación al concurso, Gracias @ocd por la oportunidad de mostrar mi trabajo de una forma genial

Excelente concurso

My Experience as an Mechanics

My entry for the 9th ocd incubation program


Thank you for participating

Thank you for participating and telling us about your bad experience.

Thank you bro

Gracias a ti y mis sinceros deseos de que esta comunidad siga creciendo y cosechando buenas publicaciones!

Here My entry, hope you all like it.
Hola a todas las bellas personas de Hive, espero estén de lo mejor, el día de... https://peakd.com/hive-102066/@josuejus/esp-eng-the-bad-experience-i-had-with-my-moms-car-la-mala-experiencia-que-tuve-con-el-carro-de-mi-mama

Thank you for participating and telling us about your bad experience

Hola. Aquí mi participación en el concurso. Lo bueno que tiene el pasar del tiempo es que luego ves las cosas y hasta te dan gracia. Haciendo el post lo recordé como un buen momento que pasamos en familia. Saludos.


Gracias por participar.

Thank you for participating and telling us about your bad experience.

Es bueno poder compartir nuestras experiencias con otras personas, saludos!

Habia una vez una chica emocionada con la compra de un vehiculo, luego de aho... https://peakd.com/hive-102066/@jennynas/el-gran-cangrejo-la-aventurathe-big-crab

Here is my entry post. A day which started very well but ended up very badly..

Excelente iniciativa y he aquí mi participación / Excellent initiative and here is my participation


Thank you the information from you is very pleasant and useful